TF Blade Plays Gwen - Best of LoL Streams #1219 

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TF Blade Plays Gwen
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► Credits:
Riot Games: www.twitch.tv/riotgames
Tobias Fate: www.twitch.tv/tobiasfate
Sanchovies: www.twitch.tv/sanchovies
Midbeast: www.twitch.tv/midbeast
Vakin: www.twitch.tv/vakin
SRO: www.twitch.tv/solorenektononly
TF Blade: www.twitch.tv/tfblade
Nemesis: www.twitch.tv/lol_nemesis
Jankos: www.twitch.tv/jankos
Dopa: www.twitch.tv/dopa24
AdrianRiven: www.twitch.tv/1adrianaries1
Dekar: www.twitch.tv/dekar173
Anjiruhyure: www.twitch.tv/anjiruhyure
Ardu1n: www.twitch.tv/ardu1n
Dumbsyt: www.twitch.tv/dumbsyt
Elmiillor: www.twitch.tv/elmiillor
Elosanta: www.twitch.tv/elosanta
Jrident1: www.twitch.tv/jrident1
L6mtv: www.twitch.tv/l6mtv
Lathyrustv: www.twitch.tv/lathyrustv
Rhobalas_lol: www.twitch.tv/rhobalas_lol
Schlachh: www.twitch.tv/schlachh
Socialist_singed: www.twitch.tv/socialist_singed
Soulmario: www.twitch.tv/soulmario
TWP: www.twitch.tv/thewanderingpro
Yamatosdeath: www.twitch.tv/yamatosdeath1

0:00 TF Blade
0:19 Nemesis
0:31 Tobias Fate
0:45 Jankos
1:00 Nemesis
1:22 YamatosDeath
1:47 Jankos
1:58 Sanchovies
2:19 TF Blade
2:31 AdrianRiven
2:44 Nemesis
2:54 Elmiillor
3:13 Lathyrus
3:24 Dekar
3:40 Rhobalas
3:58 Schlachh
4:30 Nemesis
4:40 Dopa
4:50 Jrident
5:20 Schlachh
5:39 Soulmario
5:57 Dopa
6:17 l6mtv
6:42 Nemesis
6:57 Anjiruhyure
7:20 Nemesis
7:35 Ardu1n
7:51 Jankos
8:09 TWP
8:28 Nemesis
9:08 Elosanta
9:31 Dumbs
10:04 Socialist Singed
10:18 Yamatosdeath & Midbeast
Intro by Angrydonat: angrydonat.deviantart.com/art...
Outro song: Battletoads by Tiero
♥Thanks for watching!♥


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16. 04. 2021





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Komentáře 100   
FALAFEL Před 25 dny
5:34 Me when I pass a test in school and realize I'm smart
Grzes88 Před 26 dny
10:13 can someone send playlist?
milar Před 26 dny
2:45 he said the n word
KurzedMetal Před 27 dny
1:22 Yamato's "hot tub" will put a smile in the face my whole day LOL I love that dude
Lycop Před 27 dny
"TF Scissor"
frederikscience Před 27 dny
Too many clips of nemesis just tryharding, come on
Spekki Před 27 dny
Ah yes another no skillcap champ on the rift, still waiting for something thats ACTUALLY hard to pick up and master like garen no but seriously
Vinko Anic
Vinko Anic Před 27 dny
Does anyone know the song starting at 6:57?
PhillyDaK1d Před 27 dny
5:34 Gwenn mains when they accidently 1v2
BN OK Před 28 dny
me after picking the empty glass on my desk 1:23
Ravenn99 Před 28 dny
First time being featured on a Synapse video :) L6mtv on twitch guys!!
Theheadgiver Před 28 dny
dude in the water is a fuckin weirdo
Tyler Před 28 dny
It's sad and funny how people don't realize how many of these streamers are actually cheating lmao.
Monke 69
Monke 69 Před 28 dny
i just watched a video from a diffrent channel and they had most of these clips just arranged in a diffrent order
Bloody Jacket
Bloody Jacket Před 28 dny
all the gwen plays are just random people going suicide mission and throwing their skills purposely missing and dying... they never back away even when they can to get a cooldown or to survive they just stay on her and auto her while she heals and they dont.... I dont get it is it iron or something?
