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In my Real Doctor vs. TV Doctor medical drama review video, I promised that if you got that video to 10,000 likes I would record myself reacting to a full grey's anatomy episode. You got it to 20,000 likes! You have spoken and I have listened. You should know that I do get the question a lot from patients as well. Is grey's anatomy accurate? So I finally decided to take a dive and find out!

In this video, I sit down and watch the first ever Grey's Anatomy episode. Basically, a real doctor reacts to greys anatomy! I grew up watching ER and other TV medical dramas so I had a suspicion I would enjoy the show. I have to say this, greys anatomy is not medically accurate but the way it describes the characters as residents is very accurate. The hospital drama is real and I feel the show did a good job highlighting the difficulties of being a resident, inside the hospital and out. The one medical scene which totally threw me is when the surgeons automatically assumed that the seizure patient will need surgery before even coming to a diagnosis. That is not real life medicine.

It surprised me that the show is actually very entertaining and I actually enjoy the drama between McDreamy / Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey. Apparently, TV doctors do have souls haha. The hospital romance is real!

Get this video to 15k likes If you want me to do another doctor reacts to greys or doctor reacts to the good doctor or any other show. Please comment down below the name of your favorite show and episode. Love you all and appreciate the support!

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fareh salman
fareh salman Před dnem
CAT Před 2 dny
Plot twist:Doctor Mike wasn't a doctor, He just learned everything.
Charles Joseph
Charles Joseph Před 2 dny
Meaning of anatomy is stealing human organs.
Kaylee Lesmann
Kaylee Lesmann Před 2 dny
Bring back the chest compressions merch!
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Support my sisters, I am an Arab girl
Razel D
Razel D Před 3 dny
So handsome and smart
مروة الفضل
I think you should react to romantic doctor kim it's a kdrama and it's really worth it.
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Joshua Blotzer
Joshua Blotzer Před 3 dny
Shotgunning it isn't effective? Tell that to Dr. House.
peachy glosses
peachy glosses Před 4 dny
Plzzzzzzzzz react to Izzie cutting the LVAD
Ishita Ghosh
Ishita Ghosh Před 4 dny
Dr mike is Mcdreamy in real life.. PERIOD!
ManMang0 Před 4 dny
MC dreamy dies. Your welcome.
Hailee Octavio
Hailee Octavio Před 4 dny
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Dee Před 5 dny
wow you are actual twins lol you really should grow your hair longer too
Sophie ._.
Sophie ._. Před 5 dny
When I started watching Greys I was like no way they are the one who do everything A-Z... Thanks for confirming my thoughts lmao
Tran Hai Binh
Tran Hai Binh Před 6 dny
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play bee
play bee Před 6 dny
My stepmom is a nurse she says that the drama in greys actually happens in the hospital she works at lol 😂😂
akina Belleza
akina Belleza Před 6 dny
Ingay mo 2005 yang nirereview mo bahala ka diyan
Bethany M
Bethany M Před 7 dny
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Afia Codlin
Afia Codlin Před 7 dny
Just found this video and it’s very informative I subscribed. I actually opened my eyes to the real world ty.
Yaretzi Cuevas-Martinez
My mom did something in the hospital and mom said that she can't get tattoos was
Chelsea Před 7 dny
You should totally react to Nurse Jackie if you can find it
Chelsea Před 7 dny
"She competes in beauty pageants. I know that but we have to save her life anyway." I'm freaking dead!Dear😂
Dimas Adipraja
Dimas Adipraja Před 8 dny
Please, its just a drama,
taladelreyy Před 8 dny
A Lunch
A Lunch Před 8 dny
1:10 is me in highschool not being social
D J Před 8 dny
Why fingers? One finger. 😂
David Curry
David Curry Před 8 dny
David Curry
David Curry Před 8 dny
I would love to see him get together with a lab tech. I feel like I have so much input.
