YUNGBLUD - god save me, but don’t drown me out (official video) 

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Directed by YUNGBLUD and Gavin Gottlich
Executive Producer: Ross Anderson
Producer: Samin Saadat
Director of Photography: Catherine Derry
Editor: Sasha Moon
Grade: Caroline Morin @ Wash
Production Company: Mr Anderson Limited / Feud Creative
Art director: Elena Muntoni

Storyboarded by Toon53 Productions:

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Music video by YUNGBLUD performing god save me, but don't drown me out. © 2020 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


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24. 09. 2020





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APansexualMess Před 28 vteřinami
I just came back from a mental hospital and this pops up on my recommended. Wow.
K-POP TV 2 Před 2 minutami
Mariana B. Hernández
Mariana B. Hernández Před 30 minutami
Yungblud is the Z teenagers MCR
Earth Poets
Earth Poets Před 45 minutami
It's time to grow up Dom and stop manipulating the youth for money. The planet is in need of serious TLC if we are to avoid dying early from starvation, wars and water and oxygen shortages, yet here you are promoting fast planet destroying animal murder joints at 3:30+. Love your music mate but wake up buddy, sentient life on the planet needs your help.
Jake Thomas
Jake Thomas Před 47 minutami
As if the only singer I like is from Doncaster like me
It's a Mystery
It's a Mystery Před 55 minutami
I love him and his music so much. He's the embodiment of the friend I always wish I had.
serena vander witson
serena vander witson Před hodinou
He really be saving all of us! We love you🖤
FIGHT ME Před hodinou
It’s not like I started crying at the beginning
Alex Larson
Alex Larson Před hodinou
Zarah Před hodinou
This is literally my life.
john wheatman
john wheatman Před 2 hodinami
2.44 reminds me a bit of Steve Tyler from Aerosmith lol xxx
my cat Jerry
my cat Jerry Před 3 hodinami
wait is the bear playing the drums
Nicole L
Nicole L Před 4 hodinami
This....every part of this video triggered major teenage and young adult trauma memories for me. I imagine we can all relate in one sense or another. Anyway my point is...don't give up. Fight through angry words thrown at you, Fight through those angry self sabatoging words in your mind, keep going. Even when it feels all hope is lost keep going. Please keep going. Keep trying day after day. Do not allow negativity to stop you. Do not allow your negative thoughts to stop you. Keep going. 🖤
Diarra Diop
Diarra Diop Před 5 hodinami
Emo isn't dead. Its asleep
William Kit
William Kit Před 6 hodinami
Dom this is amazing. Thank you so much for saving my life. This song means a lot to me as I have suffered from mental depression for 10 years.
Gotcha nerd ya
Gotcha nerd ya Před 7 hodinami
Now that’s what is called true friendship✨🐻💕💓💞
BADCO TV Před 7 hodinami
This song hits home , I was told I would never account to nothing so often growing up that I turned the rage in to drive! You hit a point where you either stand up or give up !
yungblud 91
yungblud 91 Před 12 hodinami
loveeeeyoi somuchhhhh
Ruby RRRed
Ruby RRRed Před 12 hodinami
But the teddy looks so innocent :(
Jonathon Cavins
Jonathon Cavins Před 13 hodinami
2:30 close enough?
Shye Doherty
Shye Doherty Před 14 hodinami
Yes dom ya know we all love ya x
vermili0n Před 14 hodinami
dude your vocals are awesome
reggiehigh22 Před 15 hodinami
Been listening to suicidal and sad songs for last hour and a half and one video even asked to write a suicide note to see what we think about with no effect on me whatsoever so far but as soon as the teddy bear asked the you are okay I started tearing up and stopped the video.
lyndon tinkerbell_princess882002@yahoo.com
This really reminds of ..... my parents
Elías Villegas
Elías Villegas Před 15 hodinami
I found you weeks ago, and you inspire me to write my feelings and make a song... i had a lot of bad moments at my 25 yrs , and it's complicate sometimes to continue... thanks for exist and thanks for your music ♥ ps. sorry for my english...
Mady Espinoza
Mady Espinoza Před 16 hodinami
Any one else get knives and pens vibes and Gerard Way vibes at the same time.
Daisy Was Here
Daisy Was Here Před 16 hodinami
