Machine Gun Kelly ft. Halsey - forget me too [Official Music Video] 

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Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall is available now!
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22. 10. 2020





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Merlot Tunnell
Merlot Tunnell Před 7 minutami
Let me take my fuckin' bracelet off You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too You tell me you hate me Baby, yeah, I bet you do Damn I saw you walk in the room and I tried my best Not to panic while I'm lookin' for the back door I smell the perfume and it's obvious I'm gonna stay and put my key in the back more I can't, I can't, I can't pretend to forget you The reason I punch a hole in the wall back home And then, and then, and then a couple hours later we're in Room 29 at The Chateau I left before you woke up I don't feel right (see your soul burn) You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too You tell me you hate me Baby, yeah, I bet you do I'm keepin' you waitin' But I won't wait on you You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too I've wasted so much time Waitin' around for your phone calls every night My bad dreams are silk screens 'Cause I taste blood when you bleed It's eatin' me alive We'd both be better off alone Still think I'd get you on the phone With one last breath in me I'd die before I'd let you leave You left before I woke up Why don't I ever see you sober? You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too You tell me you hate me Baby, yeah, I bet you do I'm keepin' you waitin' But I won't wait on you You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too Hey you Tell me why you do the things that make me hate you? It's an emotional kaleidoscope when I face you Permanent calligraphy, I just tattooed your name on me forever You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too You tell me you hate me Baby, yeah, I bet you do I'm keepin' you waitin' But I won't wait on you You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too
Daniele Tusa
Daniele Tusa Před 8 minutami
They are trying to copy Blink 182
Laura Gilbert
Laura Gilbert Před 26 minutami
mgk is the next generation's pop punk artist and it's amazing how creative and versatile this dude is, i have come to respect his work.
zemeus93 Před 26 minutami
this takes me back to younger days when this kind of music was lit , damn never thought i'd say this but machine gun kelly is dope
NOLIMIT318 HIGGINBOTHAM Před 52 minutami
Lowqy Před hodinou
i like this new mgk
Alice Fyfe
Alice Fyfe Před hodinou
lil tozier
lil tozier Před hodinou
the fucking SEROTONIN this mans music gives me is unbelievable
M Possible
M Possible Před hodinou
This is so awesome like legit !
M.N.P. Před 2 hodinami
I cant believe how good Halsey sound in a punk rock song.
Violet Moura
Violet Moura Před 2 hodinami
I LOVE THIS SONG. Im always jaming out to it.😁
micheal Craven
micheal Craven Před 2 hodinami
What with the 8 ball that part confuses me
Dronin Před 2 hodinami
This song is way too underrated
Katheryn Fredrickson
Katheryn Fredrickson Před 2 hodinami
Bence Csákány
Bence Csákány Před 2 hodinami
best music🤤🤤🤤
Lil Chur56
Lil Chur56 Před 3 hodinami
Lil Chur56
Lil Chur56 Před 3 hodinami
meow meow
meow meow Před 3 hodinami
ivan cali
ivan cali Před 4 hodinami
Back to 2000.
Sarah '93
Sarah '93 Před 4 hodinami
Sebastian Frier
Sebastian Frier Před 4 hodinami
2:26 travis brought that energy shiiit
Jamarick Robinson
Jamarick Robinson Před 4 hodinami
Easy Records
Easy Records Před 5 hodinami
JB Tallullah
JB Tallullah Před 5 hodinami
Feels like 04'
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Před 4 hodinami
Wow my new favourite song in 2020 love it mgk 🤝🤘 imagine that mgk halsey and travis baker make a band together be so awersome 😍🤘
lee lupine
lee lupine Před 6 hodinami
Me at the beggining "hmm she reminds me of Halsey" then ohh wait it's her :0
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Před 4 hodinami
Way better than what the hip hop industry has, thank you mgk
Cooper Bergen
Cooper Bergen Před 6 hodinami
How’s this boy just gonna drop a total banger in the scene while looking Dante from devil may cry and dropping the album of the year, instant fan lol
megaforce kuningas
megaforce kuningas Před 6 hodinami
oli pakko kuunella loopilla ainaki 3 tuntia
JayDePie Před 7 hodinami
Tee Kay
Tee Kay Před 9 hodinami
is this seriously what mgk has become i never thought id see this teenie bopper emo crap from him wow he sold out extra hard good job puppet!
Bert Anernie
Bert Anernie Před 9 hodinami
Wow this is some unoriginal, untuned, untalented, absolute shit. No wonder this dude is unheard of.
onetime359 Před 9 hodinami
This isn't music it's corporate sugar produced for the masses.
