YUNGBLUD - Die A Little 

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Listen to “Die A Little” from the 13 Reasons Why Season 3 Soundtrack: smarturl.it/13RYSeason3
Director: Andrew Sandler
Executive Producer (Sofia): Edward Michongwe
Executive Producers (US): Frank Borin, Ivanna Borin
Video Commissioner: Hanan Cher
DOP: Alexander Stanishev
Editors: Jonathan Rouzier & Jordan Wozy
Post Production: Zwick Post
VFX Supervisor: Kawika Banis
VFX Artist: Logan Hennessy
Production Manager: Anatoli Netchev
Casting Director: Monika Buyuklieva
Art Director: Edward Michongwe
Production Stylist: Eka Bichinashvili
Yungblud stylist: Harper Slate
Assitant: Sophia Alvarez
Makeup: Svetoslava Slavova - Sisi
BTS: Lyubov Cheresh
Talent: Plamen Hristov, Dimitar Karageorgiev, Ivan Matev, Dimiter Petkov, Diana Krasteva, Nikolay Dimitrov
Colorist: Kinan Chabani

Production Company (US): Underwonder Content
Production Company (Sofia): Made In Sofia
Artist Management: Locomotion Ent.
Record Label: Geffen
Music video by YUNGBLUD performing Die A Little. © 2019 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


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31. 10. 2019





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Komentáře 100   
Paul Vazquez
Paul Vazquez Před 2 dny
yungblud fly me venom
kokichi simp
kokichi simp Před 2 dny
he is literally the only reason I'm not fully lesbian
like si hablas español y puedes leer esto
flavius j fanpage
flavius j fanpage Před 3 dny
this gives me very much AHS Murder House vibez when tate decided to scare violets bully
Antonina paradowska
francielly Lacerda
francielly Lacerda Před 3 dny
Cade o brasillllll🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
cool girl09
cool girl09 Před 3 dny
Him trying to be scary: Me: “That’s hot”🥵
Bang Chan
Bang Chan Před 4 dny
My bi ass is ✨whipped✨ af
Cobra kai 123
Cobra kai 123 Před 4 dny
This is my fave song apt from love song and god save me but don't drown me
flavius j fanpage
flavius j fanpage Před 4 dny
gurl how can you not love this person-
Surya Bajracharya
Surya Bajracharya Před 5 dny
Director: what do you want inside you? YUNGBLUD: yes
karya özlüpınar
karya özlüpınar Před 5 dny
idk if I wanna be with him or be him in this mv
Karabi Sadhukhan
Karabi Sadhukhan Před 6 dny
Let's say who have addicted to this song? ♥️♥️♥️
liv. editzz
liv. editzz Před 6 dny
When he smiles I just CANT
Christina Wallace
Christina Wallace Před 6 dny
Omg 😋 can he get any hotter 😜
madsuper nerd
madsuper nerd Před 7 dny
Getting joker vibes🤤
Attitude Change
Attitude Change Před 7 dny
Not sure why this song turns me on but now I'd like to get weird fucked while this song plays on repeat.
Zselyke Zsolna Èrczy
I'm crying..this is my life, just i haven't got who going to help me..
Zselyke Zsolna Èrczy
Nem vagyok egy nagy fan, de eh mkst megérintett..
mikey way's unicorn
man, i remember putting this on repeat for hours. brb gonna do that again
Ayva Henry
Ayva Henry Před 9 dny
Parents:Get away he is a demon! Me:Runs up to him and hugs him :) YAY NEW FRIEND
Ayva Henry
Ayva Henry Před 9 dny
im not the only one that thinks he is awsome :)
joseph palmer
joseph palmer Před 9 dny
creepy very very creepy 100/10 stars
oh bettybetty
oh bettybetty Před 10 dny
To be honest he spiting facts and act us so good
sadly Finn lives here
This is not scray,is hot
ياسر الزهراني
Cactus 1
Cactus 1 Před 10 dny
Is it just me, or this guy looks like Michael Jackson?