For anyone like me who likes to watch the music video but want to get right into the song: 1:39(for the dramatic beginning start) 1:43 (to just get right into it)
K-POP SUPER Před 16 hodinami
hi its me
hi its me Před 18 hodinami
yungblud on weverse next dayumn love his music
I kick rocks
I kick rocks Před 19 hodinami
Can u live in the hood and still be emo if so that’s me
briana nye
briana nye Před 22 hodinami
Love the bear man
Kelsie Fields
Kelsie Fields Před 22 hodinami
I’m 25 and this song speaks to me.. iv heard this all my life..
PotatoKing xoxo
PotatoKing xoxo Před 23 hodinami
im so emotionally gone, I couldn't cry when I really wanted to.
Eleanor Před dnem
This reminds me the music video for My blood by Twenty one pilots
DaVonna Steele
DaVonna Steele Před dnem
This is my favorite music video
Charlie Lemon
Charlie Lemon Před dnem
cry --> scream --> break something --> therapy lolz --> repeat circle of liiffffeeeee kumbayaaaaaaaa
aLeEhA ToFiQuE
aLeEhA ToFiQuE Před dnem
Charlie Lemon
Charlie Lemon Před dnem
he rlly called me out on that first slide goddam ty i guess
Dado Tarraf
Dado Tarraf Před dnem
2:22 🤤🤤
Vocacore And J-Music
Wow I always dodged his music when YUNGBLUD first appeared on the music scene due to appearance as I assumed hard rap. honestly WTF WAS WRONG WITH ME. This resonates with me amazingly it's got such a powerful meaning behind it thank you Spotify and CScamera for recommending it in the same day which happened to be one of my darkest From a 19 year old with Aneixty, Autism and Soical Communication Difficulties
Appez Před dnem
This song got me addicted to Yungblud again ;)
Kim tata
Kim tata Před dnem
Alguém me dá um 🐻 desses??💜💜💜
Angeline Bena
Angeline Bena Před dnem
That sister has great acting skills tho
ITZ- Ros
ITZ- Ros Před dnem
When I listen this song ewry time I cry :)
Ant Orko
Ant Orko Před dnem
Check out this Dark Pop version from MIss Krystle cscamera.info/market/ZaXObNR4bc7TxJw/video
Maxime Gyselinck
Maxime Gyselinck Před dnem
A day in my life
Jo Grignard
Jo Grignard Před dnem
Me too
Gabrielle Chua
Gabrielle Chua Před dnem
come on dont lie I know this is not your first time here
i eat toes
i eat toes Před dnem
fuc yu man i just put on eyeliner and lipstick i ws not planning on crying over the words "R U ok?" :(
Hunter Cosner
Hunter Cosner Před dnem
I need a confidence boost rn, Im about to tell my parents that I am bisexual I just can't hide who I am anymore, but they are very homophobic and I just want them to except me 😫😫😫😔😢😭😭 p.s. love you all ❤️😘
Virus 4692
Virus 4692 Před dnem
I love it
lily !
lily ! Před dnem
so beautiful.
Who Cares?
Who Cares? Před dnem
Donny Darko 2020
Kashalakasha Před dnem
This is the song of us, guys. This song is for us.
Panic At The Airport
Thank you Dom you have saved me more than you will ever know I also know it's a long shot of you seeing this but still thank you so much I love you 🖤❤
punk rock band
punk rock band Před dnem
god, will toledo and yungblud are some of the only things keeping me here at this point. This song is possibly the best dom has ever written, everything from the instrumental to the melody to the hook to the production, just perfection. i never ever show emotion because im just fucking dead inside but when i heard this i fucking bawled my eyes out while hugging a stuffed animal my grandma gave to me as a baby. These past three months have been the worst months of my life where i have repeatedly wanted to disappear from reality. It hit me so hard from the text in the begining to the lyrics and the passion in his voice. Thank you dom, thank you.
sparrow anly
sparrow anly Před dnem
im crying my gOd this is so emotional
Dj Carcifer
Dj Carcifer Před dnem
10/10 artist
Dj Carcifer
Dj Carcifer Před dnem
He is really in his music, and I love it
Ja'Niya Smith
Ja'Niya Smith Před dnem
Seriously where do he get his clothes from I want them
tufgbh w
tufgbh w Před dnem
Song starts at 1:42
mhuppies -
mhuppies - Před dnem
Get ur emo uniform on, we’re back
Vera Před 2 dny
thank u yungblud ♡
F13.gravy_ Před 2 dny
Why tf my music teacher doing drums for u g?
malencuripan Před 2 dny
Just I love you.
CHB Bethwaite
CHB Bethwaite Před 2 dny
Good song great voice very relatable words and story you telling it really hits me ..keep it up dont let anything get you down
James Mantei