Mad Man
Mad Man Před 28 dny
10:33 if you can't beat them join them
Just Slowpoke
Just Slowpoke Před 28 dny
8:29 that spear didn't hit?
GarRusLan Gaming
GarRusLan Gaming Před 28 dny
200+ years of collective gwen design
pawpster Před 28 dny
6:53 man i am gonna break my monitor. i swear
Red Noct
Red Noct Před 28 dny
The spear went through Nemsis Riot pls 8:29
Kornelius Před 28 dny
All we need now is RatEarl Yimit IRL stream.
UnknownMind Před 28 dny
Yamato is build how i imagine every shaco main looks irl
Eduardo Rubio
Eduardo Rubio Před 28 dny
Sienpan Před 28 dny
yamato is a genius
BadOsu!Player.e x e
BadOsu!Player.e x e Před 28 dny
Teachers when i run through the school corridor 2:10
Kacper Król
Kacper Król Před 28 dny
Yimit god like body tbh 🥵
hier kommt Manfred
hier kommt Manfred Před 28 dny
Yamato 😂
Kozuki Před 28 dny
Yimit pool stream xD
VahHestia Před 28 dny
we need more e chads in hot tubs on stream
Esteban Eduardo
Esteban Eduardo Před 28 dny
Mathias Hedegaard
Mathias Hedegaard Před 28 dny
Nemesis: Goes to Korea Synapse: It’s free real estate
MoeBDig Před 28 dny
Impressive how tf blade smashes those gold players. Wow
M. Tayip Küçük
M. Tayip Küçük Před 28 dny
1:21 After the very first day of gym.
Łookasz Před 28 dny
Yamato is the best :)
Reed Fish
Reed Fish Před 28 dny
7:40 Autoing while stunned, Jayce W is a mess
JcoopinNeWYork Před 28 dny
sad face
sad face Před 28 dny
Finally champ for tfblade
onuu2331 Před 28 dny
Bro Yimit what are u doing men XDDD
ShengW Před 28 dny
0:11 Darius
kipisgeenmus Před 28 dny
Not capping but Jankos always playing leesin on stream is the real reason they lost, such a dogshit champion and no other top junglers are even touching it
EHcLiPZz ReaKT Před 28 dny
Patrick in every episode of SpongeBob: 4:26
Ádám Sipos
Ádám Sipos Před 28 dny
-Moom can we get perkz? -We have perkz at home Perkz at home: 6:17
David Hoff
David Hoff Před 28 dny
jesus yimit skinny af i thought he was bigger
Scrub Před 28 dny
Jesus yamato arms WTF
Her W is such a 200 yr ability it's insane
Juan Luis Posada
Juan Luis Posada Před 28 dny
I swear every time I hear the Korean dub if the game I always hear karma and her Diena, heridi or whatever she says
lorixDDD n
lorixDDD n Před 28 dny
Who killed Captain Ekko. Except the unexpectebel. 0:31
László Vizkeleti
László Vizkeleti Před 28 dny
8:58 first time...
Gil Daniel C. Alcera
wow, a video without a single thebausffs clip. I like it
*Me when doing homework for the last day before the deadline. 7:33
Ardu1n Před 28 dny
I did my best !
Connor DeMorett
Connor DeMorett Před 28 dny
My Aunt: "Look at you, you've gotten so handsome!" Me: 10:02
frostcrackle Před 28 dny
Jankos. Pro player. Stays iron.
Aaron So
Aaron So Před 28 dny
You say its a nemesis clip but all i see is poly puff in the chat
Kayle Support
Kayle Support Před 28 dny
Kayle supp
Scholar Pepega
Scholar Pepega Před 28 dny
7:31 yasuo players when they reach 0/10
Niko Nophitna
Niko Nophitna Před 28 dny
Ok is it safe to call Gwen "OP"? I mean.. I'm still not sure from what i just saw here!! lol
King0fOmni Před 28 dny
Gwen outplays be like -presses Q- ..... Congrats on another overloaded champ riot. Literally xin ult as a normal ability.
