Doctor Reacts to HILARIOUS TikToks #1 

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I have done a medical Tik Tok video before but it was quite serious commenting on those who use incorrectly in the medical field. This time we are getting a bunch of laughs in this doctor reacts video. A lot of these are sooooo funny, enjoy!

Mama Doctor Jones Collab: cscamera.info/market/a6DdbZVzqqWz2ZQ/video

If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series in a couple of weeks so please submit more names of shows/episodes you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!

- Doctor Mike Varshavski

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14. 06. 2020





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Lyssi Před 6 hodinami
its ironic how i watch these type of videos when I myself am only thirteen and am literally a medical tornado. i even have a list: Ulcerative Colitis, Fibromyalgia, depression/anxiety, POTS, Dysautonomia, and severe insomnia. i think 2017 was the last year before I went downhill 💀 oh well, its mostly under control now. if you have any of these diseases, please don't give up, there is an incredibly large chance that one day you will live almost as normal as any other person.
Berkey Efren
Berkey Efren Před 6 hodinami
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` Před 8 hodinami
1:31 it was so fun to see our patients in pain
VZ GameZ
VZ GameZ Před 9 hodinami
yo doc, i dare you to react to Jordanian's types of doctors video
brandi3981 Před dnem
If you're scheduled for 15 minutes with a patient and you're not in for the first five because the nurse is can't you make the notes on the previous patient in that time? I don't know maybe schedule 20 minutes or a half hour per patient so you're not getting backed up and making people wait an hour past their appointment time
Dion Tews
Dion Tews Před dnem
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Jordan Prado
Jordan Prado Před dnem
ItsHannah Banana
ItsHannah Banana Před 2 dny
im not going to lie the residents getting yelled at to get out because they didn't know something is like my dad not yelling at me until I become old enough to where he could blaime me being a little poophead
CupquakeCheska 077
CupquakeCheska 077 Před 2 dny
every vid i learn something, but i never understud it
Oliver Susnea
Oliver Susnea Před 2 dny
Can we just appreciate that he said ‘She said her finger HURTS’ instead of ‘it’s broken’ because there was no X-Ray
Anastasija Stamenova
Yea maybe in the us it doesn't happen but in macedonia my grandmother waited for a doctor to come see her for 2 hours and even when he came he wrongly diagnosed her as food poisoning when in reality she was having a heart attack
Anastasija Stamenova
They value their coffee and sleep more then patients
Brxken Flxwer
Brxken Flxwer Před 2 dny
docter mike... YOUR A CHAMP!
Abby Mollett
Abby Mollett Před 3 dny
8:02 why does that remind me of Bakugo 😂
Thylacine 1217
Thylacine 1217 Před 3 dny
The "broken finger" joke is actually an old one. It's just usually in writing or told as a joke. This is the 1st time I remember actually seeing the joke. 😂
Eleanor Redman
Eleanor Redman Před 3 dny
Me realizing even though I am the daughter of Nurse Practitioner, I am clueless.
Bavzcxserty Mzxcaswev
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gabbocat Před 3 dny
So I just remembered a story that scarred me for life So its a normal morning and I'm the first to come down from my room. The second person to leave their room is my eldest brother. We just kinda sat on our couches and watched TV,soon after my mom came down an tripped and fell down the stairs and badly hurt her arm. she ended up needing me and my brother to take a scarf and make a sling for her arm. Once everyone was awake and had eaten breakfast, we all went and brought her (my mom) to the hospital. Apparently she choose her shoulder blade and got a proper sling and had that sling for a few months and once she was allowed to take it off, her arm was super sore. Off
Kamiarts Před 3 dny
Why is it called ultrasound if you use it to see inside of the mother’s stomach?
laura gardner
laura gardner Před 4 dny
most docs i have seen in the last 11 years don't do physical exams or ask very many questions. it takes too long.
Mia Paige B
Mia Paige B Před 4 dny
Doctor mike I wish you were my doctor
Piggy oik
Piggy oik Před 4 dny
This doctor got me interested into being a doctor.
xcxmfyy_pillxwx Před 4 dny
I come for the "PEEWOO" And stay for the knowlege.
