Machine Gun Kelly - drunk face (Official Music Video) 

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29. 09. 2020





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Spiral 214
Spiral 214 Před 47 minutami
You have the best video 😝
Skyelar Cuellar
Skyelar Cuellar Před 3 hodinami
Fuck Gary come home !!!!!
N0 Gimmicks
N0 Gimmicks Před 4 hodinami
Me every time i got sober 0:10
FunnyMax Před 5 hodinami
Eli shifter
Eli shifter Před 7 hodinami
Mgk like kurt cobain..
Takiyamonster Před 10 hodinami
does anyone know kells haircut in this vid not the mohawk
Jessica Pillans
Jessica Pillans Před 15 hodinami
Currently my fav song. I fucking love you MGK ❤️😍❤️😍❤️
Annmarie Telgenhof
Annmarie Telgenhof Před 16 hodinami
I really wish we could meet but I know it's never going to happen I'm all the way in Michigan. And I'm a huge fan girl and I'm only 9 and you're probably in Cleveland Ohio. But I'd really love to meet you in person. It be really cool if we could just be friends. Because I love your music so did my brother and my dad ❤️ and it just be really cool if we could be friends and I'm really sad because I know I'll never meet each other. And I just like thinking that I'll meet you but I know it's never going to happen
iwannahearmusic2 Před 17 hodinami
This whole album is fire! 🔥
SyThins Před 23 hodinami
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Ellenor Jane
Ellenor Jane Před dnem
Im in love with this song
BostonEmily Před dnem
Can we appreciate mgks sense of humor!!! #est4life
BE4ST KILL3R Před dnem
Bro I’m sitting here and jamming out and smoking best vibe everrrrr lol😝😝😝😝
Jake Saunders
Jake Saunders Před dnem
This guy is a real artist he has proved he can switch generis and sound good too thats not easy so a bug thumbs up to a kid from the streets who made it huge from dirt nothing Cleveland
Grungemobstaz Před dnem
This shit is garbage lol.
Ichigo is trash
Ichigo is trash Před 14 hodinami
Idk how u think that😂😂😂😂
E Valencia
E Valencia Před dnem
I wonder if he will ever do another collab with kellin quinn
Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa Před dnem
This song and the “Clover Cage - Monster Cover” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you..
How does this not have how many million views like every other song?
John Před dnem
Wasn't he a rapper once?
_ballinbarlgruf :*
He looks like wavyboi
Tricia Steadmon
Tricia Steadmon Před dnem
Yeah let's get high as I try to cover up eyes that have seen too much
Corna Virus
Corna Virus Před dnem
Still the rap devil?
Michelle Y. Phillips
Tiger Před 2 dny
My girlfriend is better then your 🤘🏻🤘🏻😂😂
Tiger Před 22 hodinami
James Junior
James Junior Před 2 dny
What happened to MGK? Em really did him dirty huh? Made him switch genres. Em stay doing that to people. Benzino, Ja, now MGK.
Rissa Joleena
Rissa Joleena Před 3 hodinami
Naw man
Robster Gamingz
Robster Gamingz Před 2 dny
Why is this vibe so relaxed when ur stoned?
eHxq Před 2 dny
thats not my type at all...but thats siiiick not gonn lie
Alicia Paukovic
Alicia Paukovic Před 2 dny
Never grow up, it's a trap.
Nikith Pradhan
Nikith Pradhan Před 2 dny
Ohhhhh fuck
Jimmi James
Jimmi James Před 2 dny
MGK and MOD has a unique feel that can not be copied.
Priscilla A
Priscilla A Před 2 dny
anybody think they should make a juice collab or remix
Cora Ritzel
Cora Ritzel Před 2 dny
I love Mgk so much I hope Megan doesn't hurt him again. Also, Colson is the best dad from what I see.
DragonFire Před 2 dny
Great album bro!
Painminus Grief
Painminus Grief Před 3 dny
Is he just kiss Megan Fox? Is that Megan ?? Orrr she just looks familiar to her
Painminus Grief
Painminus Grief Před 2 dny
@XxCantMissxX his daughter will have a step mother !
XxCantMissxX Před 2 dny
He dated her
Denise Puffett
Denise Puffett Před 3 dny
The last scene made me laugh so hard 😂😃😹😹😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😃
Craig Kent
Craig Kent Před 3 dny
Let's get high asf man Legit let's get high
Ezequiel Nunes
Ezequiel Nunes Před 3 dny
Who is the girl that he kissed ?