öykü frangipane
öykü frangipane Před 10 hodinami
halsey cok güzelsin askım
Rory Luyt
Rory Luyt Před 10 hodinami
Halsey could easily have been replaced by Hayley Williams on this.
Swiss Před 10 hodinami
All I can say is, "So dumb.".
koko nady
koko nady Před 10 hodinami
Kid Kern
Kid Kern Před 11 hodinami
dope collab... if y'all got time peep the album trailer on my channel. you might actually like it lol
Troy Butler
Troy Butler Před 10 hodinami
sooooooo wack
Sean Rock
Sean Rock Před 10 hodinami
xLines App
xLines App Před 11 hodinami
so silly, what did i just watch
Bill Aronis
Bill Aronis Před 11 hodinami
Need more, bring rock-punk back to life again
Joey Vento
Joey Vento Před 11 hodinami
Way better than what the hip hop industry has, thank you mgk
Allen Johnson
Allen Johnson Před 11 hodinami
Wow my new favourite song in 2020 love it mgk 🤝🤘 imagine that mgk halsey and travis baker make a band together be so awersome 😍🤘
alley girl 88
alley girl 88 Před 12 hodinami
Sounds like my neighbors yesterday lol. Played this while they were fighting.
Keanu Revert
Keanu Revert Před 12 hodinami
This song slaps
Cayen Valbuena
Cayen Valbuena Před 13 hodinami
i have been palying this song for a 1000 times now hahaha its so great
Irand Dji
Irand Dji Před 13 hodinami
rok mini jangan sampai lolos...
Ben Gasser
Ben Gasser Před 14 hodinami
Who else fell in love with Halsey after hearing this song and seeing this clip?
Deborah Thompson
Deborah Thompson Před 14 hodinami
idk what to think of this vid. i want to say it reminds me of when i was 18, at the same time i want to say he tries too hard to where it looks lame . i do know adding the women was a huge turn off to the music. and he needs to stop flipping his hair . he flips it more then actual famous timeless musicians
Nickolas Williams
Nickolas Williams Před 15 hodinami
Barker the best drummer good video
Matt Peterson
Matt Peterson Před 15 hodinami
Mad props to you MGK. You brought back early 2000’s music for me. I was busy kicking ass in OIF &. OEF. And would listen to music like this between deployments ✌🏻
Aly Black
Aly Black Před 15 hodinami
Both are amazing, Halsey is bloody perfect & she wrote her verse herself in a few minutes 🤯
Jez Skellington
Jez Skellington Před 15 hodinami
Not gonna lie lol i love this song 🤘
Ally Diamond
Ally Diamond Před 16 hodinami
I’m fucking obsessed period 🙌🏼🙌🏼😩😩😩🌟
Karm Onion
Karm Onion Před 16 hodinami
ok i can't have 12 different favorite song just by mgk or can i
Jared Rich
Jared Rich Před 16 hodinami
Kill shot
Mikki Martin
Mikki Martin Před 17 hodinami
Went at the goat and now back to pop rock lol 😅
clayton staub
clayton staub Před 17 hodinami
She looked at that bike like "Imma push this over!... Nah I'll just throw the tank in the pool" lol.
Quinte Před 17 hodinami
MGK Is One Of The Greatest Musicians Of All-Time!!!!!!
John McGrath
John McGrath Před 17 hodinami
Im so happy that were going back to the 00"s...the 20"s aren't working out well for anyone lol
a k
a k Před 17 hodinami
Halsey killed this
Leandrou Před 17 hodinami
The Rock never die
Rich Kisela
Rich Kisela Před 18 hodinami
Gone Green Day bruh 🤣
travis jensen
travis jensen Před 18 hodinami
Swank47 Steez
Swank47 Steez Před 18 hodinami
What happened to lace up
Wenceslao Před 18 hodinami
isn't this too much 2010's for a single video?
Tomislav Samija
Tomislav Samija Před 19 hodinami
lil peep ruined his rap career. mans is greenday now
Fabian Romero
Fabian Romero Před 19 hodinami
Machine Gun Kelley and Halsey are going to save 2020
3lement2010 Před 19 hodinami
This is giving me Paramore vibes
CallOfPundy1192 Před 19 hodinami
Only reason this song goes viral, halsey
Austman walker
Austman walker Před 19 hodinami
Yea that's right
Superman04p Před 20 hodinami
Are we just not gonna point out that... Good Lord she's smokin HAWT 🔥🔥.... just more proof that it's impossible for Halsey not to be ....
noflamejustafk Před 20 hodinami
When Eminem disses you so hard you change genres.