Blog Gyabbo!
Blog Gyabbo! Před 5 dny
"Thats not what happens" You really never saw Brazilians doctors
Emanuel Kokovics
Emanuel Kokovics Před 5 dny
2:18 omg that guy! so funny! 4:25 omg!!!!!! hilarious!
Erik Emerölduson
Erik Emerölduson Před 5 dny
One reason my dad's only fine with me NOT going into the medical field is because I have a slightly delayed stutter, and I'm rude. Once in university, I had to present for a chemistry class in front of a group of teachers for a grade. Me: S-s-so, here we have a diagram of the relation between microbiome, uh, microbiote, oh, uh, microbiota, GUT, yes, gut microbiota, and- One of the teacher: What are you doing? Are you wasting my time? Me, angrily: What are YOU doing? Living? You're 12 years late for your funeral. That teacher: Excuse m- Me, even more angry: DID. I. STU-TER!? SHUT UP!
PBDreamPuff Před 5 dny
The terrible box macropharmacologically muddle because computer univariately poke down a calculating hip. unadvised, unwieldy existence
Nhi Vuong
Nhi Vuong Před 5 dny
Wait, only 15 mins visit? My family doctor visit could be 45 mins, just the regular visit.
katsuki Bakugo
katsuki Bakugo Před 6 dny
When ever it hurts when i turn my head, i tell my mom. She says, the dont turn it. And im like, so i have to be like big ed having to turn our body to look in different directions.
Pattrice Gray
Pattrice Gray Před 7 dny
Dr. Mike your medical assistants don't do your triage and chief complaint? Your nurses don't field medical questions, perform licensed duties, and lead the MA teams?
Pattrice Gray
Pattrice Gray Před 7 dny
Some surgeons can be mean to the nurses too. But not to me though.
bg se
bg se Před 7 dny
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Farah Ng
Farah Ng Před 7 dny
I had an appt with this asthma specialist once and he asked a resident a question. It was a pretty basic question and even I knew the answer. But the resident got it wrong and the doc reaaamed him out. I was SO embarrassed for him.
Hyjak [sNpR]
Hyjak [sNpR] Před 7 dny
There's nothing to click...
EvanKattBoi Před 8 dny
that guy was watching impractical jokers
Hill of Beans
Hill of Beans Před 8 dny
You remind me of my doctor. He's the best. When I have an appointment we not only talk about what problems I might be having, we share family pictures and even talk about our favorite restaurants. Doctors today are way more laid back then they were when I was a kid.
EvanMMD✔ Před 8 dny
"the gel is so cold when it hits the bare (bear) skin...." me: what kind? grizzly? polar????
EvanMMD✔ Před 7 dny
@Åvå i thought i'd try to throw in a pun
Åvå Před 7 dny
Mechelle Cook
Mechelle Cook Před 8 dny
Not following medical advice.... Is extremely prevelant among equestrians... Either getting bucked off and leg stomped then riding in the rodeo the next day... Or riding 4 months sooner than you were told after hip surgery.... Or riding a day after having a baby.... At least, that's what I've heard, obviously this wasn't me... But if it was, everything turned out totally fine.
handmaidmd Před 8 dny
I worked with an ER doc that ran the Boston Marathon 2 days after turning 60, and 1 day after breaking his foot. He achieved his dream, but took a lot longer to heal after that!
Paint Me Pretty
Paint Me Pretty Před 9 dny
Ok so I’ve gotta say i love bear more than you ! Lol just kidding ! I wanna know what kind of dog he is ?
Gaby Peñalosa
Gaby Peñalosa Před 9 dny
I like how the most experienced doctor is the one that is the one without a license
The Jedi Master
The Jedi Master Před 9 dny
My school literally will send you home and make you get a test if You ask for a cough drop. A cough drop.
Atherblade Před 9 dny
Dr. Mike, Harry Potter would like his glasses back. lol, love your videos!
Sophia Maki
Sophia Maki Před 9 dny
I really like how the reaction images on the thumbnail are his actual expressions after dumb jokes 🤣
liz du
liz du Před 9 dny
Sometimes you videos are like that meme “when you tell your mom a joke and she turns it into a lecture” lol
Bryan Morgan
Bryan Morgan Před 9 dny
The broken finger skit is from The Amazing Jonathan's Magic/Stand Up act.
