My Pride: Episode Nine 

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The son of Starmane out here doing his father...proud?
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Stunning thumbnail art was done by @TonyWatkinsArt!
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HUGE THANK YOU to our musical partners, In The City! They composed all the music in this episode AND created our credit song, 'Once in a Dream'!
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My Pride was produced with the support of the IPF and Ontario Creates.

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27. 02. 2021





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tribbleofdoom Před měsícem
Tune in tomorrow at 1pm EST for Episode 10!
Emily Cozzolino
Emily Cozzolino Před 11 dny
Excuse me I seem to be a full grown lion don’t even ask for me to clear out
Lindsey Rainwater
Lindsey Rainwater Před 20 dny
Your animation is really good by the way
Lindsey Rainwater
Lindsey Rainwater Před 20 dny
I’m excited 😁😁😆😆
Lucas Kyle
Lucas Kyle Před 27 dny
@•scar Wølves• How's about in "My Pride credits", There could be Speechless by Naomi Scott.
Mike Plato
Mike Plato Před měsícem
So… When season two?
·YourLocal Wolfie·
·YourLocal Wolfie· Před 36 minutami
*Irish Boy*
Suni Glow
Suni Glow Před 51 minutou
Omg.....no....Fire........Is Lite
Murky Storm
Murky Storm Před hodinou
If only Nothing's mother thought the same way as this hunt chief
Akita_YT Před 9 hodinami
My pride is not intended for children. Me:I’m 10 but I dont give a......... FU-
Błû3 Fłøwër
Błû3 Fłøwër Před 19 hodinami
I grown on to feather I don’t want him to die.
amal whale
amal whale Před 20 hodinami
where's more episode
%*• Gray % Raccoon •*%
Me loves this when I’m not an old person- 🙄💅
ds4 ds3
ds4 ds3 Před dnem
Man i will like see this fight between quickmane and proudmane
Samantha Brown
Samantha Brown Před dnem
Fire mane: hippty hop pity this is now my property
Esmeralda Salcedo
Yo no hablo ingles pero me gusta mucho la serie(le veo con subtitulos) alguien sabe como se llama la cancion que sale en los creditos
emaan tariq
emaan tariq Před 3 dny
Or what
emaan tariq
emaan tariq Před 3 dny
Has fire got a tuff spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bethany Busa
Bethany Busa Před 4 dny
I am a kid
Boglenight Před 4 dny
I have now chosen that the last two episodes don’t exist for me. I don’t want to engage with a My Pride world where Tangled is dead and Fire is an asshole.
Boglenight Před 4 dny
Whatever happened to the two cute bois? 😢
ZzMxchazZ Před 6 dny
The tails be like: 💃💃💃💃
Stryker Před 6 dny
I've watched this episode like 10 times now, and I just- EeE- Feather is turning into a little moody teenager, It's adorable- QwQ
Twinks Twinkie
Twinks Twinkie Před 6 dny
Let me say something before I watch the other episodes, Fire sorta has no choice but to kill Feather, with the “pride law” he would most likely die out there even with Feather and Nothing. With the previous episode it showed that dry season won’t get easier so Nothing and Fire would die out there regardless of how good they can hunt.
April Wyatt
April Wyatt Před 6 dny
I think feather is lite think about it when fire tried to kill him he was alive I think its feather I want explain why well I kinda just did but i think its feather
sφuirmish Před 7 dny
````COOkIe``` ```Weirdo```
Feather: saw fire fighting a no mane* I have to brave like nothing to!! Feather: RaWr!! meh: he sounded so cute!!
