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THE SINGLE HAS LANDED! The first track off our new album "Helloween" is now available for streaming and in various CD and vinyl formats! Go check it out! We’re so excited to hear your reactions! Written by Kai Hansen, "Skyfall" is a storming more than 7 minute ride into the Helloween universe (and beyond!) The epic track describes an alien landing on earth and a dramatic chase while Michael Kiske, Andi Deris and Kai Hansen duel each other in a breathtaking manner and create a vocal broadband adventure. Produced by Martin Häusler, it is the most elaborate video clip in the history of the band.

The new album "Helloween“ will be released June 18th, 2021.
Order the single Skyfall here: nblast.de/Helloween-Skyfall
Pre-order the album 'Helloween' here: nblast.de/HELLOWEEN-Helloween
Listen to 'Skyfall here: helloween.bfan.link/skyfall

#helloween #skyfall #video #hansen #kiske #deris #heavymetal

#helloween #skyfall #video #hansen #kiske #deris #heavymetal


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2. 04. 2021





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Klaus T.
Klaus T. Před 4 hodinami
The song is musically pretty good composed. But the lyrics are totally silly, especially the hookline, I can't imagine myself singing it at a concert. With some serious and adult lyrics this could have been a classic. This is just childish. Pity
Abigail Mariposa
Abigail Mariposa Před 4 hodinami
Love Helloween with all my heart, and this will never change! For exactly 15 years now a part of my life, can't wait to see them live again! I love how they stayed true to their style, oldschool is the best! So proud of you guys! 🧡🤘🎃
Trimé Před 5 hodinami
Rogelio Rodriguez
Rogelio Rodriguez Před 5 hodinami
Temazo épico impresionante!
D-Best Way To learn English
Obrigado helloween por eu PODER ouvir essa maravilha de som🇧🇷
jonnymc213 Před 6 hodinami
... epic!
Pascal Monfort
Pascal Monfort Před 6 hodinami
3 premières secondes prometteuses !!! Et ... ... ... Flop !!! 🥺🥺🥺
minas pavlakis
minas pavlakis Před 6 hodinami
One of the most historic heavy metal bands in the world is back with Kiske and Deris . Greetings from Athens.GR
Nelson Serra
Nelson Serra Před 6 hodinami
Thanks Helloween, see you soon, where ever you go
mariano oro
mariano oro Před 6 hodinami
De retorno al sonido de los Keepers!!
HickHack Před 7 hodinami
Lasst den Hansen mal mehr ans Mic. :)
Lucas Lobo
Lucas Lobo Před 7 hodinami
Saludos metaleros 🤘 Este sentimiento que hermana en la distancia 🍻 ...y que vivan las calabazas!!! 🤘🤘🤘
James Johnson
James Johnson Před 7 hodinami
Eat your heart out iron maiden!:)
Simple Investing
Simple Investing Před 8 hodinami
I’d pay anything to see a helloween concert now
Grift Ellende
Grift Ellende Před 8 hodinami
Der Hammer
Chad Gautier
Chad Gautier Před 9 hodinami
It has really been years for me. But this band stays true to who they are. Great video and concept
Jose Bermejo
Jose Bermejo Před 9 hodinami
jacy and kacy
Sylwek Str1231
Sylwek Str1231 Před 9 hodinami
Bravo,huuurraaaaaaaaaaa........!!!!!!!!!! Little bit of old Helloween Thank you
pestilence616 Před 9 hodinami
Die sind doch nur noch ein Schatten ihrer selbst! Kein Händchen mehr für gute Musik. Wenn ich das Video sehe, kommt mir das alles vor wie eine große Parodie! Schade, Helloween haben mich Ende der 80er überhaupt zur Musik gebracht, aber in meinen Augen ist das hier musikalisch nichts besonderes. Die haben ihr Pulver leider längst verschossen! Hansen auch mit Gamma Ray! Trotzdem Respekt vor den unzähligen Klassikern! Sie gehören zweifellos zu den ganz Großen, aber nicht aufgrund der Schaffensphase nach 1990...
Felipe Cipriano
Felipe Cipriano Před 10 hodinami
Marco Antonio Rizo Patiño
Marco Antonio Rizo Patiño Před 10 hodinami
Que bonito. Ver tanto talento unido. Que bonito. 🤘😎
Swamper60 Před 11 hodinami
The music reminds me of “Just a Little Sign”
alex Henández x777
