I tried speedrunning Jetpack Joyride and experienced immense emotional pain 

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Jetpack Joyride is one of my favorite mobile games of all time, so of course I had to figure out a way to speedrun it. What I decided to do may have been painful for my wallet, but at least it was some good nostalgia.
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Watch the world record run here: this video
My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!
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15. 04. 2021





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Gamingpickle Před 38 minutami
I’ve had gold mr cuddles for so long the regular one looks weird
Jackson Moore
Jackson Moore Před hodinou
😅 hey you do know you can download lucky patcher and get all cash things free
James Malachi Mendoza
James Malachi Mendoza Před 18 hodinami
speedrun fruit ninja or candy crush
Sorelanda Před dnem
Savvy714 Před dnem
Yesss best game
Communication Před dnem
HooDie Před 2 dny
Bruh... I was impressed when I saw 10000. But if that's how you got it then it doesn't count. 10 Revives???? Shield???? Idk what a shield is bruh, I did 7200 raw as a child
EndOfTheEra Před 2 dny
holy shit childhood
אופק קוזניק
me, who uses lucky patcher *YOU DARE OPPOSE ME MORTAL!?*
Skullark Ecko
Skullark Ecko Před 3 dny
Could of had a hacked apk 😃
TBD Před 3 dny
Man, I legit was playing this on my PSP last week. Pulled out my PSP from the cupboard to blow out the dust after a few years without any love, and found this on it. Then I get recommended this video. Coincidence? I think not!
DetectiveFHH3 Před 3 dny
Is this an HTML5 game?
Pigismal Před 3 dny
If your going to play a game made by these Devs just play dan the man at least its possible to not buy anything and get along just fine. EDIT: *possible is the key word here*
Z3NZ4I UNKNOWN Před 4 dny
Mate just use lucky patcher goddamn
Brian Dietz
Brian Dietz Před 4 dny
This game is literally so similar to duck life treasure hunt
Garry Vinton
Garry Vinton Před 4 dny
bruhh, what a weird game. I dont like it.
Aguinaldo Dumaya
Aguinaldo Dumaya Před 4 dny
Lucky patch😀
Lucifeus Před 4 dny
I hope I'm not the only one who use lucky patcher to cheat when I was a kid
Inter Historia
Inter Historia Před 5 dny
Yet again, I respect the sheer dedication to the craft, even if it impacts the wallet.
DogeBoi OOF
DogeBoi OOF Před 6 dny
amazon version all purchases are free. just buy a kindle
xXFireHexXx Před 6 dny
wtf i make 12000 and what
ExceededTag6048 Před 7 dny
You can however use a time cheat and use the daily reward system to get infinite quick revives, however there’s a limit to how many you can use.
ExceededTag6048 Před 7 dny
I did I this except only using revives and got to 15k. No money spent either.
F1 driver
F1 driver Před 7 dny
My highest record is 23,500 and somethin
Chandler Carrier
Chandler Carrier Před 8 dny
Do Red Star Fall
Aeyakie Duenas
Aeyakie Duenas Před 9 dny
5:05 It's free real estate
HAZE自殺 Před 9 dny
I remember playing this game on my grandmas phone😂
ToanIV Před 10 dny
Proceeds to cry in broke
Lunar_six 6
Lunar_six 6 Před 10 dny
Use cydia my dude.
Mateus Threatt
Mateus Threatt Před 11 dny
Wait isn’t this mobile game his fingers
ehx Před 12 dny
I have a few ideas for better (but much longer) Jetpack Joyride speedruns: - All Achievments - All Badges - All Buyable Costumes - Each of them also has a No Buying Coins version. You're free to buy the vehicle DLCs though.
RF-1 Akula
RF-1 Akula Před 12 dny
I can get a hacked version of this game with like infinite coins on android, its so easy
ren mcmanus
ren mcmanus Před 12 dny
Fun fact: He spent anywere from 1 dollar to all the money on earth. To bring you this video.
Leonardo Calegaro
Leonardo Calegaro Před 12 dny
You sound so much like those paid ads for cheap new games, if I didn't know this game is actually dope already.
A Rock
A Rock Před 12 dny
When I played this game the shop glitched and I got like 500 dollars worth of free coins and bought everything
Viper 020
Viper 020 Před 12 dny
any% speedrun: being broke
End Hunt3r
End Hunt3r Před 13 dny
I was do 23,347 when i was 9 years old lol
[]B D[]
[]B D[] Před 13 dny
you could have saved 100 $ if you got a modded game
Abdulaziz AlGhamdi
Abdulaziz AlGhamdi Před 14 dny
wait a min do jetpack joyride1 have an ending?
Subhodeep M
Subhodeep M Před 14 dny
Just get the mod apk instead of spending soo much money🤔
Vegeta Před 14 dny
Me who has 28,000 + record and can easily get to 10,000 without using extra lives most of the time: *pathetic*
lord poo
lord poo Před 15 dny
How do you speed run an infinite game
ML FOR LIFE Před 15 dny
Wasted $100 there something called hacked games for unli money
nutzeeer Před 15 dny
you spent money on the game?? you didnt use lucky patched to cheat yourself ingame currency?? mad lad
BlueCheen Před 15 dny
Bro play on kindle fire everything is free. smh my head.
a Moth • 13 years ago
I remember I had a kindle fire tablet and everything that would normally cost money was free, *it literally said $0.00*
Unpurecookie Před 16 dny
This guy has no sanity
slimeslime Před 16 dny
Doesnt jetpack joyride end at about 30,000 metres? That seems like it would be awful
Mustapha Merebto
Mustapha Merebto Před 17 dny
Just a simple question why didn’t u just get a modded version with everything unlocked other than spending all that money?