Hazel Hart
Hazel Hart Před 8 dny
hey if you look in the background when feather is with nothing after the fight you can see barkmane still moving and when you see the body when it zooms in you can see unnecessary claw marks on the body meaning fire made it more painfull than it should have been he could have just bit his neck and killed him quickly but the claws on the body means he drew it out creepy
Lion guard lover
Lion guard lover Před 9 dny
3:03 awkward moment of silence
Nellie smith
Nellie smith Před 9 dny
Me whacing my pride My pride :Fedher dying Me: o-SHIT o-SHIT o-SHIT
Mohammed Maksood
Mohammed Maksood Před 9 dny
Spacekid Productions
Bro the character design of all those pride members looks awesome
Spacekid Productions
Feather hit puberty
Snek Anatomy
Snek Anatomy Před 9 dny
/IBurstIntoTears 🥺😭
Niva Lindroth
Niva Lindroth Před 9 dny
The return of fire RIP tangle
eastern woyer
eastern woyer Před 10 dny
Couldn't they have just started their own pride i mean having to goddesses reincarnations breeding would create unstoppable babies
Katfoox Před 10 dny
1:32 bookmark for me so i know where i left off because im going to sleep now
KingCed Před 11 dny
Feather is speaking facts
Feu Před 12 dny
multirainbowhawk Před 13 dny
Feather: “It’s what you’re afraid of. Nothing.” Batman: *Also named after what he is afraid of* Low key genius
Zozo Bananna
Zozo Bananna Před 15 dny
I started watching My Pride on my iPhone, Now I am watching it on my Laptop. I've finished every episode wondering "Can Tribbleofdoom make a 11th episode?'' so that's my question here
Iftah Haziqah
Iftah Haziqah Před 12 dny
No, she said she will continue with another season which is season 2, Episode 10 is the last episode of season 1. She said she continue her writing journey right now since she done season 1 so she said she gonna be on a break. And she hasn't confirmed when season 2 is out but probaly after she finish her writing journey. It probaly gonna be out in 5 month or 1 year because she gotta need a lot of time to rest so you just have to wait when the series gonna be announced. Thats it hope you understand :)
Miletty Animations
Miletty Animations Před 15 dny
I really like the characters in this series! Their feelings and interactions feel very genuine
Sharon Cantu
Sharon Cantu Před 15 dny
Feather: I didn't do it for him Fandom: :D
GhiraLink Před 15 dny
i am sick of this feather. she is such a toxic femininity, manipulative and dont care that the name 'nothing', is acociated with BAD memories! she just want keep things how SHE wants and not what nothing wants.
Lucy Starmaker
Lucy Starmaker Před 16 dny
8:35 OWA OWA
PipDog makes things happen Xd
Is this gonna be feather kills fire story -_-
Harien Gradford
Harien Gradford Před 16 dny
Am I the only one who thinks Barkmane looks like he is related to Proudmane
Sharon Cantu
Sharon Cantu Před 16 dny
3:57 My mood everytime someone annoys the heck out of me
_cheLOVEk _
_cheLOVEk _ Před 17 dny
2:55 *purrr*
Al D
Al D Před 17 dny
7:00 does feather's mane look similar to a trench coat to anyone?
Sofia Alcantara Muñoz
It only had past like 3 weeks and I inpascient about the t2 I don’t kare the time I just Care that it will be I don’t want the series get canceled please.
Sofia Alcantara Muñoz
I think so.
Al D
Al D Před 17 dny
Are you referring to My Pride Ep 10? I believe its out by now.
Gena Jude
Gena Jude Před 18 dny
8:33 Feather VS Fire
Juggle Brain
Juggle Brain Před 18 dny
Feather is jelly
Cassiboo Koch
Cassiboo Koch Před 18 dny
make another seson
Samer Drazanin
Samer Drazanin Před 19 dny
Bark mane a *C H O N K E R* a ded one
Evan Carneal
Evan Carneal Před 19 dny
Poor Nothing! Shes so sad.
CountingOnStatic Před 19 dny
why do some lions have the whisker like markings on their muzzles and some done?
BlueGirl460 Před 20 dny
Has anyone found the hidden cheeto
Darkness Před 20 dny
Fire scared me so bad in the beginning
Kayleigh Enos
Kayleigh Enos Před 20 dny
There was a reason she had that dreamin the previous episode, she had to find that lion
Lindsey Rainwater
Lindsey Rainwater Před 20 dny
I love this so much I hope it NEVER ends ☺️I always watch it on my phone
Tiger King
Tiger King Před 21 dnem
I think proud is a Barbary by the size of his mane
Spot The Ice Mudwing
Spot The Ice Mudwing Před 21 dnem
The old mane sounds like stoic from httyd
The Silver Rose
The Silver Rose Před 21 dnem
History is repeating itself 👁👁
Kira Field
Kira Field Před 21 dnem
Please let there be a season 2 please 🙏😍favorite show
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf Před 21 dnem
Feather has balls you gotta give him that
Axt9n Před 23 dny
Om girth I skipped out for a couple of weeks and it’s ALREADY TO EPISODE TEN? AYYAYAYAYAYYAYA
Kaya The Raptor
Kaya The Raptor Před 23 dny
Moonstrike is like my 3 fav lioness
Queen Jay Jay
Queen Jay Jay Před 23 dny
Part of me feels like Fire is going to play Lite's role
Foxycat Před 24 dny
Feather x Nothing
Philip Nativio
Philip Nativio Před 22 dny
@Foxycat yeeeea
Foxycat Před 22 dny
@Philip Nativio fine then ghost x nothing
Philip Nativio
Philip Nativio Před 23 dny
@Foxycat feather is waterhunters cub and Waterhunter is powerstrikes sister and powerstrike..is nothings mom. Also rains voice actor said it in a livestream
Foxycat Před 23 dny
@Philip Nativio How
Philip Nativio
Philip Nativio Před 24 dny
They're cousins.
