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Everything best about Viego combined in 1 video!
Viego coming to Competitive Play in 2200!
Spongebob part by Riot Katarina: RiotKatarina
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16. 04. 2021





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Fxyub!! Před 2 dny
got distracted by the background music lol
Kewllkiddo Před 2 dny
That viego bug where he was attached to yone as if he were Yuumi got me laughing so hard.
Chri AAtor
Chri AAtor Před 5 dny
Riot: Sylas wans't that complicated after all right?
Iurieti Vladut
Iurieti Vladut Před 5 dny
Viego is like one big fat bug orgy that spawned a monstrosity.
HappyBeeHoney Před 6 dny
1:53 you made a Righteous Fire Path of Exile build. Nice
4th Wall
4th Wall Před 6 dny
200 years
KerchaK 04
KerchaK 04 Před 7 dny
161 riot employes disliked this video
Konrad G
Konrad G Před 10 dny
What's music in this video?
Nate Raven
Nate Raven Před 12 dny
From the Ruined king to the Ruined game is a blast!
Ilijafullgamer Před 12 dny
Remember when vandril was testong viego, the dev said: "Be ready for a ton of bugs" Welp... He wasnt joking...
ZmanVlog Před 13 dny
This video has more effort put into it than the bug team put into testing Viego
Meme Machine
Meme Machine Před 13 dny
how ?
albonistaa Před 14 dny
Tbh Just remove fucking viego from the game, you tried add something new, you failed fix ur mistakes riot and admit u fucking failed.
Nate Raven
Nate Raven Před 14 dny
2022 looks promising on a new legend that makes a paradigm shift in the whole computer. Ultimate will shut down internet connection to your enemies.
Sabrebar. Před 15 dny
small indie company btw
SoulDevil92 Před 15 dny
Wow, it seems Riot developers can't program... Oh wait.
Chronotech Před 16 dny
remember, according to riot you don't want Chronoshift, you want this.
Daniel Scheumack
Daniel Scheumack Před 16 dny
Video unclear; played Viego, my teammates were disabled?
Caio de Castro
Caio de Castro Před 17 dny
Just a doubt: isnt the big majority of this bugs only possible after a lot of variables beeing acumulated in training mode or custom game?! I mean, i play a lot of LOL and never seen not even a single one of this bugs in avarege normal game or ranked... If its only possible after a lot of trying/add of variables in training mode/custom than is not really that relevant ...right? In pro league it can be a litlle relevant, just because of the *formality* around it , maybe relevant enought for _Riot_ to ban the champion, but is not like this can be count as "in game bugs" or something... it make sense or am i triping?
cabroni peppperonie
cabroni peppperonie Před 17 dny
stopped playing after his release, im not coming back
Med Slk
Med Slk Před 17 dny
Viego is the cyberpunk of lol
Typovy Před 18 dny
if my son ask me, how bugged was viego, i will say: mordekaiser
MiNoxus Před 18 dny
How could they not expect this to be buggy as fuck after Sylas? You went from ONE ability from EVERY OTHER champ in the game to THREE. You already had trouble with one.
TehRik 00
TehRik 00 Před 21 dnem
Dunno what you all are fussing about, this is canon Viego
Aiveq Před 21 dnem
wait... are they for real added pronouns?
Mr Buster
Mr Buster Před 22 dny
"All champs have power budget". His is a power plant...
Patryk Chrystek
Patryk Chrystek Před 22 dny
Song please
Celica A Mercury
Celica A Mercury Před 22 dny
At this point just take him out of the game holy shit
Nicko Matto
Nicko Matto Před 22 dny
periodic table song?
Banuka Bandaranayke
Banuka Bandaranayke Před 22 dny
wtf :D
Hayden Parker
Hayden Parker Před 22 dny
That spongebob clip was perfect lol
HxPx Před 22 dny
ワットスZheja Před 22 dny
This actually makes me sad that I don't play anymore. Seems like a great time XD
Sarah Kjellberg
Sarah Kjellberg Před 22 dny
Duuudeee he still has so many bugssss.. after he takes bard's soul he can gather chimes or whatever they are all game xD and if a kindred wolf possess him it stays on him all game (spirit blossom kindred)... and there are so many otherssss its unbelievable
Patrick James Olmos
Patrick James Olmos Před 23 dny
Ah yes, The gamebreaker
tango Před 23 dny
Viego is enough for Vandiril to support his family.
Permaban on arurf xD
19Crusader91 Před 23 dny
Hey rito is just a small indie company. You can no expect them to have internal testers to find these things before release.
Aryan Kumar
Aryan Kumar Před 23 dny
Mayo c:
Mayo c: Před 23 dny
I never thought i'd witness another Azir He arrived when we least expected him
Sly Před 23 dny
thats the part i dont get and never will they disable certain champions skins for proplay cuz they know that they either dont work as intended or straight up broken, then why they are not restricted in ranked games aswell i know ranked games are not pro play but this sht ruins the competitiveness (yes tried to use big word here) of the game cuz only one person can pick it in the game and thats just not fair
Voxxelpl Před 23 dny
1:55 Poe rightous fire
Zaihao Lightsbane
Zaihao Lightsbane Před 23 dny
Imagine Viego and Morde in the same game. Bugs°2
¿notThe onlyOne?
¿notThe onlyOne? Před 23 dny
God this game has really gone down the shitter..
Sick Love
Sick Love Před 24 dny
At this rate he will only be enabled in 200 years
Csaba Nemeth
Csaba Nemeth Před 24 dny
Riot :C
aznmmv00 Před 24 dny
thanks obama
mox degiourno
mox degiourno Před 24 dny
the person fixing the bug probably didnt had a good night sleep for a week
Panagiotis Papageorgiou
2 minutes of viego breaking the game
X33 Ultrasound
X33 Ultrasound Před 24 dny
I bet it would take a solid year to remove every bug from the game. 11 months would be spent on Viego.