YoungNBlack Před 17 dny
It’s crazy because when I was younger I did your speed run. I only self revived once.
Mr. Canelinhas
Mr. Canelinhas Před 17 dny
Are you craig from south park?
cVictori Před 17 dny
dude spent money to reach 10K? I reached over 33K and it didn't cost me anything but time and a piece of my soul 🙄
notbotpot Před 17 dny
Crispy Paer
Crispy Paer Před 17 dny
Intensa Emozione?
brllzzle Před 17 dny
*The Nostalgia*
Nathan Segura Kennedy
Damn I haven’t played this game since 2013 😂
Kaizaou Před 17 dny
fun fact: if you played this on an amazon tablet you got all the micro transactions free
David Sheva Kenin
David Sheva Kenin Před 18 dny
I was impressed he was doing 10,000, until I hear "money", "boost", "item", and worst of all "revive". this isn't bad, but getting 10,000 is not too hard to do raw either. definitely not worth $100
Shellix Wasshoi
Shellix Wasshoi Před 18 dny
youtube recommendation just unlocked a forgotten memory of mine
roovnanLoL cau
roovnanLoL cau Před 18 dny
gg idiot
Troy Przybyszewski
Troy Przybyszewski Před 18 dny
You should try speedrunning the mobile game "bloody bastards". It would be even worse for your mental health.
Anaakinnn Před 18 dny
Why do you use money while you can download the modded apk
Cade Goebel
Cade Goebel Před 18 dny
I see none of your vehicles are gold plated or have different skins *poor*
JuanD Před 18 dny
**childhood flashbacks**
fermin5 Před 18 dny
you prolly didn’t spend money at all, if you did, you didn’t have to seeing as you’re using an emulator
Indigo TCG
Indigo TCG Před 18 dny
I found a glitch where I got unlimited money on it and I bought literally everything and I have over 12 million coins right now lol
JediGaming RBLX
JediGaming RBLX Před 18 dny
Lol, if you have an amazon fire tablet, you can get stuff free so I have literally EVERYTHING on Jetpack Joyride...
Josh Sims
Josh Sims Před 19 dny
Wait so you did a speed run while buying everything that could actually vary the run before you started the timer?
Bodhi Pavlik
Bodhi Pavlik Před 19 dny
Who else as a child when you got crazy freaken teleporter would just go insane tapping on the screen until it broke?
Government OfficiaI
Government OfficiaI Před 19 dny
You do know there's a thing called a mod apk right? Lmfao
Neko Souls
Neko Souls Před 19 dny
I would love to see you speedrun dead ahead either of their games
Vintage_ii_society Christian sabala
Love the video
Xenfuse Před 20 dny
Y’know it’s all free on Amazon tablets, at least from my experience.
David Adams
David Adams Před 20 dny
Does anyone else seen the splicing in the video
Frosty Před 20 dny
Sweaty me as a kid could beat you easily, even without very good power ups
The Karp King
The Karp King Před 20 dny
Did you really just call it a quick revive? What's next, the shields are jugg?
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Před 20 dny
Lol I did it without spending any peny
B D Před 20 dny
this is incredibly stupid
Nelson Ricaurte
Nelson Ricaurte Před 20 dny
This make my heart get... calmed...
whosfaithcarter? Před 20 dny
he rlly just flexed on my childhood for 5:32 back when i use to play this on my moms Samsung phone... ON THE DAILY
Carp Runner
Carp Runner Před 20 dny
I sincerely hope this game doesn't become a popular speedrun.
Jason Stevenson
Jason Stevenson Před 20 dny
DUDE, please speed run dani's new game jelly drift, as well has his game called re-run, re-run is just an amazing game to speedrun, and is very similar to karlson, but its easier to do, and in my opinion way more fun.
Cody Reed
Cody Reed Před 20 dny
I got4:42:43
Deathstroke 8340
Deathstroke 8340 Před 20 dny
You know if you had a cheap kindle fire you can use amazon underground which makes some games free including in-app purchases one of the games is jet pack joy ride. I have everything thing it is very satisfying.
punkt motoryzacki
punkt motoryzacki Před 21 dnem
katphisH Před 21 dnem
This lab is 10km long, couldn't this guy have gone sideways
Some Icelandic Dude
Some Icelandic Dude Před 21 dnem
Pay 2 Speedrun
Rafail Oikonomou
Rafail Oikonomou Před 21 dnem
1 like=1rip Mr cuddles
javanlawjh Před 21 dnem
lucky patcher
Just Some Guy With A Tatto
On my kindle fire i got free stuff i have 100B even the game currency was free
ItzMightyPlayz Před 21 dnem
I wanna speedrun it
Landon Darley
Landon Darley Před 21 dnem
I love how you had to spend hundreds of dollars and me and my brother found out that if you where offline on like the kindle fire tablet you could get coins for free
the potato dog
the potato dog Před 21 dnem
what. that was super pointless if youre just gonna spend cash?
ok殺してくれ Před 21 dnem
Imagine not using the Mod Apk lmfao
Franco Ramos
Franco Ramos Před 21 dnem
Good video but... you call this a speedrun?
Cameron Woods
Cameron Woods Před 21 dnem
YoloMenace001 Před 21 dnem
Do Red Ball 4 mobile level 15
BroLoCo Před 22 dny
Speeding a lot of money? Dude this game and a lot of other famous games have potato security, you can easily get tons of money using illegal methods
Montavi Pierson
Montavi Pierson Před 22 dny
this vid had to of made you that money back
Barry Keating
Barry Keating Před 22 dny
0:29 lol my names barry
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