WAP is the shit
WAP is the shit Před 4 dny
I don’t see the resemblance
Erik Nordhausen
Erik Nordhausen Před 10 dny
Julie Wolford
Julie Wolford Před 11 dny
*He could hit me with a car and I would thank him*
kk Mitchell
kk Mitchell Před 11 dny
I love him
Сардаана Евсеевa
Oh my gosh....YEEEEES
sharon cook
sharon cook Před 11 dny
Actually Me
Actually Me Před 11 dny
His mvs are so creative
marie Před 12 dny
youngblud literally doing nothing me: hoootttttttt
clack thebby
clack thebby Před 12 dny
No one: All the coments: "Yungblud pretending to be scary: All the fandom: hot"
Me Morales
Me Morales Před 12 dny
His smile at 2:15 ✨😌😈
maija thomas
maija thomas Před 13 dny
this video is so attractive stop it
Kymberlie Benefield
Kymberlie Benefield Před 13 dny
this song speaks to me so much
Nika Les
Nika Les Před 14 dny
The best
Julie Wolford
Julie Wolford Před 14 dny
*Me if I was five and watching this* oH hEy WaNnA bE fReNs Its funny to me because he kills people and I really liked (and still like) knives and all that crap OH DID I SAY LIKE? I MEANT LOVE SORRY
missy Před 14 dny
Andrea Lino
Andrea Lino Před 14 dny
The chances of you reading this are bonkers, but help me. Help me be heard. #wearethelonelyones.
Evington Před 14 dny
This video is two pinches of Clockwork Orange mixed with a handful of Sherlock, three splashes of Stranger Things and just a dash of Venom.
Makaylee Před 15 dny
His parents must be proud of him
Atira Sarajuddin
Atira Sarajuddin Před 15 dny
I wanna see him in ahs
dorisz zsofi
dorisz zsofi Před 16 dny
I love youuu :c
Mackenzie Boudreaux
Mackenzie Boudreaux Před 16 dny
can't wait for the movie seriously this looks like a trailer tho. i love it
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana Před 16 dny
Is it just me or does this actually calm you or is it just me🖤
Ashley lynn
Ashley lynn Před 17 dny
Seriously tho this video is so sick!!! Who’s still listening to this n it’s now 2021???
Dakota -
Dakota - Před 17 dny
I love how all of the comments are talking about how hot they think he is. *Can't say they're wrong.*
Dakota -
Dakota - Před 17 dny
Damn, he's scary...
Dakota -
Dakota - Před 17 dny
Damn, his eyes are gorgeous...
Jeremi Le Thug
Jeremi Le Thug Před 17 dny
I LOVE THIS MUSIC 😍❤️😍❤️❤️😍❤️😍🎵🎼❤️🎶😭😭🎶
Salima Sikutwa
Salima Sikutwa Před 18 dny
Petition for nf, yungblud, Billie eilish, Melanie Martinez and corpse husband to make a song together
Durian Cordero
Durian Cordero Před 18 dny
Good song yungblub
cloudy honey
cloudy honey Před 18 dny
someone’s GOTTA make an edit of this song and mix it with the joker movie cause i’m just imagining it and it looks amazing lmao i would do it if i could edit buiuttt i can’t 😀
Jenna and Wyatt Workman
Jenna and Wyatt Workman
This man should be joker he’s good at stuff like thid
Isabella Rezende
Isabella Rezende Před 18 dny
E eu que vim parar aqui por 13 reasons why KKKKKK
Hasty Nazarian
Hasty Nazarian Před 19 dny
Manoj Singh
Manoj Singh Před 19 dny
Sh*t what come out of his mouth
Zenab Před 19 dny
Kayleigh Marshall
Kayleigh Marshall Před 19 dny
I relate to this song in many ways but I feel this because Whalen I used to live with my abusive mother I felt like I was dying a little every day and I used to harm myself and it felt like I was trapped good news is I haven’t lived with her in almost 4 years and I’ve been clean 3 1/2 years and when I feel the urge I write or I listen to do so songs and they help me through it.
b i
b i Před 20 dny
Anyone in 2021 listening to this and getting AHS murder house vibes towards the end of the music video?
