12 Times Animals Took Revenge On Humans 

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Revenge is a dish best served cold, but what if the animals are warm-blooded and hot-headed? Well, then you get instances where a llama-alpaca hybrid jumps on you and chases you out of the pen! And other times, you get instances where man’s best friends bring its pack and completely destroy your property. Sometimes revenge is well-deserved, especially if it involves trophy hunters who kill lions and invade their space. Other times…it’s just a poor kid getting into a difficult situation.
Here are 12 Animals That Took Revenge On Humans!
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Leopard Takes Matters Into Her Own Paws
It’s no surprise that big cats are ferocious predators. But when they attack out of pure anger, that’s something that shocks everyone. This leopard had started to eat people’s livestock so the local park rangers captured her, and relocated her to another place. However, the leopard refused to get out of her cage. One of the rangers, Alexander Rono, tried poking at her so she would leave…but he didn’t know he had just stepped into his own defeat.
Needless to say, the leopard did not like the gesture. And when she finally did get out, she wanted to attend to some unfinished business. She got out and ran to Alexander's seat and clawed his face off! The poor man couldn’t close his windows fast enough and had to get 21 stitches to close up his wounds. Alexander said that he learned a very painful lesson he will never forget. Neither will the internet, alexander!
Hangry Sheep Fights Back!
If you tease a hangry person, even they’ll bite you. So a bighorn sheep is no different! The caretaker of this herd decided that he wanted to mess with one of the sheep by making it run for some extra food. But he chose the wrong day! Typically, bighorn sheep are wild animals. And though they’re not usually aggressive to humans, they will attack if you tease them like this!
Thankfully the man had a big plastic bag in his hand as a shield, otherwise, he could’ve been ripped to shreds. At first, it’s just one angry sheep vs the man in the orange. Soon enough, his friends join in and back up their friend. After all, a friend in need's a friend indeed! Wait till the man scolds the sheep and all of them run away like scaredy cats. Man: 1, angry sheep: 0!
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James Hathaway
James Hathaway Před 4 minutami
Trophy hunting funds almost half of game preserves and if done correctly never endangers any populations. Not saying poaching doesn't happen but trophy hunts are not poaching. Do you have any idea how much money those two spent to fund that hunt? The same can be said for hunters who fund most fish and wildlife programs here in the US. Always demonized during hunting season but never thanked the rest of the year when they pay for all the nature parks everyone loves. That's why some states hold raffles for special hunts that aren't normally legal. It serves to controll populations and pay the bills.
Atom15 Atom15
Atom15 Atom15 Před 20 minutami
I hope thoughs trophy hunters got killed
Graceee Chan
Graceee Chan Před hodinou
That Kangaroo is a savage 😂
Thais pomps
Thais pomps Před hodinou
The dogs wake up and choose thug life😎😂
Never go out to nature
Poppy Pocket
Poppy Pocket Před hodinou
A friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better. - Placebo
Grif Luke
Grif Luke Před 2 hodinami
More like feelings junkie, dont knock til u try it bubs
Lydia Velazquez
Lydia Velazquez Před 2 hodinami
It brings me joy when they get revenge, us humans destroyed animals!