Noridomi Před 24 dny
Riot : *Trying to balance Viego* Vandiril : -You thing that's easy ? I dare you
Raiden Umbra
Raiden Umbra Před 24 dny
As añ old morde maiñ i aprove of this
Rayla Před 24 dny
yumiego isnt real it can't hurt you
Quang Anh Dao
Quang Anh Dao Před 24 dny
the Shadow Isles is kinda buggy
KID DIK KILLER Před 24 dny
Yavuz Kaymaz
Yavuz Kaymaz Před 25 dny
Seems legit no problem as i see.
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva Před 25 dny
viego yumi it is my favorite one
xingx355 Před 25 dny
Kinda worried I imagine they might never release a champion in this manner again.
Luk F
Luk F Před 25 dny
They should simply hire you...
Guilherme M
Guilherme M Před 25 dny
Love how the explosions matches the music rythim 0:38
Pretty Good man
Pretty Good man Před 25 dny
Well it need 400 years of experience to fix it
super Mario Nice animator or record
it was aphelio's turn to be 200 years.. it is veigo's turn now!... :D
Thiago Dantas
Thiago Dantas Před 25 dny
Ok Riot, we got it, Viego is Mordekaiser's son, right?
plz don't read my name
Man I'm so glad I know Viego's Pronouns... And to think this whole time I've just been calling it a "bug"
Henisaur Před 25 dny
Can can makes everything better
Joel Alexander
Joel Alexander Před 25 dny
DOTA 2 >>>>>>>>> LOL
steven badger
steven badger Před 26 dny
Kik0mega Před 26 dny
I can feel the next rework Champion after Udyr xD
Yasuo Apenas
Yasuo Apenas Před 26 dny
Se você curte umas League Of Legends e quer ver algumas gameplays, highlights partidas explicativas etc é só se inscrever aqui: @UCP6EoHWdq4Vd0bjWxQIkDOA
Legit Bruhe_
Legit Bruhe_ Před 26 dny
When deleting a champion is all they can do now
naruarthur Před 26 dny
it is not 200 years, it is 200 zeros after a 2 as years, got it? :V
Salvador Před 26 dny
The Ruined King ruined the whole game
Yumiyum :D
Yumiyum :D Před 26 dny
They asked for a world boss, they have it now.
Veljko Tintor4-3
Veljko Tintor4-3 Před 26 dny
Old mordekaiser vibes
1kuzanHarizu Před 26 dny
Yeah, it's hard to balance things if you keep making unbalanced champs.
Dark is Mine
Dark is Mine Před 26 dny
I hate all " Riot Games " reject riot return to story mode game
Kevin Forbes
Kevin Forbes Před 26 dny
Its going to take at least a million boo-boo kisses to fix this guy.
Marcus vinicius a Milanesa
Old Mordekaiser would be so proud
LHL Gaming
LHL Gaming Před 26 dny
This shows just how inept coders at Riot games can be. Sad
Aki Ishida
Aki Ishida Před 26 dny
fucking damnit stop I need to breathe lmao
OP Alex
OP Alex Před 26 dny
Viego main: "dude I swear to god my champ is hard"
그들을 태워라
그들을 태워라 Před 26 dny
1:53 what tf was thas thing, that looked sick haha ring of death
Emmy Před 26 dny
I think thematically and conceptually Viego is one of the best characters they released in recent history and completely deserving of the ruined king title. ...gameplay wise I love playing him but let's be real hes a broken mess
Kabloovid Před 26 dny
im starting to feel like mayyybe they should replace his copy ability with something else
Eric Murphy
Eric Murphy Před 26 dny
lets just say my man got some bugs
TheWerefloof Před 27 dny
Honestly, considering the Pandora's box creating a legend who's niche is "he's every legend" is, Viego could've been a lot more curse.
Đức HUY Nguyễn
Đức HUY Nguyễn Před 27 dny
Thanks to Viego, Vandiril now gets more content . LoL
Nepo Nepo
Nepo Nepo Před 27 dny
This is why I stopeed playing League. Shit development, shit team, shit characters.
Banxai Před 27 dny
riot still can't fix this shit lol
Reza 1909
Reza 1909 Před 27 dny
Whatever the bug, Vandril found it even though it was fixed many times
iSTelios IV
iSTelios IV Před 27 dny
I wonder what would happen if Vandiril didn't find these bugs what would happen.
Big meat
Big meat Před 27 dny
this content is just amazing
Niklas 0408
Niklas 0408 Před 27 dny
I hate this champ so much
a não
a não Před 27 dny
He really is the ruined king indeed, huh?
Agustín García
Agustín García Před 27 dny
League Players: Plis fix the fuck*ng client and stop release broken champions first balance them. Riot games: Mmm... Ok no problem there is another lux skin for you :)
illumi nadi
illumi nadi Před 27 dny
Aphelios, mord, sylas, viego, and kayn(or invisible nunu) can be a game breaking team comp....
ricardo buarque Buarque
Love How they once Said that they didnt wanted to release sylas because It would cause trouble for the balance team and could cause major glitches on the game...
Red Risus
Red Risus Před 27 dny
Viego basicly copy of morrigan from Smite I mean mechanicly and wow really rito can't even do his work as hi-rez studio do?
Akkalias Před 27 dny
0:50 he took gween sip sip to another level
Free Man
Free Man Před 27 dny
Pronouns? Where did you get this woke stat of Viego? Edit: Just went into the league wiki and they have it. (-_Q)
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