[Dark Country / Epic Rock / Epic Blues] 📼 - ALL YOUR SINS 

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A compilation of Badass, Epic Rock, Epic Blues and Country Rock 🎵
Help Us:📥 PIX ellianlevandoski@gmail.com
Art:🎨 www.artstation.com/artwork/Vb658
Spotify:✅ open.spotify.com/playlist/2Ovgl96rkDhK7NfyzdZAgN?si=e672c09d07ee4c41
Discord:👥 discord.gg/ARYhthakM7
Song List:🎶
00:00 - The White Buffalo - The Whistler
03:30 - Raphael Lake | Royal Baggs - Slow Farewell
07:30 - Raphael Lake | Royal Baggs - Devil’s Gonna Come
10:56 - NineOneOne - I’m a Bad Man
14:43 - Daniel Murphy I Anthony Sanudo I Eric Serna - The Devil Inside
18:14 - NineOneOne - Coming With the Hellfire
21:53 - WAR*HALL - Dead Man Walking
26:15 - Blues Saraceno - Carry Me Back Home
29:33 - Arrangers Daniel Farrant | Mark Rawson - Hey Boy In The Pines
32:22 - The Phantoms - Outlaw
35:49 - Raphael Lake I Daniel Murphy I Mark Greenwood I John Wheatley - I’m Hunted
39:11 - Blues Saraceno - Dogs of War
42:10 - Nick Nolan - Gunnin' for You
45:50 - Raphael Lake I Daniel Murphy I Mark Greenwood - Fugitive
48:59 - Blues Saraceno - Grave Digger
52:35 - NineOneOne - Got an Evil Eye
55:53 - Shawn James - The Curse of the Fold
Hermit Comics, Dronitto, thanks for helping me with the song list codes.
Thank you very much for watching. And I hope you enjoyed it! ✌


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26. 01. 2021





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Svarti Helgar
Svarti Helgar Před 5 hodinami
Эдди Вэддер! III (Моё почтение)
Mofli Kitty
Mofli Kitty Před 16 hodinami
this is not country music at all
Wanessa Cristina
Wanessa Cristina Před dnem
Muito bom cara, nossa!
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Před dnem
how come i cant play this using discord bots ?
Robson Před dnem
Que seleção de músicas é essa, perfeito! Tem como postar o nome das músicas?
Jeferson Santos
Jeferson Santos Před dnem
Tem como tirar a borracha da casa do vizinho meu olho esta arderno. O Rei operou. O)_
Bruno Gomes
Bruno Gomes Před 2 dny
Dima Dudin
Dima Dudin Před 2 dny
The tenuous nigeria affectively fear because flax empirically telephone like a dispensable tabletop. thin, quixotic resolution
Duel Fever
Duel Fever Před 2 dny
well, gonna help me wait americans gods
Alex Před 2 dny
I am Dead Man Walking...
Hamza Akdemir
Hamza Akdemir Před 2 dny
ıts one of the best country music playlists ever. I feel like ım riding my harley davidson to the sunset in a post-apocalyptic world. The next day ı'll take my revange with my brother from the group that killed my girlfriend.
Sherry Rogers
Sherry Rogers Před 3 dny
The wistful asia nearly tremble because centimeter substantially pinch next a peaceful lift. innate, ratty professor
Juan SanzESP
Juan SanzESP Před 4 dny
Sons of Anarchy, the best on the world
Константин Бойко
Is it channel of Tarrantino? =)
Ximena Salazar
Ximena Salazar Před 4 dny
Man, I love blues! I hadn't found a blues playlist. Thanks!
Agustin_44 Před 5 dny
muy buenas, me gustaron mucho las canciones, gracias por el video, muy buen trabajo.
『Tiago Santos ツ』
0:55 " Eu preciso ir de Réééééé "
thiago BK
thiago BK Před 5 dny
+1 sub bro, awesome playlist !!!!!
Vectrum Před 5 dny
I'm a dead man walking, a shadow of the man I was before. Right in the kokoro.
Duarte Před 6 dny
carry me back home and the whistler really touched me.
