Bjorn Goes Into Battle One Last Time | Vikings | Prime Video 

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After suffering a mortal wound, Bjorn defies all the odds and leads his people onto the battlefield once again.
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2. 01. 2021





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ЦагаанХуаран СӨХ
Bjorn, he is real man
Perico Gonzalez
Perico Gonzalez Před hodinou
subirlo perrooos
agresorxf Před 2 hodinami
Any one could explain why I didnt see that part in last episode of season 6 ? Just it wasent there.
Dunya Mammadova
Dunya Mammadova Před 2 hodinami
Homeboy Před 3 hodinami
Followed this show since season 1 and it has gone along way... :I i hate to see this end but im glad i got the chance to follow it..
Not Really
Not Really Před 4 hodinami
Even though Ivar was my favorite character, Bjorn was always close. He surpassed his father and lived and died like a legend. Epic scene!
Lauris Bremze
Lauris Bremze Před 13 hodinami
KABLAM records
KABLAM records Před 15 hodinami
Narfur flygir diger. Rathir flodir blota. Holmgång Ormur.
KABLAM records
KABLAM records Před 14 hodinami
Ancient Norse :)
Queen Kaahumanu
Queen Kaahumanu Před 15 hodinami
evan clark
evan clark Před 16 hodinami
Bjorn was legendary I’m sad he died I wanted to see him become a great explorer but this was badass
Дмитрий Гневашев
Дмитрий Гневашев
Aleksandr Don
Aleksandr Don Před 17 hodinami
Туфта, Козловский отстой, с каких пор русские- монголы.
Находки Секонд хенд
Горячие и Холодные головы
не ожидал увидеть здесь Данилу Козловского
Vurrida Před 20 hodinami
Интересное кино, жаль, что пиздёж от начала и до конца.
Владимир Самгин
Бьёрну надо за это отдельную Вальхаллу отстроить. Заслужил.
Nanovirus Před 21 hodinou
Great show ruined by a terrible ending season
Кирилл Яковлев
Какая на хер колесница???
Nikola Vukicevic
Nikola Vukicevic Před 22 hodinami
He clearly join Vallhala
Joel Joshua
Joel Joshua Před dnem
Sometimes he is greater than ragner🔥
Mighty Talos
Mighty Talos Před dnem
What would be the most epic thing ever is we need a vikings video game now stat and hopefully bethesda makes it
sly cooper
sly cooper Před dnem
Konstanz Hylander
this was the time on earth when women and men where alike in the battlefield... imagine now.... disaster :D:D:D:D:D
Vinay Parasar
Vinay Parasar Před dnem
Somebody please tell me Vikings on Netflix and Amazon they both are different or same because I haven't completed the web series please tell me
no one
no one Před dnem
This Music Is Hart touching epic 🖤
Neznani jutjuber
Neznani jutjuber Před dnem
your best scene from the movie?
nunyu buz
nunyu buz Před dnem
jaje wala jass
jaje wala jass Před dnem
favorite character bjorn🥰
Anonymous Před dnem
But if you ask me, would we ever see his like again? I would say no.
LordLowe Před dnem
This episode should’ve been the series finale
ChickenBone Jones
I don’t know what the f is going on anymore.
Cap'n CeltBlood
Cap'n CeltBlood Před dnem
Bjorn having an El Cid moment in his last appearance...
Geralt Yennefer
Geralt Yennefer Před dnem
I love Bjorn so much best Ragnar son ! but i never forgived him for litteraly abandon his first daughter Siggy and Porunn :(
Marcos Cruz
Marcos Cruz Před dnem
in Brazil the Vikings series is part of Netflix
Craig Walker
Craig Walker Před dnem
What a show !! A++
Helen Banks
Helen Banks Před dnem
I don’t think there ever was a better send off for a character
Pamela González
Pamela González Před dnem
The music in the background is simply chef kiss in this scene, I never cried like I did in this episode 😭
Pamela González
Pamela González Před dnem
Nah man, I never cried with a fictional scene the way I did in this episode 😭😭😭
Felix Před dnem
Илья Воронцов
Все отлично, отличные съемки и сценарий, только вы забыли что смертные женщины попадают в рай для собак и скотины, которыми в то время они и являлись. Это только доблестные воины за стол с Одином садятся и другой порядок не предусмотрен исторически.))))))))))))))))))))))))
Alleksandr Cirsa
Alleksandr Cirsa Před dnem
Velikij voin. Vsem do nego ....
shalen151 Před dnem
Best scene all through out the series. Felt the goosebumps watching this part
ADEN OoF Před dnem
Armand DiErrico
Armand DiErrico Před dnem
I stopped taking this show seriously when wheelchairs made it to the battlefield. I mean the 100 lbs women taking down 200lbs men was bad enough, but come on. Ragnar, Rollo and Bjorn were undeniably badass nonetheless.
Frankie Plays
Frankie Plays Před dnem
Bjorn. they we will never see his like again. Fun fact. Descendants of the Vikings (Rollo of Normandy) still sit upon the throne of Great Britain today.