Abszilla 203
Abszilla 203 Před 24 dny
Copper Bunnies
Copper Bunnies Před 25 dny
I thought Fire was going to kill Feather
Mia Nelson
Mia Nelson Před 25 dny
Feather: “ if a no-mane tried to hurt me I would do the same thing” Then does the same thing that Nothing did when she was a cub
Joelle Hawes
Joelle Hawes Před 25 dny
Did anybody ever find the cheeto?
Uh Před 25 dny
I just got an ad for this. I’m so honored-
daveneps Před 25 dny
I got this episode as an ad. Are you trying to get the videos out there to more viewers or something? If so that is a nice way to do it. Definitely gonna rewatch the series again
Little Fox B
Little Fox B Před 25 dny
It has been one day a single day and im already obsessed with this show XD
CCvids ?_?
CCvids ?_? Před 25 dny
I really didn't want feather to die
• H O P E •
• H O P E • Před 26 dny
Feather has the mind of ending the cycle, maybe that's why he's with Nothing, to let her know what Sharptongue and Rain meant.
Bert McMod
Bert McMod Před 26 dny
What I’m just what
DatOneRowlet Před 26 dny
I have found the cheeto. If you want to look for it, it's in the fight between Fire and Barkmane, specifically the beginning.
Hazel Hart
Hazel Hart Před 8 dny
@DatOneRowlet thx
DatOneRowlet Před 8 dny
@Hazel Hart yeah sure, it's at about 8:10, just a little bit after it
Hazel Hart
Hazel Hart Před 18 dny
can you time stamp it
Sofia Arani Pinheiro
hey, can i produce ur series but in an other language?like in voiceovers in an other language, but i will use new voiceactors. Can i? plz
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf Před 26 dny
Feather is not a cub but he is no where near grown
Lindberg Customs
Lindberg Customs Před 26 dny
Which app did you use to make this video?
EliEagle88 Před 27 dny
2:39 Fire is obviously lying. The expression and tone of voice show that. We know that from ep. 10 but before it that was our only clue.
shoot my boot
shoot my boot Před 27 dny
558,415 views still isn't enough for your amazing content ❤️
joieee Před 27 dny
sometimes i forget this isnt a reality drama tv series
bee bee
bee bee Před 27 dny
Damn so now Feather heard how his dad died, didn't he?
Kia G
Kia G Před 27 dny
Fire: Tangle didnt make it... it's hard on the stretch Also Fire: |Killed Tangle over a piece of food that he was going to share|
b8ta Před 28 dny
The way they killed off fire hit different 🥲
Philip Nativio
Philip Nativio Před 24 dny
Of ep 10
Philip Nativio
Philip Nativio Před 24 dny
U mean feather? Also, watch the very very end after the credits (:
Sophia Leer
Sophia Leer Před 28 dny
I love how Moonstrike looks
Delarey Jordaan
Delarey Jordaan Před 28 dny
I like fires curly mane
Delarey Jordaan
Delarey Jordaan Před 28 dny
Did moondust say kill "IT"?! HOW DARE SHE!
Philip Nativio
Philip Nativio Před 24 dny
@Delarey Jordaan one of the other huntresses is named moondust tho (:
Delarey Jordaan
Delarey Jordaan Před 28 dny
Sorry I mean moonstrike
*******luna******* Před 28 dny
I'm 11
Philip Nativio
Philip Nativio Před 24 dny
I'm 12
Inbar Wais
Inbar Wais Před 28 dny
Fire can just banish nothing and Feather as alternative option
Lion guard lover
Lion guard lover Před 28 dny
5: 21 to 5: 46 all explains why Feather is my favorite my pride character
Inbar Wais
Inbar Wais Před 28 dny
3:25 - 3:15 Feather have a good reason to suspect fire after he learn what it is to be a no mane
Alyssa LeBrun
Alyssa LeBrun Před 28 dny
Tyler Christensen88
Tyler Christensen88 Před 29 dny
But why didn’t fire just have a coalition with feather?
DarkSunshine111 Před 29 dny
Oh no! Is Fire Light? My heart can’t take such despair please let me be wrong
Dark Heart
Dark Heart Před 29 dny
Fire you were cool before, but what the heck?! She obviously had a TRAUMATIC experience with this and you get angry at her for freezing?!
Baillie Kitchell
Baillie Kitchell Před 29 dny
Alex Szilágyi
Alex Szilágyi Před 29 dny
"If everybody thinks like that, nothing ever changes." Damn you boy you thinking like a adult (proud)
Sophie Calp
Sophie Calp Před 29 dny
omg i love this its so amazing
Başak Köseoğlu
Başak Köseoğlu Před 29 dny
Can you please put Turkish subtitles
Tris Coetzee
Tris Coetzee Před 29 dny
Me: Cries over feather Also me: Realizes where the fuck is water hunter
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