Vladimir Saavedra
Vladimir Saavedra Před 6 dny
muy buena la musica . Me inspira mucho para mis peleas de mma
BEARDAXE Před 6 dny
Damn. Now i need a horse, a hat and a colt
Fausto Villamonte
Fausto Villamonte Před 6 dny
Fisto Před 6 dny
Dimitris T
Dimitris T Před 6 dny
Alexander Kal-el Gutiérrez Mendoza
el utimo es de shawn james el compositor de algunas canciones de the last of us como trought tthe valley
moufdi brahamia
moufdi brahamia Před 7 dny
badass music for real men
Cringewave Před 7 dny
As a black man, I can confidently say "this some good shit"
Alex Di
Alex Di Před 7 dny
Daed man walking is a fking masterpiece
_MarK_ Před 4 dny
Mars` Před 8 dny
What's the name of that art in the video? Or the artist? I really like it.
vladimirmetz Před 8 dny
NineOneOne - I’m a Bad Man ?? Cualquiera man, no pega ni con moco.
Mat Před 9 dny
Que playlist irmão, que playlist! Really Epic and badass!
Lack Santos
Lack Santos Před 9 dny
This is music baby.
Shannon Cruz
Shannon Cruz Před 10 dny
The likeable raincoat neurochemically stain because phone diagnostically apologise aside a trashy nation. thinkable, innocent structure
PedroV Před 10 dny
Ready to take down the enemies in the RDR2
HmMmCenoura_ Před 10 dny
i miss my horse and i don't even have one.
Helena Lucca
Helena Lucca Před 10 dny
Why is "Hang Em High" from My Chemical Romance not on this! Blasphemy
Nikolay Perepelitsa
Nikolay Perepelitsa Před 10 dny
Now i want a guitar, a cowboy hat and a good horse
Egnaldo e kriss Gonçalves do santos
Ahmad Bako
Ahmad Bako Před 10 dny
Its realy hitting me so hard wow
Thank q for sharing this artwork 🍀
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman Před 11 dny
Great Music love it
Baret Před 11 dny
I didn't know I loved blues so much. This is fucking awesome
its not blues lmao
byron pacchav
byron pacchav Před 12 dny
Rinze Custers
Rinze Custers Před 12 dny
666th comment, now the devil's gonna come when the sun goes down
Mischiev Před 12 dny
26:15 the tune sounds the same as the house of the rising sun and I love it
LittleMidget97 Před 12 dny
Delightfumm playlist of some i know
Andres Vazquez Sanchez
ok, now I need to go out on the highway with my motorcycle.
Daniel Barros
Daniel Barros Před 13 dny
Cara você tem me inspirado com suas playlists e ajudado muito no home office aqui, obrigado.
Luis Ferreira
Luis Ferreira Před 13 dny
Epic :o :o :o
Vam V
Vam V Před 14 dny
The last song hits different... 😢💕
Love these song´s!!!
Broken Robots
Broken Robots Před 14 dny
grazie mille ️ ;)
dogma_ Před 14 dny
pov: you play red dead
Hector Santos
Hector Santos Před 15 dny
Perfect! Perfeito! La perfeiçón!
Axel Heubeck
Axel Heubeck Před 15 dny
the first song has that one passage: "i came here to get it on LETS GET IT ON" this just gave me goosebumps and i wore a cowboy hat out of nowhere
Elżbieta Kozak
Elżbieta Kozak Před 15 dny
Słowa,które przemawiają, dają coś więcej niż się wydaje... dziękuje
Linux Před 15 dny
This is incredible and amazing! I love it 💖
Arash Rafizadeh
Arash Rafizadeh Před 16 dny
Thank You...... Is Good
Chapadogs Před 16 dny
Mad Maize
Mad Maize Před 16 dny
09:20 made my day
Francisco Silva
Francisco Silva Před 16 dny
this is the first album that relaxes me while i'm working
Cavalheiro • 20 anos atrás (editado)
Vou colocar pra tocar enquanto jogo Project Zomboid
David Souza
David Souza Před 16 dny
Lynne Goundry
Lynne Goundry Před 17 dny
First time listening to any of these and I'm now committed Thank you for introducing me to such great songs.
Gabriel Soares
Gabriel Soares Před 17 dny
Woooooow, broooooo ... that's some real epic playlist ! Congratulations !
Vanderlei Zarichta
Vanderlei Zarichta Před 17 dny
Eu não entendo nada de música, mas essa mistura de blues, rock e country me hipnotizou por uma hora e já prevejo repetecos!!!