Olivia Marston
Olivia Marston Před 9 dny
Hi Dr Mike when I am older I would like to be a family physician just like you and I was wondering if you could give me some tips I love your videos!
Angela Reyes
Angela Reyes Před 9 dny
Ang pogi naman ni doc! Sarap iuwi.
이제슨 Před 9 dny
이제슨 Před 9 dny
Maddy Před 9 dny
I can’t watch this SPOLAR bc gourde is dead and Izzy I like not a thing and brick left
Rorey T
Rorey T Před 9 dny
The first person she asked for the central line was then she went to the doctor
Jeanette N Freeland
Jeanette N Freeland Před 10 dny
Dr Mike she was asked about Pulminary Embolisms talk to your editing
A M Před 11 dny
Thats what I thought too, why doctors on greys do everything as if there’s no nurses and other people that works there 😅
Penni Lynne
Penni Lynne Před 11 dny
I love Grey's Anatomy! BUT, I'm an old nurse and could never figure out when they all had time for "romance" at work! I barely had time to pee!
It’s. Kiyah
It’s. Kiyah Před 11 dny
you should react to Chicago med plzzzzzz
Desiree Evans
Desiree Evans Před 11 dny
HIPAA … 13:09
Kayla Simpkins
Kayla Simpkins Před 11 dny
Why does he have to start off comparing himself to McDreamy? Arrogant, much?
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell Před 11 dny
I see so much HIPPA violations In ever medical scene in ever show I’ve ever seen.
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell Před 11 dny
I was in the ER with profuse vomiting and the nurse looked just like Patrick Dempsey. I was on anti-nausea meds (any form of meds make me extremely loopy) I yelled hey you look like..... I couldn’t think of the name and my mom hurried her head in the face saying Christine do not even say anything. He came back PATRICK DEMPSEY!!! She groaned and he laughed. He said Dr. Mcdreamy huh. I said that’s a very very good thing in a seductive tone. I don’t remember it from the meds but my mom told me the story. I felt so bad for that poor guy.
~Dracarɣs Před 12 dny
Residents don't work 48hours **Laughs in Turkish**
Diarra Seck
Diarra Seck Před 12 dny
Why does his profile picture look EXACTLY like my dreamy!!! Oh gawd 😩 I actually wanna become a surgeon tho
Manuela Parfait
Manuela Parfait Před 13 dny
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Emily Duncan
Emily Duncan Před 13 dny
I love this for sooo many reasons.. I've always wondered about a doctor's POV. I am currently in an RN program, and I love how you speak of nurses! Thank you for a wonderful medical view. I love Grey's Anatomy lol.
M p
M p Před 13 dny
A hansome doctor like you ❤️...
Dr Apurva Popat
Dr Apurva Popat Před 13 dny
Whovv man... This was first visit to your channel. Add me to the fan list. Coming soon to United States ❤️
If you where in greys anatomy you would be called Mchotty
Revan Před 13 dny
The 10k dislikes are literally all salty Grey's anatomy fans who think their show is 100% realistic LMFAO
Parker Essential
Parker Essential Před 13 dny
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F. Sonekan
F. Sonekan Před 13 dny
As someone who went to the hospitals for check ups A LOT I learned pretty early that the nurses run everything. They have to interact with the patient much more, run tests, call for you to be transferred between places. Appreciate your nurses y'all!!!
shelly No ones business
shelly No ones business
You’re good looking
Rebecca P
Rebecca P Před 14 dny
Ahhhh you spelled it “HIPPA” 😩
Lauren Hall
Lauren Hall Před 15 dny
Christina -Tina Rose
This was the beginning of Grey’s 2005! So much has changed. They have real drs now on set to direct them more accurately. But it is still Hollywood
theheartyaerie Před 15 dny
It’s not like they knew they were going to start working together she was just a girl in a bar.