Mika Manninen
Mika Manninen Před 2 hodinami
Aly Piper
Aly Piper Před 2 hodinami
Hey look it’s Brian from @SnakebytesTV
Ramon Corrales
Ramon Corrales Před 3 hodinami
Boooo i got click baited again🤦🏽‍♂️ where was the mutilation i wanted to see the bear destroy that guy😒
Duane White
Duane White Před 3 hodinami
That saying is a friend with weed is a friend indeed
Kristin M
Kristin M Před 4 hodinami
Trophy hunting is evil. Thank you for sharing this video
رغم الاحزان
رغم الاحزان Před 4 hodinami
ههههههههههههههههه 🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁😆😆😆
Cody Marley
Cody Marley Před 4 hodinami
Cody Marley
Cody Marley Před 4 hodinami
Nam nam nam
Misbah Mulla
Misbah Mulla Před 4 hodinami
8:17 "...calm animals hopping around Australia." I lost it then. 😂😂
John Stevens
John Stevens Před 4 hodinami
Lie to me, will ya? “Ten years good luck, it really works!” Imma downvote ya! Jk Jk
Fuzion Gamer
Fuzion Gamer Před 5 hodinami
I didn’t know dogs were that powerful
ricardop441 Před 5 hodinami
Arriba los animalitos y que se jodan los humanos
Tee Dee
Tee Dee Před 5 hodinami
The trouble with this video is we don't get to know the outcomes
William V
William V Před 5 hodinami
It would have made my day if that Lion had gotten a hold of those worthless humans and shredded them unrecognizable! Guns are for pussies, those pussies then go hunting, and I love watching pussies get torn up!!!!
KOKON TUMAN TV Před 6 hodinami
J B Před 6 hodinami
Trophy hunter vid went viral when it hit the media some time back. It ultimately was proven to be a very clever fake. A hoax. Examine the "dead" lion carefully. There are very subtle signs of image manipulation.
Smradlave Ponozky
Smradlave Ponozky Před 6 hodinami
that lion one is fake lol
L. Tejasvi
L. Tejasvi Před 6 hodinami
Hamzah Umar
Hamzah Umar Před 6 hodinami
1:50 No
Jack O'Brien
Jack O'Brien Před 6 hodinami
Those trophy hunters deserve it
I'll be your Stumbleine
I'll be your Stumbleine Před 7 hodinami
I was so young that my sister was in school (we are 3 yrs apart) so my mom decided to have a day with me and take me to the zoo. I was in my stroller, again super young but I remember like it was yesterday and I am now over 40, and this ostrich was behind a fence right next to me. My mom said let me get a picture, so she back up and when she did that ostrich took it's opportunity and bit my hair and started pulling as hard as it could. When I tried to reach back and get my hair out it bit my fingers. My mom ran over to help and the mean ass bit her too! I was hurt, bald and traumatized 😂 Now I have a huge fear of those and emus bc they look so similar.
Earl Driskill
Earl Driskill Před 7 hodinami
The kangaroo story isn't entirely true. It didn't track that man back to his house. The guy who squared off with the kangaroo was interviewed on tv about that incident and nothing was mentioned about that.
Black Consciousness
Black Consciousness Před 7 hodinami
To bad the other lion didn’t eat both of them SMDH
Jean michael Paran
Jean michael Paran Před 7 hodinami
Poor lion... I'm so sad...
Aldo Juarez
Aldo Juarez Před 8 hodinami
No le entendi ni vrgs no se ingles 😔😔😂
JD van Heerden
JD van Heerden Před 8 hodinami
You are naive... In most instances, if controlled correctly, trophy hunting is a form of purification for one good reasom. You bring in new blood, because normally it is the oldest and strongest male of the heard/pack/pride/etc. That does all breeding... So sometimes it is a way of culling inbreeders to produce more healthy blood lines and getting in new blood, sometimes it is just an old infertile animal incapable of breeding, sometimes it is just for profits... Whatever the case, do you even have any idea how much money is being put BACK into wildlife conservations to maintain the reserves just through trophy hunting?? No you have no fucking idea, because you are naive and saying things you know absolutely nothing about... I am a hunter, for meat only. I, for one, do not take part in trophy hunting, but I know why it happens and why it has to happen. Go read up a little on why trophy hunting is more good than bad. And not from your leftist vegan friends' posts, from actual game rangers and conservationists doing the actual dirty work. If it was not for mankind breaking down and destroying all the natural habitats of animals, conservations and "frowned upon" methods to maintain and protect species from extinction would not have been necessary... You think you know a litlle something about something, but actually you know Jack shit...
100PercentOS2 Před 8 hodinami
Man, what's with so many You Tube ads? Do you need the money that bad where there is so many ads that they are annoying? I'm getting to hate You Tube for this reason.