Seth Grindell
Seth Grindell Před 19 hodinami
This genre needed to come back, look at the trash that's being released... Rap by wannabe gangsters which is just pop or Disney stars turned "singers" lol we are in a generation of the worst music produced
Aries Radke#6
Aries Radke#6 Před 21 hodinou
hmm 🤔 i wonder if i ever had someone to forget.
Zul Lo
Zul Lo Před 21 hodinou
godammit this is so good i am FEELIN
knite_EL Před 22 hodinami
Mgk, Halsey, Yung Blood (I know he's not in this), and Travis should make a band. There's this great mid 00's sound to them. It's really dope.
Lethaniel Ordell
Lethaniel Ordell Před 22 hodinami
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Michael Epic
Michael Epic Před 23 hodinami
the guy with drums is actually a true legend they were fighting and he was high on the drums
Memetastic 199X
Memetastic 199X Před 23 hodinami
can we talk about how cute halsey is walking inside the house, all grumpy but tiny
pure luv
pure luv Před 4 hodinami
Bryce Před 14 hodinami
I thought I was the only one who thought that
Nancy Jackson
Nancy Jackson Před dnem
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Fad3 AllSpec
Fad3 AllSpec Před dnem
Done YUNGBLUD kinnda dirty here 😂
sam wren
sam wren Před dnem
Literally thought it was Hayley Williams at first when I heard this but brilliant song 👌
Mark D
Mark D Před dnem
Starts good. Than too rocky for my taste...
Bean 11 11
Bean 11 11 Před dnem
Eminem really kicked this man into a new genre lmao str8 goofy
Sam Yeaman
Sam Yeaman Před dnem
At least he’s not rapping anymore, he’s better singing, Em musta got through to him
morgan dirmeyer
morgan dirmeyer Před dnem
okay i love kelly and megan together but who else thinks him and halsey would be adorable ?
Michael Schleimer
Abigail Serrano
Abigail Serrano Před dnem
i dont listen to this type of music but oml this song slaps
Samuel Z
Samuel Z Před dnem
i thought he was supposed too be all Gangster?? but decide too be a punk rock rapper, now?????
Samuel Z
Samuel Z Před dnem
Im Fucking Confused.... POSER or NAH???
Fadhil Achmad Rezky Sanaky
Dude change the genre after Eminem. This genre is much more him thought. 👍
Stella Krane
Stella Krane Před dnem
So just weird coincidence?? This came out after G-Eazy’s “Hate The Way” if you’ve heard it you might remember his verse on not having 8 ball!??? He carve’s an eight ball out of his back, they’re both in this eight ball, and I don’t know why the hell I watched all the drama videos with these three. I’m 30 lol but.........The drama and back and forth she went between the two supposedly? Her consistent song’s IMO tearing G apart lol 👏🏻 lol even though I like them all but she’s “Still Mad” and Kelly I think would definitely be down for a slight stab. Just a thought I’ve have since seeing the two video’s lol.
ARZU SAAD Před dnem
agassi april
agassi april Před dnem
My millennials this feels familiar or what?!?!🤘🏾
John McGrath
John McGrath Před 17 hodinami
Literally brought tears to my eyes. I've been praying for this
David Tyler
David Tyler Před dnem
Brooooo. He should definitely keep making this kind of music instead of rap.
wiseguy 26
wiseguy 26 Před dnem
Na I like this but he needs to come back to hip hop next.
Kostas_kald Před dnem
stop making rap songs. this is way better.
gussel fischz
gussel fischz Před dnem
Eminem destroyed Kelly so hard That he switched music genre
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson Před 9 hodinami
He's so much better than Eminem that he can change genre's, you obviously don't have a good taste in music.
wiseguy 26
wiseguy 26 Před dnem
Generic comment much?
Joeline Knight
Joeline Knight Před dnem
🔥🔥🔥🔥 love this love them
John Duerk
John Duerk Před dnem
Ah, to be younger and angst-ridden. I can't say I miss those days. That said, this track is catchy. Good work...
Karl Baptiste
Karl Baptiste Před dnem
best song ever
Nathan Beasley
Nathan Beasley Před dnem
Didn't think I missed Paramore vibes until Time Machine Kelly brought them back.
Handsome Phil
Handsome Phil Před dnem
TipsYLich Před dnem
Мгк вернул свой 2007ой
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