ZurtoYTツ Před 15 dny
Watch a Chicago med
Disembodied Hand
Disembodied Hand Před 15 dny
Blood pillow
Lisa Capoccia
Lisa Capoccia Před 15 dny
What is it with this man and chest compressions-
Yosleidy Montesino
Yosleidy Montesino Před 15 dny
I love you my love
Vida F.
Vida F. Před 15 dny
Around three minutes it reminded me of what I went through. I went to the ER...34..couldn’t urinate..had 1.5 liters of urine in bladder. After they put catheter in, the PA ordered a cat scan and blood work..they found a 14 cm ovarian cyst (the tumor was blocking my urethra) The next day I was having it removed, but it came up malignant, but thankfully it did not spread. Got diagnosed with Stage 1 ovarian cancer and start chemo once I get port in . Thank god for that PA that ordered those tests!!
Kaitlyn Killian
Kaitlyn Killian Před 16 dny
They should have had actual doctors play the roles of doctors
Hiba |
Hiba | Před 16 dny
You are really an inspiration for me 😍🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺, i decided to start a CScamera channel , medical school🩺🥼 is expensive and i hope I can help my parents. Am also learning chinese 🇨🇳
Yu Dee
Yu Dee Před 16 dny
He is so cute.
Elizbeth Smith
Elizbeth Smith Před 16 dny
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Dame Před 16 dny
He's funny
Lala Před 17 dny
How can you be so handsome and be like you’re not? 🤔
Elizabeth Layne Nickell
Dr. Mike they didn't know each other when they had sex they met at a bar and then he was her attending at her new job so they didn't know that they would ever see each other again.
kisa lanctot
kisa lanctot Před 17 dny
Ah god it's HIPAA not HIPPA
Michelle’s World
Michelle’s World Před 17 dny
The hospital is only accurate because it’s filmed in a actual hospital for veterans
Lavan Yatooma
Lavan Yatooma Před 17 dny
Remember this was in 2005..
Vaidah Chimutafu
Vaidah Chimutafu Před 18 dny
😂😂😂😂😂this is amazing
dakota coco
dakota coco Před 18 dny
You should make a vido with Kristina Bray
Kelly Hymore
Kelly Hymore Před 18 dny
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Vivian Rios
Vivian Rios Před 18 dny
Interesting...🤔. The problem is that Tendy really thinks that she is a “doctor”; and not one of my MANY STUMBLE.🤦🏻‍♀️(Matthew 18:7) 🙏🏼
Arghya Sikder
Arghya Sikder Před 18 dny
I want to talk to you
Rasche Drae Muncada
Rasche Drae Muncada Před 18 dny
He's so stressed on this episode LMAOOOOO HAHAHAHA
Ellie Barr
Ellie Barr Před 19 dny
I’m watching this cause I wanna be a doctor and Ik greys anatomy is so dramatic so hearing from a real doctor is great
Sarah Tennant
Sarah Tennant Před 19 dny
You remind me of McDreamy
Pritanjali Pandey
Pritanjali Pandey Před 19 dny
Dr Mike is definitely a Mc Dreamy face with a Mc Steamy body and season 1 Dr George personality. In short a real catch 👼 Hope you get someone as beautiful and kind as Meredith Grey or Lexie Grey.
Meta Salman
Meta Salman Před 19 dny
Hello Doctor Mike! I know you're probably not going to see this, but that's alright! I'm Lenne, a Dutch 11-year-old girl who also wants to become a Doctor/Nurse! Every time I watch your videos I take notes! I hope I'll be able to use them in the future! (☆▽☆)
Norman Covaci
Norman Covaci Před 19 dny
Блин, это наверное очень интересно. Я посмотрела почти весь сериал, но не знаю английского, чтобы смотреть это видео :(((
Erika Antonsson
Erika Antonsson Před 20 dny
wait, is mike telling me he isn't eating the same food as the patients??? at the hospital closest to me, the cafeteria is just by the patients' cafeteria and you get the same food as the patients?????