Tomasz Nowicki
Tomasz Nowicki Před dnem
There is where men's cry. 😓
Ferdi Kern
Ferdi Kern Před 2 dny
The King has fallen
Posnoh 2006
Posnoh 2006 Před 2 dny
King of kings
Marlone Corpuz
Marlone Corpuz Před 2 dny
Best scene ever in Vikings, super thumbs up!
Brian Pulizzi
Brian Pulizzi Před 2 dny
I don't remember this part. Is this a new episode???
Arda Baba
Arda Baba Před dnem
Yes.Season 6 episode 11
D Fluke
D Fluke Před 2 dny
Quite a novel way of administering the Covid vaccine in those days !
Oksana Litvin
Oksana Litvin Před 2 dny
Боже.... Что за бред?! Сюрреализм
AKHIL KS Před 2 dny
After the loss of ragner this will be the memorable scene
skyshark117 Před 2 dny
Where is this from in the series I watched it but haven't seen this scene
Arda Baba
Arda Baba Před dnem
Season 6 episode 11
prateek Choudhary
prateek Choudhary Před 2 dny
Who is watching Vikings from the beginning Season 1 in 2021 ?
João Gabriel
João Gabriel Před 2 dny
Thanks for the spoiler in the title and thumbnail Amazon!
MillertimeNokCC Před 2 dny
Daniel Brito
Daniel Brito Před 2 dny
I will never forget Vikings for not giving us a Valhalla scene with everyone reunited.
loner_ wolf
loner_ wolf Před 2 dny
I bet that final cough "roared" through valhalla , the Gods heard it loud and clear. A true Viking was about to come home . This realm was not worthy to hear it just yet.
Arsh singh
Arsh singh Před dnem
Nothing happend like this you fool, its just a tv series in the end. Dont get attached emotionally with un necessary things, just enjoy
D ROJAVA Před 2 dny
but this part is not in the season 6? why
June Boomer
June Boomer Před 2 dny
One last time! 📡
Bartek Bartek
Bartek Bartek Před 2 dny
I cant belive its over
Hanibaltherogue Před 3 dny
So much better than GoT...only if they had the same budget this show would be the best show ever made
Vines24TV Před 3 dny
We needed Rollo in the last episode!
Kleise tha se parw egw
the most epic scene of vikings!!!!
Lizabee Před 3 dny
Ivar worshipped his big brother in the end and so did Hvitserk and Ubbe....
kral geldi
kral geldi Před 3 dny
beğen butonun seri seri bas Çılgın TÜRK
Lizabee Před 3 dny
Makes me cry every time.... so freaking epic and Ragnar would've been SO proud. And when Hvitserk starts saying the words that Ragnar said.... how can you not cry?! Beautiful send off for an amazing character.
Vikram Jangra
Vikram Jangra Před 3 dny
Really? cscamera.info/market/ooawesWlbcrSmmU/video
Fikrie VC
Fikrie VC Před 3 dny
Where's frangko????
حارث الفهداوي
منو يعرف شوكت العرض
Money Simplified
Money Simplified Před 3 dny
Litrally Cried
Eric W
Eric W Před 3 dny
Ivar looked so vulnerable
David Hahn
David Hahn Před 3 dny
Yes I love this can't wait
Eliazu Před 3 dny
thx for the spoiler
Kevin Colt
Kevin Colt Před 3 dny
shiyas kunjumon
shiyas kunjumon Před 3 dny
Axmed Oto
Axmed Oto Před 3 dny
Мейржан Медетов
Bangala Gonflés
Bangala Gonflés Před 3 dny
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire Před 3 dny
Gustavo Quiñones
Gustavo Quiñones Před 3 dny
so much time watching and waiting for an ending where bjorn will reach his highest honor and prioritize a paralytic just because aybar had a more popular like
Francisco Torres
Francisco Torres Před 3 dny
Porque ponen este tipo de video? es puro spoiler!
Christopher Glen
Christopher Glen Před 3 dny
Epic. I was a sympathiser with Ivar. But this and other events changed that
Сергей Ка
Сергей Ка Před 3 dny
Чушь, но красивая.
Dog face Djaman
Dog face Djaman Před 4 dny
I like this film
dayal maisnam
dayal maisnam Před 4 dny
6:06 min of pure gold... Welcome home Bjorn Ironside...
Danny Ohio
Danny Ohio Před 4 dny
Hrafn Před 4 dny
Nice spoiler in the thumbnail. I wont need to watch the last seasons of vikings now. Thx.
Vusal Dış ticaret
While the brave ones were fighting and dying the Soft one stayed back and made children..
Gizo Frizo
Gizo Frizo Před 4 dny
Oleg could take only one arrow, congrats. 👏
therebbel1 Před 4 dny
best tv show
Superando Límites
Superando Límites Před 4 dny
such epic scene:)
Akinwale Akinrolabu
Dear GOT, this is how you end a series
Lebor Hal
Lebor Hal Před 4 dny
AAAANd there is no need to watch the rest of the season.
Canal do Oscaravelho
No king rules forever my son.
gRosh08 Před 4 dny
C'mon, man!
Cold handed Butcher
stop putting out spoiler vids
The End Of Vikings Explained
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