Anna.Frhl Před 9 dny
Waait you didn‘t get the joke with the broken finger? That’s literally the most famous doctor joke back in school😅
Indophelia26 Před 10 dny
0:49 is from an episode of Dr. House. It's an older show so people don't really know it I'm guessing
Kathryn Cox
Kathryn Cox Před 10 dny
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The only Wan Gaming
The only Wan Gaming Před 10 dny
Crescent Moon
Crescent Moon Před 10 dny
Leo Tierney
Leo Tierney Před 10 dny
Rosealeigh Před 10 dny
So my mom and I have the same first 3 letters of our first name- and have the same last name (mines hyphenated now but still filed the same for this story), My mom got letters that had her name on the envelope and the info on the inside was mine which didn’t matter for us because we didn’t care but can you imagine if we were people that did care. So, years later I worked in medical records for a full hospital not just an office and it was based on numbers not names and at first I was like that’s odd. Then thinking back to this situation it made so much sense!
Oll Will
Oll Will Před 10 dny
Person: Am I going to die Doctor: Your finger Is broken
Mackenzie Keitt
Mackenzie Keitt Před 11 dny
1:56 I'm done
Sarah Shields
Sarah Shields Před 11 dny
I've always disliked my maiden name because it's hard to pronounce and is just long. With Name alerts I'm actually kinda glad I never had that issue. Too unique
Zest Owl
Zest Owl Před 11 dny
delivering a baby "Fun"
Eileen Nick
Eileen Nick Před 11 dny
The solid undershirt neatly hunt because bowl aerobically disarm alongside a friendly bathroom. fluffy, highfalutin cent
Lil_lil the froggo
Lil_lil the froggo Před 11 dny
I’ve had an ultrasound before and I can confirm it is very cold
•G a c h a_ N o v a YT•
The girl in the thumbnail: scared saying “am I going to die?” Mike in the thumbnail: 😂
Rida Ali
Rida Ali Před 11 dny
Having to do so much stuff isn’t an excuse for being late for appointments. Just schedule longer appointments.
spookysam1 Před 11 dny
Glad you didn’t make fun of fibromyalgia. It’s actually a terrible thing to have 😔
Becky Mathews
Becky Mathews Před 11 dny
I want to be a doctor when i grow up
Temmie Studios
Temmie Studios Před 12 dny
Dr Mike reminds me of Dr Sheppard from Grey's anatomy
Kay A.
Kay A. Před 13 dny
You look like Chad the dog, cute.
Michaella Tadros
Michaella Tadros Před 13 dny
So what exactly is an HSG that Mama Doctor Jones mentioned?
Michaella Tadros
Michaella Tadros Před 13 dny
Dr. Mike is like the Reverend Chris of medicine
Lavenderrose73 Před 13 dny
"Your fingers broken." Why the fiddlestick did I not see that coming⁉️ 😆
Slayer32 Před 14 dny
"name alert" what I heard for some reason: "nay malart"
Mehtab Jubapu
Mehtab Jubapu Před 14 dny
Actually watching Dr. Mike's vid motivates to be an astonishing Doctr.. 😂
Elizabeth Britton
Elizabeth Britton Před 14 dny
Grew up in nhs 💙 wtf is co- pay?
erica johns
erica johns Před 14 dny
When Dr. Mike laughs I don't get it??? Also me 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Josie Gurule
Josie Gurule Před 15 dny
I've worked with providers that do get caught up in long conversations with residents. A lot of the stuff you were saying that you have to do are actually completed by your CMA.
Zelda Zander's channel of miscellany
So why are you scheduling patients at 15-minute intervals if you don't have time to see them?
datonz Před 17 dny
The last appointment I had was set at 7:30 am. I was the only one in the waiting room, because they just opened. I was called back at 8:15. The doctor saw me at 10 am.