Hasty Nazarian
Hasty Nazarian Před 20 dny
I love youuuuu 🔥❤️✨
# FancyFox78
# FancyFox78 Před 20 dny
What's weird is...... This is my favorite YINGBLUD song.......
hopelesschristopher Před 20 dny
when he spitted out the beans from his mouth it reminded me of john coffey
bcaminiti Před 21 dnem
Uhhhhhh ok ;-;
Kyo 2004
Kyo 2004 Před 22 dny
How is this video already a year old?
Soba Borusu
Soba Borusu Před 22 dny
Глухов Андрей
klass 👍
Supersaiyajinbug Před 23 dny
I think this perfectly describes what it's like to have a mental illness.
Andrea Martz
Andrea Martz Před 23 dny
The male version of billie eilish
Bo Moore
Bo Moore Před 23 dny
yungblud has become my 2nd favorite person, they are so cool!
mckayrebecca Před 23 dny
ZMB Před 24 dny
yes it was released on halloween but the fact that its from a soundtrack that we can listen to any time. yes, watch this at 3 am. its totally okay
ZMB Před 22 dny
0:14 looks funny
Giuly Guardabassi
Giuly Guardabassi Před 24 dny
1:27 His smile is creepy and beautiful at the same time, I love it
blades22 Před 24 dny
daniel chen
daniel chen Před 25 dny
The eyes remind me of supernatural's demons
Anthony Davani
Anthony Davani Před 25 dny
We are the lonely ones
jason renka
jason renka Před 25 dny
we are the lonely ones.....
Alyssa Cook
Alyssa Cook Před 26 dny
Ok the fact that i had a dream about him like damn!!!!
Seykey UwU
Seykey UwU Před 26 dny
Seykey UwU
Seykey UwU Před 26 dny
It not creppy for me and im team lol
Seykey UwU
Seykey UwU Před 26 dny
Im ten lol
Tery army
Tery army Před 27 dny
it's ghoul!
Wanda Před 28 dny
And I thought I was a lesbian...
Shawna Trammell
Shawna Trammell Před 28 dny
OMG I LOVE HES Voice eeeeee ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you sing in tongue tie
xXWolfeaXx LoveAnime
I want to see him do something joker related I think that would be amazing cause he's always been good at psychotic poses postures and actions
Alicia Chenlo
Alicia Chenlo Před 29 dny
no puedo parar de ver el video necesito ayuda
You know its cath Duh
everyone in the comments: omg his eyes or smile me: omg his hair
Alexis Montes
Alexis Montes Před měsícem
ok i dont know whats happening cause the song is going to fast
Lívia Mayra Barboza
Lívia Mayra Barboza Před měsícem
Was passed one year, and I come back... I love this song and I'll protect with my life
Emily Natasha Aldama Arnaud
this is more interesting than my life :)))
Robin Bodde
Robin Bodde Před měsícem
Weronika Rozpędek
Weronika Rozpędek Před měsícem
i can't by the only one but WHY IS YUNGBLUD SO CUTE IN THIS VIDEO ( in every video is YUNGBLUD cute but in this video The most )
funny Před měsícem
Mum and dad are separated and Yungblud helps me deal with my situation. Respect from this 14 yrs old kid
Rose Wagner
Rose Wagner Před měsícem
He is my addiction 🤤🤤🤤 ❤❤
HÇ *
HÇ * Před měsícem
every song is kinda a movie ... woah
raylikestea Před měsícem
Nancy Downs is that you?
Scarlett Onyina
Scarlett Onyina Před měsícem
I didn’t even know he made this song I first heard it at the end of 13 reasons why
حبيبة حمودة الاحمد
ورد. رَمممم
YUNGBLUD - Kill Somebody
YUNGBLUD - Polygraph Eyes
slowthai, A$AP Rocky - MAZZA