alex Henández x777 Před 11 hodinami
алекс алекс
алекс алекс Před 11 hodinami
Краснодар смотрит!
GMKJ Před 12 hodinami
This is SO good. It could be a song in Blind Guardian's "a twist in the myth" album. In a good way. I am so happy for this song...
sven kukoleca
sven kukoleca Před 12 hodinami
Goosebumps!! Absolute masterpiece. Great work guys, really nice to see old friends still enjoying to play all together and creating great songs!
Sabbathman Před 12 hodinami
This sounds like a perfect, epic way of rounding up their awesome career. 🎸✨🌀
Alexander Abella
Alexander Abella Před 13 hodinami
El productor del video pone viajes espaciales y contactos con aliens, como si eso fuera una novedad cuando la novedad es tener a unisonic y gammaray junto a helloween sonando como una sola banda... eso solo se hubiera podido lograr en el año 2021
Cynical Spere
Cynical Spere Před 13 hodinami
I am looking kaihansen hair
Daniel Hockstetter
Daniel Hockstetter Před 14 hodinami
Helloween é gigante e ficou mais ainda,VIDA LONGA AO HELLOWEEN❤❤❤❤❤
Eduardo Caballero
Eduardo Caballero Před 14 hodinami
Well, this Is just épic!! , I never thought i Will live to hear such an amazing jam AND reunion , damn i cant wait to listen the whole álbum 🤘🤘👌
RSProduxx Před 14 hodinami
Voices complement each other very well...
RSProduxx Před 14 hodinami
0:37 Okay, I want this star ship in Star Citizen now :D
Redstar2613 Před 16 hodinami
Is this the singer from Hammerfall or something? I swear I recognize his voice...
jack black
jack black Před 14 hodinami
yes, hammerfall were always copycats of the original helloween style
Simone Fois
Simone Fois Před 17 hodinami
Sound in memory of Ingo...
laiosto Před 17 hodinami
Can't wait for things to get back to normal so everyone can start going to gigs again.Australia awaits you.
Richard Penzenik
Richard Penzenik Před 18 hodinami
this is fuckin awesome grew up with these guys in the 80s saw the pumpkins united tour they sound like they always have
Renegade Angel
Renegade Angel Před 18 hodinami
In an age where tons of amazing power metal records pop up at amazing rate, Helloween shows they are still no doubt the king o this genre 🤘🎃
Ji A
Ji A Před 18 hodinami
They are the eternal. And they are really amazing 7 heroes of heavy Metal. Love you, bros..
episode 666 no one
episode 666 no one Před 18 hodinami
646 people suck..... this is sooooo fucking awesome 👍😎 can't wait till it's released....
Nelson Ponze
Nelson Ponze Před 19 hodinami
Agradecido como.fan de llegar a este momento historico ...Hellowen, la mejor banda de este y otros mundos 😊
Robert Salinas
Robert Salinas Před 19 hodinami
El talento no tiene edad, solo perdura y mas si la obra maestra de " seven keys", esta impregnada aquí. Ahora falta escuchar la versión completa que según algunos es de 12 min.
Don Před 19 hodinami
Hank Schrader is a rock star in the afterlife
Don Před 19 hodinami
Intro is so YTSE Jam like
Tony Houle
Tony Houle Před 20 hodinami
Proud of you guys!
Michael Farenborn
Michael Farenborn Před 21 hodinou
Helloween was my favorite....when a was 17 years old in 1988....and throughout the years, I have always blasted Helloween proudly, this is like a family reunion . I love you all.
Roberto Rivera
Roberto Rivera Před 21 hodinou
Someone's was playing Dark Void when they wrote this song.
David Park
David Park Před 22 hodinami
This one feels like a real forward step after reunion. Maybe they did their best as a BRAND-NEW Helloween. But my opinion is not yet as a TRUELY-UNITED Helloween.
JA CV Před 22 hodinami
A band with no egos!!!
Antonio Giorgio's Golden Metal
Just One Word: EPIC!!
Crdnlsyn13 Před 22 hodinami
AMAZING! tying the classic lineup with the current lineup seamlessly, on NEW music! .... this sounds AWESOME.
Robert LaPorte
Robert LaPorte Před 22 hodinami
In my opinion Debris is Helloween they coulda did this way better with out Kiske and Hansen
jack black
jack black Před 17 hodinami