Carter Anderson
Carter Anderson Před 9 hodinami
I don't feel bad for the humans or the lion, I don't care at all. It is what it is. Stuff happens in this world.
anope 5791
anope 5791 Před 9 hodinami
Trophy hunter's should burn in hell for ever
Vicente Gutierrez
Vicente Gutierrez Před 9 hodinami
Video tan malo!
Krishna Roy
Krishna Roy Před 9 hodinami
The terrible activities
ChickenFight Před 10 hodinami
Marcos Sánchez Ventura
Marcos Sánchez Ventura Před 11 hodinami
Lion fake
What is wrong With My Present Name
The lion!! That's a ride or die homie you need on your team.
pamela paikopoulos
pamela paikopoulos Před 11 hodinami
humans deserve what they get and more! Too much abuse ,disrespect ...
Snow Kink
Snow Kink Před 12 hodinami
Way she nat get a gan and she was shot
Kelli Moxie
Kelli Moxie Před 12 hodinami
Birds don't harm people
vito balliana
vito balliana Před 12 hodinami
You’re full of shit mate, that kangaroo never tracked down the guy that punched him Why you gotta make shit up
Terminator Před 12 hodinami
Trophy hunter is disgusting.low excuses of human being.I wish the lion get them.
Thi Kim
Thi Kim Před 13 hodinami
Mày uống thuốc ngủ vào thì ngủ ngon thôi
Thi Kim
Thi Kim Před 13 hodinami
Sao thằng già này đc đeo lon quân đội vậy
Fire Starter
Fire Starter Před 13 hodinami
Your lack of knowledge is appalling.
Eva B.
Eva B. Před 14 hodinami
Wish that the Lion would of shred those two assholes that MURDERED that BEAUTIFUL lion for NO FREAKING REASON! Ppl are so EVIL!
Lora Mecham
Lora Mecham Před 14 hodinami
I agree with comment below!! Cruel heatless Humans are the worst animals on this planet!
priyanka sodhi
priyanka sodhi Před 14 hodinami
Lion video is fake..
Adam DZ
Adam DZ Před 15 hodinami
I loved the lions revenge !
Natalie Boehm
Natalie Boehm Před 15 hodinami
That kangaroo that put true dog in the head lock was at the window like Kangaroo: hey b**** I wasn't done come out and be a mannn That kangaroo was friggin RIPPED omg 😱😂😂
Marvin Henrie
Marvin Henrie Před 15 hodinami
Lol, that llama really unloaded on that kid
Clive Silk
Clive Silk Před 16 hodinami
So windows don’t wind up ??
JKentF Před 16 hodinami
Lion one was proven fake
JR JSR Před 16 hodinami
Man Chill bro just come down it’s just a dog you can just pick it up and move it somewhere else not I can’t say it!
Ivory Wright
Ivory Wright Před 16 hodinami
The kangaroo was waiting at the front door for his rematch 😭💀
Sunny Gummadi
Sunny Gummadi Před 19 hodinami
That man kicked a dog, and dog brought his whole gangsta dogs to wreck the car
Albert Dibari
Albert Dibari Před 19 hodinami
KARMA ALWAYS BITES YOU BACK!!!! I am tired of seeing these poor animals being exploited by these disgusting humans!! Especially the one with the Kangaroo that fucked up the human that punched him in the face. And the poached lion's companion!!! And this bitch that tried to eat a live octopus, for mere views, gave her some pain she will never forget. And that little boy's parents have nobody to blame but themselves for the results of their boy getting spit on by a Lama. I do feel bad for the boy, he did not know what the hell was going on, except for what his parents allowed to be.
Mr Anime
Mr Anime Před 19 hodinami
Humans kinda deserve this
margaret Hogan
margaret Hogan Před 19 hodinami
Leave wild animals alone & respect domesticated ones. I'm not surprised animals are attacking people🙄
A Totally Normal Person
A Totally Normal Person Před 20 hodinami
dogs are smart. they are really human
Jody Sevenski
Jody Sevenski Před 21 hodinou
Why don't you show the videos? The entire videos you stinking freak!