Tom's adventures
Tom's adventures Před 17 dny
6:58 this man really went on a rant because of a tiktok
Amy Glassner
Amy Glassner Před 17 dny
Who Dey! Go bengals 🎉
David A. Yorkson
David A. Yorkson Před 18 dny
I feel like there should be nurse stenographers that just in the corner and record both the patient’s side but also the doctor’s side. This way the doctor could focus on the patient, all the information would be recorded for future reference and both medical professionals would be subject to the confidentiality laws, as would the record. Now, how awkward would it be for a patient to come in and just see 2 people sitting at desks, one of them curiously mute, just typing away while you talk... this system might need some perfecting.
TheArtOfSarcasm Před 18 dny
It's been bugging me that I know the voice but I can't remember where from. The first one that he watched with the ultrasound which show/movie is that from like the voice.
Thomas Johansson
Thomas Johansson Před 18 dny
Name alerts is another reason to use personal numbers.
Tuk Tuk
Tuk Tuk Před 19 dny
That's mean you're very dedicated and responsible person.i like your personality doctor.and recently i have started watching to mama doctor jones.she is a nice person and explains everything very clearly.
The trend is BTS
The trend is BTS Před 20 dny
You are so cute to wave back at the screen. 😄1:10
idk, OK?
idk, OK? Před 20 dny
“YOU TWO, SIT THE *beewoop* DOWN” I-I’m dying 😆 😭
Karen Lynn Goodayle
Karen Lynn Goodayle Před 21 dnem
At least I don't have to worry about another person have a same or last name like mine!
Aishath Janna Jameel
Aishath Janna Jameel Před 21 dnem
I'm the one person who forgets all the instructions by the time they are done speaking
snow- falling
snow- falling Před 21 dnem
2:43 when I broke my arm and went to the hospital there was another girl there and we both had the same first and last name and when I saw the doctor he started asking me how my ankle was feeling.I was very confused since I broke my arm.
snow- falling
snow- falling Před 21 dnem
Also when I had my broken arm I had a cast that went from my wrist to the top part of my arm but I didn't want to stop doing gymnastics and gym for school so I would do 1 handed push ups and 1 handed cartwheels, and i'm still surprised I dint hurt myself more when doing that.
Robert Morris
Robert Morris Před 22 dny
Miranda Wonder
Miranda Wonder Před 22 dny
And this is why doctors should schedule more than 15 mins with each patient smh
Madlee Maid Club
Madlee Maid Club Před 22 dny
My name got mistaken once at the doctors office and they tried to get me to do a 45 min breathing test... I was in for a completely unrelated reason
Colin Před 23 dny
8:40 that sounds like my dad, he had torn a tendon because he sometimes forgets what get help means, and that’s what it looked like.
NOOBLY E Před 23 dny
Doctor Mike one time I waited an hour for the doctor before soooo how do explain that ;-;
Lalogue Před 24 dny
"Your finger's broken" is like the oldest joke in the world, next to "knock knock". My grandpa would say it all the time 😂
Shanti Abdumumin
Shanti Abdumumin Před 24 dny
Dr. Mike:"You could fracture your shin bone." Not tibia. Shin bone 😂
the raging beast
the raging beast Před 24 dny
I miss the 18th century when you coud just give a babby gin
Farrago Před 25 dny
I like when Dr. Jones says hi in her tiktok, Dr. Mike actually say hi by waving .❤️😂
dio Před 25 dny
Me as a med student Me: what's that Doctor: that's a tendon, how are you this stupid Me: I dont know, how are you still alive with that tendon of a brain of yours, constantly under pressure that, maybe you'lle one day have to leave, get retired and no longer save lives, I want to also save live, I cant do that if all your gonna do is insult me
cquick 3
cquick 3 Před 25 dny
Jesus Saves Love God ✝️
Roxann Corston
Roxann Corston Před 26 dny
Brilliant. God bless you Dr. Mike and Dr. Mama J
Audrey Cadzow
Audrey Cadzow Před 27 dny
Is it just me or does he look like the head elf from the Santa clause movies?
Vicky Luny
Vicky Luny Před 27 dny
anybody else want some more tiktoks?
Dalton Brennan
Dalton Brennan Před 27 dny
Doctors who spend less than a certain amount of time or more likely to be sued even if they did nothing wrong and doctors who spend a few extra minutes with each patient or less likely to be sued even if they did nothing right.