Tomy Wanzenried
Tomy Wanzenried Před 28 dny
Yay riot released another stupid op weeb champion
Karu Jazutine
Karu Jazutine Před 28 dny
Rule no. 1 never ever use bard portal
leo bolt
leo bolt Před 28 dny
I remember when i used to get excited for new champions. Now its just like "ah shit not another one"
Create By María Cortez
TF Blade plays Gwen on Iron*
Bob Dickens
Bob Dickens Před 28 dny
What the fuck is Yamato’s setup
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious Před 28 dny
Pool streams are getting out of control
iamrambi Před 28 dny
02:40 when your friends ask how you got a 100% on the test. 03:20 friend who also found out he got 100% 07:31 your friend who was happy getting an 80% 07:59 the teacher knowing it was an open book test...
Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing Před 26 dny
ShieN Před 28 dny
We have to keep yamato away from strong winds
Yaraka Před 28 dny
Yamato pool stream HAHAHAHAHA
Nickgol Před 28 dny
5:33 New champions in a nutshell...
APRIL Před 28 dny
Yimit is so skinny
Konta' Seefa
Konta' Seefa Před 28 dny
Ammad Sikander
Ammad Sikander Před 28 dny
yimit is slowly losing the last drops of sanity he has left
Tatsugoyo Před 28 dny
The goldfish when I feed it food 2:05
Khoi Vo
Khoi Vo Před 28 dny
Dumbs is so funny 😭😭😭 I can't 😩😩🦅
Kanzen Před 28 dny
1:54 When your crush asked you out
Kpkn Před 28 dny
2:04 when you use your old mic
RiftBusters Před 28 dny
Any well-known streamer gets a single kill Synapse: 4:27
bastian henrique
bastian henrique Před 28 dny
me after my friends have stolen multiples pentas: 5:11
Ahanaf Shahariar
Ahanaf Shahariar Před 28 dny
Jane to Jack when he was drawing her like a french girl in Titanic: 10:34
Lychee Myusic
Lychee Myusic Před 28 dny
can anyone help me figure out what song is playing here: 8:25
R3alPvP Před 28 dny
7:32 Yuumi players when they press E
Tyler Yale
Tyler Yale Před 28 dny
At 7:40, he literally auto attacked while stunned. Nice job rito.
Egor Panferov
Egor Panferov Před 28 dny
Tobias playing Garen, it's something new!
Trent Caldwell
Trent Caldwell Před 28 dny
Me: Can we go see Henry Cavill Mom: We have Henry Cavill at home Henry Cavill at home: 6:57
Tom Chu
Tom Chu Před 28 dny
That Nidalee Q from 8:30 should've hit oof
David Nitchman
David Nitchman Před 28 dny
1:22 when you get home from your first time at the gym and look in the mirror
Xxdelta16 Před 28 dny
Yamato is a fucking legend
gope_ v2
gope_ v2 Před 28 dny
2:26 mad? :tf:
jeffrey de meyer
jeffrey de meyer Před 28 dny
Me: mom can i have Perkz? Mom:No,we have Perkz at home Perkz at home 6:17
LegitKorea Před 28 dny
How is it possible to be this happy when playing League? 7:17 Great smile btw 👍
Rolando Tate
Rolando Tate Před 26 dny
I thought the same, I was happy for him too
yuri rafa
yuri rafa Před 28 dny
2:05 actually recording of whales mating
Maciar Před 28 dny
3:20 me when teacher tells me what is the correct answer
Kimi Raikkonen
Kimi Raikkonen Před 28 dny
Couldnt a more skinny guy do the pool stream? Jesus dude, i feel bad for him everytime i see him lmao
Con D. Oriano
Con D. Oriano Před 28 dny
yamato has officially lost him mind xDD
Luftmensch Před 28 dny
i swear to god everytime i play nidalee my spears always look like 8:31
Hxxsfeedme Před 28 dny
iSwearSheLvl18 Před 28 dny
2:05 dude sounds like oda lol
Micro Pig
Micro Pig Před 28 dny
The trend of WebCam Boy 1:24
Pants Pants
Pants Pants Před 28 dny
Finally some hot tub meta on league
space cowboy
space cowboy Před 28 dny
200 years by the way
Polygon Death
Polygon Death Před 28 dny
why is yamato a stick irl
evilbuster Před 28 dny
1:10 wait why does it say 9 ping on the top right
Dverse Před 28 dny
He is playin in korea
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