Carlos Hamusch
Carlos Hamusch Před 22 hodinami
Nanni01 Meier
Nanni01 Meier Před 23 hodinami
well DONE!!
Fuyu neko
Fuyu neko Před 23 hodinami
Number 7 was super satisfying
Roland Před 23 hodinami
How can you be proud of killing a lion and posting that, I hate the way we humans treat animals, humans are allowed to do anything 😡
Satoko Před 23 hodinami
WoW, this video's really real and terrible…animals is suddenly change☠️😰
Sister Nicole
Sister Nicole Před dnem
Terry Seldon
Terry Seldon Před dnem
Blake Atkinson
Blake Atkinson Před dnem
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Před dnem
I hope those trophy hunters rot in hell, they don't deserve to live imo🤷🏻‍♀️ How heartless can one be?
nicemutant Před dnem
Where the bear 🐻???
kaydence Gauthier
Omg those kangaroo 🦘 lol
thisguy177 Před dnem
whered the full video of the lion attacking those ppl
Dee Nice
Dee Nice Před dnem
I would butcher that sheep in front of all his friends the next day in a bloody fashion.. gotta keep the sheep in line
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Před dnem
Kangaroo makes like fighting people
Loreman72 Před dnem
Big cats have to controlled. If someone's willing to pay to do the job, why not? And it's not a threat to the animal's survival, there are quotas for hunting. The ignorance is just irritating.
RAVEN Promotionz
RAVEN Promotionz Před dnem
Hedvig Ghostgirl
Hedvig Ghostgirl Před dnem
0:48 this cheeta
SBF HAWK Před dnem
The two disgusting hunters that killed the lion dude they got what they deserved. Killing Lions for sport..Dude unless your life is in danger that is a big no no. You got what you deserve. Would of love to see you two ripped to pieces.
elviajudithlulu todas
poor Lion how stupid people is when they thing they got a trophy once they go to kill wild animals, an how disgusting was watching the girl who was eating an alive octopus 😧
Ayyashi 14
Ayyashi 14 Před dnem
Very dangers
Mohammed Aldabbagh
I sub
Henco Kriel
Henco Kriel Před dnem
And it's not poatching
Henco Kriel
Henco Kriel Před dnem
Hunters saved the elephants and so many more from extinction
Kayton McCutcheon
That teaches you to not miss with animals.
DaGuy WhoKnowz
DaGuy WhoKnowz Před dnem
Hunting lions. Those people should burn.
Nadine Keating
Nadine Keating Před dnem
Wow! Check out the upper body muscles of these kangaroos!! 😲
Simon Mitroi
Simon Mitroi Před dnem
Kangaroo makes like fighting people
Nadine Keating
Nadine Keating Před dnem
Would not have felt bad for those trophy hunters of the lion got them! Is this even legal?! The fact that they appear to be so happy and proud of themselves while posing for the photo, is quite disgusting! This was a beautiful animal that should be able to roam freely in his own territory without being shot and killed by humans!
Mitsubishi Karawang Prabu Pura
Nadine Keating
Nadine Keating Před dnem
Whatever or whoever this person is at 2:35 is really creepy looking! What are they wearing?? 🤨
Bella Erie • 12 years ago
Other people: The guy got chased by a bird 🤣 Me: scared of birds even if I see it in the sky.
chandra mouli
chandra mouli Před dnem
Best thing is lion hurting them. Humans are worst creatures
The Revealing Unknown
The guy who punched the kangaroo and ran off like a coward ended up getting stage 4 cancer and dying within a year.. Karmas a bitz mfr maybe next time call off your dog b4 it attacks an animal in its environment .
MasterAfricankingofjam enos
Last was like jurassic park incident dilophosaur
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