James Mantei Před 2 dny
This made me cry cuz its how my life basically is
Dylan T D
Dylan T D Před 2 dny
Okay me when I saw this at 4am... Wow.
Eternity Cottrell
Eternity Cottrell Před 2 dny
Why did u make this song?Did this happened to u? Or did u make this song for people who had this happened to them??
Luke Woodfill
Luke Woodfill Před 2 dny
This is soooo powerful. It feels like short film. One of the best music videos I've seen!
Joanna Haapamäki
Joanna Haapamäki Před 2 dny
2 month🐻🖤
Phoenix Black
Phoenix Black Před 2 dny
He reminds me so much of bert
Alien Chicck
Alien Chicck Před 2 dny
This song came out when this year, yet this is throwing me back to when I was 15-18 years old and the many nights I laid on my bed just listening to music.
Logan Playz
Logan Playz Před 2 dny
Thank you,i relate to this way to much
john thacker
john thacker Před 2 dny
just randomly founded this cool video with some drop meaning loved it keep up the good music !
Asia Lee
Asia Lee Před 2 dny
love this for the fight club vibes
Edmond Saliba
Edmond Saliba Před 2 dny
why did vicky vallencourt try singing because she sucks...
Vanessa Hicks
Vanessa Hicks Před 2 dny
I feel bad for him ☹️
Alexander Ross
Alexander Ross Před 2 dny
I feel this...
thrawntai Před 2 dny
Rubber Ducky
Rubber Ducky Před 2 dny
He be looking like mcr
Strokin Egos
Strokin Egos Před 2 dny
emma hill
emma hill Před 3 dny
i see people saying this is the 2020 new "i am not okay" emo song first off this is not really considered emo more pop punk if anything stop comparing Gerard way and him there two different people let that be what it is both are good
Paweł Zieliński
Paweł Zieliński Před 3 dny
Every fan of Yungblud must comment this video: cscamera.info/market/omeWqcZmbZmapqg/video
Aviendia Před 3 dny
I'm so glad I found Dom and the music he makes.
Taylor Main
Taylor Main Před 3 dny
this should be for the teens like me in 2020
Ven Před 3 dny
Any recomendation of artist like dom in this generation?
Dezarea Queen
Dezarea Queen Před 3 dny
Love his style. ❤️
Sharon Nethercot
Sharon Nethercot Před 3 dny
I was on the verge of tears by the end of this video and was keeping it in, but then I heard "goodnight everybody, ill see you tomorrow" and I just burst into tears. I am not depressed or suicidal but this song could literally save them, not even the song just those few words of "ill see you tomorrow" could change somebodies life and what they think.
Abigail Snider
Abigail Snider Před 3 dny
to the 3k + people who disliked this... You havent found your inner teddy bear or stuffed animal
NXRAGVM Před 3 dny
Sou de Portugal gostei bastante 😀
Henry Hakim
Henry Hakim Před 3 dny
this is a well produced thought out video, the outfits, the band, instruments. the bear, and streets scenes were well done. The song is well written Reminded me of the days of MTV, when they played videos. This video needs more publicity.
Corinna Haunschmid
Corinna Haunschmid Před 3 dny
He's such a babe ^-^ Thank you! :-)
WHITE BOXES ltd Print l Design l Installation
Really felt the love here. Shout out to BEAR x
Jason Jakab
Jason Jakab Před 3 dny
First time I cried to a song 😭
Pamela Mawala Chakawa
To all the parent hear always wondering why their kids lock themselves in their room or are always on their phones i want to answer that for you We are always on our phones looking for comfort trying to hide our selves from the cruel world that just hurts us We are always locked in our rooms thinking of why we aren't good enough why we aren't like that kid you constantly tell us to be like so to the parent saying what do kids have to be depressed about we are humans to we get stressed , angry and sometimes we say things we don't mean but all we need is a little love
Elizabeth Brauer
Elizabeth Brauer Před 3 dny
From the riot capital of the USA, Portland OR - adore those lips, adore the smile, love your high energy vids. Long time fan of GD and SO glad I found you in the last year or so. You keep us happy and moving our feet. God save us, give us concerts, tours, dancing, singing, laughter and young blood again. 1 am Pacific Time, insomnia, listening to you...things are good here. ML
tpwk -H
tpwk -H Před 3 dny
Gabrielle Chua
Gabrielle Chua Před 3 dny
this sounds amazing and i am a fan
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