Goiaba Lifestyle
Goiaba Lifestyle Před 19 hodinami
que coisa gostosa de se ouvir
Владимир Карасени
Great theme for progressive work. Thanks
como se llama la imagen?
Christian Ceballos Rubio
32:24 / 45:50 👌👌
Cameron Ashworth
Cameron Ashworth Před 18 dny
Take your damned soul down to tavern and buy yourself a nice drink. Rest up cowboy, longer roads are headed your way.
Succ Před 18 dny
vc eh do rock
The Epic
The Epic Před 18 dny
Start the day with a great piece of music, I like it. 😍
Marcel Burnout Moura
Cara, muito, mas muito obrigado mesmo por postar isso !!!!!
Nicolas Almeida
Nicolas Almeida Před 18 dny
A única coisa ruim dessas músicas é que elas acabam
War the Wolf
War the Wolf Před 17 dny
Broken Robots
Broken Robots Před 18 dny
that is true!!
peter vere-roberts
peter vere-roberts Před 18 dny
great mix. nice and heavy .
Broken Robots
Broken Robots Před 18 dny
Hamza Lebbouj
Hamza Lebbouj Před 18 dny
wooow my fav ^^
José Před 19 dny
Essa imagem é de algum filme?
DLB MASADA Před 19 dny
From Patagonia Argentina, 10 ¡¡¡ 10 ¡¡¡ Excelent.
andrei cristea
andrei cristea Před 19 dny
cool man
My Loki Chaotic Life
The last one reminds me strongly of "Brothers under the sun" from Spirit
Rapha Před 19 dny
mano q playlist foda!!!!!!!!!!
Broken Robots
Broken Robots Před 18 dny
You are Foda !
delta. gamma
delta. gamma Před 19 dny
boooooy you hit me hard - both with a .45 slug and an arrow! subscribed! parabéns, excelente seleção!
SerpienWar Newearth
SerpienWar Newearth Před 20 dny
Simplely Brutalll!!!!
The ParaDOX Hour
The ParaDOX Hour Před 20 dny
I would make a Fallout 5 intro and game theme using: The White Buffalo - The Whistler. -> Don't go downtown... Don't go downtown...
Cheikh mbaye
Cheikh mbaye Před 20 dny
thank a lot bro
Wimble Před 20 dny
Epic playlist! Definitely gonna be exploring this sound more
ASage Před 20 dny
This video should just be renamed, Lucifer soundtrack
Olivier Burgarella
Olivier Burgarella Před 21 dnem
WTF no 16 horsepower ?
João Lucas BRASIL
João Lucas BRASIL Před 21 dnem
Essa capa de vídeos foda com essas músicas mais fodas ainda vídeo ótimo
Mairon César Mendes Carvalho
Quase todas essas música foram usadas em uma temporada de Lucifer... foram as músicas que, na minha opinião, encaixaram perfeitamente na série...
´´We are not Criminals, we are Outlaws`` - Dutch Van Der Linde before you lose your sanity ´´We're thieves, in a world that don't want us no more``.. ´´We´re.. We´re are more ghosts than people..`` - Arthur Morgan ´´Get the hell out of here and be a goddamn man..`` - Arthur Morgan ´´You are my brother..`` - John Marston ´´I know..`` - Arthur Morgan I hope you Be honored ´´WE NEED MUNEY`` - Literally everyone at every cutscene
Mateo Geovo Correa
Mateo Geovo Correa Před 22 dny
SIMPLY OUTSTANDING!!! My chills are out of control yeahhhhh
estpjoao Před 22 dny
Maaaano, isso me dá uma vontade intensa de jogar Fallout New Vegas de novo.
David Jerónimo Martínez
No sé nada de inglés y no sé cómo llegue aquí pero está chingona la música👍
Andrés Felipe mejía Baena
x2 amigo XD
Chernoalfa 133
Chernoalfa 133 Před 6 dny
yo igual
A Před 22 dny
this is trigonometric
Andrea Evans
Andrea Evans Před 22 dny
The amused pigeon intraperitonally employ because castanet intrestingly bomb unto a flashy tortellini. obtainable, sophisticated spark
Toshinori Yoga
Toshinori Yoga Před 22 dny
a part peut être un ou deux titre que j'accroche pas (histoire de gout) cette playlist et carrément géniale !
Francisco Assis pires
O enquadro me exclui dessa conversa, não sei o que é esquadro. Há, Há!!!... Más isso é inspirador.
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