Moon dust smells funny
MGK is such a force to be reckoned with, I am in love with his versatility.
mck Před 3 dny
pozdrowienia od pawla s
Daniel Usvald
Daniel Usvald Před 3 dny
True rockstars havent died out yet 🔥♥️
Giacomo Guerrini
Giacomo Guerrini Před 3 dny
First time I listen to him after seeing a picture with Travis Barker. This sounds brings me back of 15 years
Rome McCauley
Rome McCauley Před 3 dny
All these comments and we already knew he love B182
King Thatcher
King Thatcher Před 3 dny
Who really won the beef 🦊
珀白 Před 3 dny
Best pop punk artist since blink 182!!
Lala Grounds
Lala Grounds Před 3 dny
Damn he's fine.
ODD R Před 3 dny
Some of you act like Lil Peep never existed I swear. He's literally just playing off of what Peep was bringing to the music scene. His new music isn't bad. I really enjoy it. But you guys are acting like he brought pop punk back when in reality he just saw what Peep was doing and after the Eminem incident happened, switched his act up.
Cody Halupka
Cody Halupka Před 3 dny
anyone else hear him say dumbass at 2:15 ?
karlarincon1 Před 3 dny
Rap Devil nope Pop Rock Devil yes 😂 Edit: rumor has it fallout boy open for him now 😂
Eric Acker
Eric Acker Před 3 dny
Is Haley his girlfriend because they are always together
friggen_Life_ Dude
friggen_Life_ Dude Před 3 dny
only og's understood when he said "I'm a hollywood whore,i don't ask names"
Michelle L Miraglia
Fucking love this one 😍. I can so relate 😂
Cam Williamson
Cam Williamson Před 4 dny
Kells is the Superman of a generation! EST Captain XX
kenwes69 Před 4 dny
Sounds like blink 182.... Mgk is just a lucky white boy
Rewrite Light
Rewrite Light Před dnem
Considering their drummer worked with him on the record, as well as his influences, yeah ... that’s how music works lol. A fuck ton of rappers that sound the same for lucky too. But MGK has been hard at work for more than a decade now. That’s not luck
Hawk 360
Hawk 360 Před 4 dny
Stay laced up everyone and EST 4 LIFE (comment if you have heard wanna ball by mgk)
Mike Graham
Mike Graham Před 4 dny
this kinda off topic but theres never an add on this
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Machine Gun Kelly & lil wayne. Influenced 85% of newer rappers🌍💯Y'all agree?.
Cody Rsling
Cody Rsling Před 5 dny
This has that blink 182 smoothness to it...like it way way more then his rap.
Kayla Walker
Kayla Walker Před 5 dny
He is so versatile. If you’ve followed him since the beginning this man can do any genre of music. 💜💜
Aaron Winn
Aaron Winn Před 5 dny
Mgk has literally spoke for me for a decade if not a lil longer. Hes o.g. support s both old and new gens. Great fude
LuvMehSi Před 5 dny
Dude looks legit happy. I wonder how milked he got from the rap game? He's probably happy as fuck he has creative control again. Keep producing the Good vibes mgk.
Lulu Almahmoud
Lulu Almahmoud Před 5 dny
I hav Saadi this before and I’ll say it again mgk is DADDY
Played the Eminem beef perfect got everyone’s attention then switched genres and rose to the top smart play
Rissa Joleena
Rissa Joleena Před 3 hodinami
Finally someone who actually gets it instead of eating up what the urban-legend-sparking media & PR feeds them & saying shit like "OoOh eMinEm rUinEd hiS rAp CaReEr DiDn'T hE hurrrrr durrrr" This dude is a business man, a natural born hustler. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing.
alewildboy DaWild
alewildboy DaWild Před 5 dny
Susy ❤️🌹☀️
Heather Ford
Heather Ford Před 5 dny
Heather Ford
Heather Ford Před 5 dny
No one gonna mention the line "Im a Hollywood whore I dont ask names" and hes got a song called Hollywood Whore that has the line "Tryna play me like a Hollywood Whore"
Kashfia Islam
Kashfia Islam Před 5 dny
Machine Gun Kelly was only 5’0” when he was 12 years old.
Cheyanna Dyck
Cheyanna Dyck Před 5 dny
Man ... the vibe of this album is unreal 😂
Ashley Schroeder
Ashley Schroeder Před 5 dny
He's just the best!!!
