minecraft manhunt but damage gives a OP POTION EFFECT 

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minecraft manhunt but when I take damage it gives the hunters a bad potion effect
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15. 04. 2021





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Socksfor2 Před měsícem
sup gamers
patrick jarrett
patrick jarrett Před 8 dny
Hi sock i am your biggest fan
jadee Před 10 dny
@Najma Ansari So?
gui das antigas 13
gui das antigas 13 Před 14 dny
Hello gamer
LG Mobail
LG Mobail Před 24 dny
Luke Van't Haaff
Luke Van't Haaff Před 25 dny
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari Před hodinou
Minecraft, but Socks always have the Uno card.
JusticePlayzz Před 19 hodinami
Tbh: everytime he takes damage i *DIE* 3:38
Mavattack fun channel
Mavattack fun channel Před 19 hodinami
Captain Underpants Jr
Do this but whenever anyone gets hurt they do the effects
aray Před dnem
How about a Manhunt like this but its switch the rarity like bad potion then good potion bad good bad good like that
Vrushabh Km
Vrushabh Km Před dnem
God dang it
mo NO eye
mo NO eye Před dnem
Jenrie Gamer Tv
Jenrie Gamer Tv Před dnem
LEGEND BRO Před dnem
Legend says muffin is still in the air with the clouds😂❤
Jackson St Jean
Jackson St Jean Před dnem
you need to balance this it too op
Jamie Scott
Jamie Scott Před 2 dny
I wish
rowduk Před 2 dny
“It might not be very long butit’s very affective” Blaze: that’s what I say about my-
arch_darkness Před 3 dny
wait it says when he takes damage it gives a op potion effect but he said it gives a horrible potion effect
Ian Adamson
Ian Adamson Před 3 dny
make longer videos
Lezlie Cantie
Lezlie Cantie Před 3 dny
Blaza is normally so innocent but then he started swearing😭
BEaT SabER Před 3 dny
Blaza SWORE!! Explain!!
Maroon Raccoon
Maroon Raccoon Před 3 dny
It hurt my insides when he mined the gold block with a stone pickaxe
Ibe Nuyts
Ibe Nuyts Před 3 dny
There 10 banana’s on the left side of a river and 9 appels on the richt side Whatsappje nog right A:the 10 banana’s cuz There on the left side
Ibe Nuyts
Ibe Nuyts Před 3 dny
What did one astronaut say to the other ? A:do you need Some space There?
Wood Před 3 dny
Hairless man Manless hair
Aa Aaa
Aa Aaa Před 4 dny
Stickin Před 4 dny
You should do this again but put the seed in a desert
Dudu Bajelidze
Dudu Bajelidze Před 4 dny
2:31 wtf was that voice XD
Damjan Damjan
Damjan Damjan Před 4 dny
Legend has it that muffin is still in the sjy
deadx 140
deadx 140 Před 5 dny
DDub Před 5 dny
Ttvbtw andythegod367
7:05 is a tree joke 🤣 and is funny
gerry n omar
gerry n omar Před 5 dny
i know what blaza said
Blake Hughes
Blake Hughes Před 5 dny
Socks: Acting casual Muffin: I am now one with the clouds
Centurion BigNut
Centurion BigNut Před 5 dny
Alternate title: socks bullies his friends by bullying himself via extreme pain while muffin watches from the sky
red lycan
red lycan Před 6 dny
Algodoo Racer
Algodoo Racer Před 6 dny
Alternate title: Socks torturing his friends for 10 minutes straight
Rex Před 6 dny
O U R damage
Chaithra Abhishek
Chaithra Abhishek Před 6 dny
I love how everyone has their own nicely drawn character thing and muffin has a muffin that was drawn by a five year old 😂
Veronica R
Veronica R Před 6 dny
Muffin juice is the space man now get off the thrown socks
Veronica R
Veronica R Před 6 dny
Lol muffin for one
shamz33 Před 6 dny
To win the manhunt you need something to oneshot them
Josiah Ebhomenye
Josiah Ebhomenye Před 6 dny
What was the diamond armour really
Zaheer Ud Din
Zaheer Ud Din Před 6 dny
2:20 that's what I say about my 8IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID
What did sushi a say to sushi b ? Wasabi = whats up b
Ummi Před 6 dny
That's what i say of my _____
Konrad Czekaj
Konrad Czekaj Před 6 dny
Blaza:Thats what i say about my... ...(my guess)enemy!!
TheRapidGamerYT Před 7 dny
kinda clickbait :/ i still love it though Lmao
Magixal Computer
Magixal Computer Před 7 dny
Meanwhile: Muffin Is Still In SPace
Aaron Cochran
Aaron Cochran Před 7 dny
Save muffin pls
Sither slither
Sither slither Před 8 dny
Why did you cut out what blaza was going to say.