Suzanne Wojciechowski
This is KELLS. BEEN seeing this change since Me against the world.. 🧡
Jacob Campbell
Jacob Campbell Před 6 dny
Sorry mgk can’t dig your new shit man, keep er easy still gonna listen to the old stuff but this ain’t what I like
Vanessa Sickles
Vanessa Sickles Před 6 dny
metro skyes
metro skyes Před 6 dny
Can tell it is a modsun video. I saw him in one of the videos like HOLY Hell Mgk better stay in this scene. He's a good vibe and way better. And I think he will grow immensely
Cyyxc Před 6 dny
This is really nice
SydneyLoves Makeup
SydneyLoves Makeup Před 6 dny
#MachineGunKelly #MGK #DrunkFace
Richie Ryan
Richie Ryan Před 6 dny
The relatability to the lyrics is insane for me, wow🔥 unreal vibe also and sick beat. Never thought I'd get hooked on MGK after dissing Em but new album is now my go to for any mpod
Nite-Webcrawler Před 6 dny
I fw dis song frfr very dope 🔥🤘🏽🎸
joshua kendall
joshua kendall Před 6 dny
Come to Canada Newfoundland
Dillon Marr
Dillon Marr Před 6 dny
Just saying eminem never did shit like this.
Dirty faggot
Dirty faggot Před 6 dny
Now i can spend my days in minecraft with good music.
Destany Johnson
Destany Johnson Před 6 dny
Feel like I’m been in my teen years
Alvi AR
Alvi AR Před 7 dny
Lyrics: I'm still young wasting my youth I'll grow up next summer I'm back on those drugs I quit I kept my dealer's number I'm still young wasting my youth I'll grow up next summer I'm back on that girl I quit I should've lost her number I'm overcompensating for heartbreak I swallowed a pill that was in a heart shape Her hands on my chest feeling my heartbeat She's spilling her drink all on my car seat She'll get attached and then trap me Then I gotta act like I'm happy She posts pics to get at me Déjà vu, just like last week I'm still young wasting my youth I'll grow up next summer I'm back on those drugs I quit I kept my dealer's number I'm still young wasting my youth I'll grow up next summer I'm back on that girl I quit I should've lost her number Pedal to the floor, yeah, I can't break The floor of the hotel's my ashtray She opened the door and walked past me I'm a Hollywood whore, I don't ask names Yeah, let's get high as fuck I'm trying to coverup Eyes that have seen too much I'd go blind for her touch I'm still young wasting my youth I'll grow up next summer I'm back on those drugs I quit I kept my dealer's number I'm still young wasting my youth I'll grow up next summer I'm back on that girl I quit I should've lost her number I'm still young I'm wasted and I'm not getting younger I'll grow up I promise that I'll grow up next summer I'm still young I'm wasted and I'm not getting younger I'll grow up I promise that I'll grow up next summer I'm still young, I'm wasted and I'm not getting younger (you plus me is euphoria) I'm still young, I promise that I'll grow up next summer (I have sinned, don't help me Jesus) Take Care Y´all
Sarah Před 7 dny
If this song doesn't make you wanna dance around your room idk what does
Ff Fff
Ff Fff Před 7 dny
Sameer Chettri
Sameer Chettri Před 7 dny
Yes Mgk is a good artist but nowadays I find something common in his songs
Mmharen Shitirie
Mmharen Shitirie Před 5 dny
Hmm.. Something common?? Every song on his album TTMD was a banger.. Thats one thing common
Aditya C Bisht
Aditya C Bisht Před 7 dny
What ??
Chris Builds
Chris Builds Před 8 dny
Yeah this is better then his rapping
Thomas H.L.
Thomas H.L. Před 8 dny
its like early 2000's pop punk mixed with today's flow.
Noa Barahona Pérez
Cryo Judgement
Cryo Judgement Před 8 dny
To think this video will be the next generations "All the small things"
Kristi Stevens
Kristi Stevens Před 8 dny
What is up with him and the color pink? Lol
cece gonzalez
cece gonzalez Před 8 dny
His voice is perfect
KillThemAllKid Delano
So we gonna talk about how MGK brought back a whole ass vibe we all loved to save 2020 ?
Hemant Rai
Hemant Rai Před 8 dny
Awewww Raper change to punk wtf
Sarah Hayes
Sarah Hayes Před 8 dny
kevin10870 Před 8 dny
Is it just me r does this remind ya of blink 182?? Keep the rock coming MGK
todo & momo's secret love child
Me after this album: [×~×] || ||
Paul Selberg
Paul Selberg Před 9 dny
“I’d go blind for her touch” such a fire lyric
G Mac
G Mac Před 9 dny
And people said MGK is dead..blokes a fucking genius..any genre..any day 👑🎸🎙
Nicholas Lanham
Nicholas Lanham Před 9 dny
Your better then two years ago
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