Nehal Sk
Nehal Sk Před 8 dny
The Thing They Can Do If They Use Brain "The Bucket Of Milk"
Daniel Woerner
Daniel Woerner Před 8 dny
"hey tbh wanna see something cool" *FALL DAMAGE*
Dunia Flores
Dunia Flores Před 9 dny
What about muffin
dayfin Před 9 dny
"It's not long but it's effective" "That's what I say about my-" This is going to be my death some day. I couldn't stop laughing. Probably watched the whole vid while laughing and thinking about it.
Dennryl Angas
Dennryl Angas Před 9 dny
Can you give me the link to that mod
Andrei Haragus
Andrei Haragus Před 9 dny
U can TP muffin to u
gubesbtw Před 9 dny
2:20 what was blaza taking about
The potato lord To rule potatos
Supreme commander gang here
Shark Megalodon
Shark Megalodon Před 9 dny
More sock smp pls...
Emmett Perrenoud-Moore
My 1 braincell can’t comprehend what just happened 4:02
Jheremy Wilson
Jheremy Wilson Před 9 dny
IM JESUS -TbhHonest2021
Noah Patterson
Noah Patterson Před 10 dny
2:18 who else knew what he was gonna say?
Jim Aggelakis
Jim Aggelakis Před 10 dny
4:30-4:32 The Monke Version of Blaza
Silver Wings
Silver Wings Před 10 dny
I wonder why they think about milk 🥛 cuz milk can stop all the potions effect
ZheremPlayzYT Před 10 dny
I cant stop laughing🤣🤣🤣
Sunday bald
Sunday bald Před 10 dny
I like when tbh laugh ah ah ah instead of haha
KENKEN AMV Před 10 dny
same Před 10 dny
God off
Jumane Peters
Jumane Peters Před 10 dny
What did the astronaut say to the other astronaut : is that a muffin????
ControlFreak Official
This video demonstrates the thorns effect if it was a part of your body and it was on a whole lot of steroids
Pamela Lucas
Pamela Lucas Před 11 dny
Yoooooo that’s a noice hair cut keep the good content up
family chapman
family chapman Před 11 dny
I like how he has FLEX TAPE I’m the background
Makoto Goldfinger
Makoto Goldfinger Před 11 dny
Adres Rivera
Adres Rivera Před 12 dny
So why did you name it gives a op potion effect if its bad effect
l Rodrigue
l Rodrigue Před 12 dny
Does Anyone Know What LMAO stands for. (Wrong answers only.)
legoman 22
legoman 22 Před 12 dny
Alternate title muffin challenge
Vincent Cung
Vincent Cung Před 12 dny
if you keep spamming 0 on the right it kinda sounds like something
noob loser
noob loser Před 13 dny
You should do a vid on minecraft manhunt but when you take damage you can’t heal
Muhammad Rahman hakim
Tbhhonest: "im Frozen, i died and came back to life. Im flying. Im Jesus?!". That was the funniest thing i've ever heard 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Speeditry Před 14 dny
Legend is that muffin juice still roams those same skies
Dalton Brady
Dalton Brady Před 14 dny
You should do a manhunt where you all share a inventory
LouieSauras Před 15 dny
4:06 TBH: 📈📈📈📈📈📈 I DIED AND CAME BACK TO LIFE I DIED AND CAME BACK TO LIFE! IM FLYING! IM JESUS! Blaza being old: wait why is tb jesus
Emelyn Vicente
Emelyn Vicente Před 15 dny
Oh my god blaza said god damn tb lol that's funny
Jwem Před 15 dny
what did sockfor1 said to the golden block? it's mine
ninja Wampler
ninja Wampler Před 15 dny
that bad
ninja Wampler
ninja Wampler Před 15 dny
thats not op?
Cone Dawgg
Cone Dawgg Před 16 dny
ohlegod3D 846
ohlegod3D 846 Před 16 dny
Blazas qoute is sus
Ol33_ 2k9
Ol33_ 2k9 Před 16 dny
4:30 monkey blaza
A Ham Chesse Chesse :P
"It's not very long but it's very effective"
Sander S
Sander S Před 16 dny
tjis is kinda un fair
FonderGaming Před 16 dny
Nobody: My mic when I try to say something important: 2:30
Antoni Kurek
Antoni Kurek Před 16 dny
Player was killed by creeper using [explosion] while escaping creeper
Allen bryant Alvarez
2:50 Yeah i have played that game too Socks
marilyn syme
marilyn syme Před 16 dny
“sup gamers”Socksfor1
Aaron N
Aaron N Před 16 dny
4:07 how jeses came back to life
ZorroXD Před 16 dny
4:32 blazas ball raised
ZorroXD Před 16 dny
2:28 blazas balls dropped
Guadalupe Alonzo
Guadalupe Alonzo Před 16 dny
OP affect to you socks for 1 but a bad affect to Blaza and TBH honest
Maria Macedo
Maria Macedo Před 17 dny
If you mine under a mob spawner their is a chance you can get good loot so try that
Carter Smith
Carter Smith Před 17 dny
:blaza why is tbh jesus. Me: whhhaatt if god was one of uss rridding on the battle buuss
Judy Gibson
Judy Gibson Před 18 dny
I figured out why muffin is still in the air every time he breaks the block it send him higher
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