That's your opinion. In my opinion kiskes voice made the keepers to gold and helloween famous. When hansen left the big hit era was over. Now they're both back! I saw them at the reunited tour and they all have fun together, what is great
R.A.D. Berry and associates
R.A.D. Berry and associates Před 23 hodinami
right on
Bruno Santillan Medina
Bruno Santillan Medina Před 23 hodinami
agus erik
agus erik Před 23 hodinami
Angel Acevedo García
Angel Acevedo García Před 23 hodinami
Waiting for the full song, this version was kinda poorly edited
Walter Sales
Walter Sales Před 23 hodinami
Music & Lyrics written by Sir Kai Hansen. (thanks a lot Kai)
mietok Před dnem
i would LOVE to see this live
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Před dnem
Eu vivi pra ver isso, me passa a mesma sensação que eu sentia enquanto eu escutava helloween no caminho da escola.
They're Alive!
They're Alive! Před dnem
This reminds me of during the 80's when Yes had the classic lineup and the newer one combine to do their "Union Tour"
Erica Angela Boff
Johnny Vilger
Johnny Vilger Před dnem
Bunch of cool references, Iron Man, Hangar 18, and cool flying V guitars
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Před dnem
Fabiano Barros
Fabiano Barros Před dnem
Helloween Is Back!!!🤘🏼🖤🔥🎸🎶
Detetive Moreira
Detetive Moreira Před dnem
Lindo som, muita combinação entre todos integrantes. Helloween se tornou uma Mega Banda.
Alvaro Camerati
Alvaro Camerati Před dnem
Alvaro Camerati
Alvaro Camerati Před dnem
Come on guys full version now PLEASE. FULL FULL FULL FULL FULL FULL
Nathan Wienke
Nathan Wienke Před dnem
Gott hab ich Bock auf das neue Album
Néstor González
for the next alien party please invite Peter Tägtgren too
TheMadMattster Před dnem
didn't know what to expect...pleasantly surprised! \M/ Helloween Are Back! Happy Helloween from the States, Silver Shamrock!
Arcturian Carpenter
The keepers are back. Awesome!
Peter Bogumil
Peter Bogumil Před dnem
Furhter I the past helloween was much more better
Michael Guillot
Michael Guillot Před dnem
Magnifique son et un clip a coupé le souffle
Tuc082 Před dnem
This is so amazing it's kind of hard to believe it's true...
Tyler Triggs
Tyler Triggs Před dnem
Davi Roza Hecher
Davi Roza Hecher Před dnem
De todas as clássicas bandas de metal q ainda tão na ativa,certamente Helloween é a principal delas,os integrantes ainda tocam e cantam como se estivessem com 20 anos
Tyler Triggs
Tyler Triggs Před dnem
Tyler Triggs
Tyler Triggs Před dnem
Tyler Triggs
Tyler Triggs Před dnem
Mikau 991
Mikau 991 Před dnem
I recognize the "Ytsejam" riff ;-)
Cress Před dnem
welcome back kiske,deris ,Michael Weikath, all of 'em . ,i still like mr ego(take me down) i just imgaine that was dedicated to another person.
Nicolas Belin
Nicolas Belin Před dnem
Helloween is like a good wine. It gets better with age. 4:37 part does sound a lot like Dream Evil - The chosen ones .
Andreas von Pock
Andreas von Pock Před dnem
!!! !! !!! !!! !! !!!
Валик Гисунов
The moment from 02:33 seems pretty much like Arjen Lucassen's ballads. I wonder if they could make a song together ;)
Rakyat Norman
Rakyat Norman Před dnem
keren 👍
Pawel Könige
Pawel Könige Před dnem
It is AMAZING they´re delivering music as CLASSIC as their Best Times... hope the rest of the album is at the same level !!!!
Pascal Pieters
Pascal Pieters Před dnem
wat een studio gelul
Дмитрий Калинин
for 12 april? spaice day
Éric Vaillancourt-Allard
This is fucking incredible !
леонид майстров
Поддерживаю, Киски стареет внешне, но голос - просто безумие...
Alvaro Fong Varela
The HellowAvengers
Mirko Lucchesi
Mirko Lucchesi Před dnem
Thx God
KillersXI Před dnem
La verdad es que a los fans nos gustan todas las etapas e integrantes y exintegrantes de helloween. Que esta unión sea posible es lo mejor que nos puede pasar.
Rafael Flak
Rafael Flak Před dnem
Chorei de emoção 😭 Sempre disse que o Helloween era muito abençoado por durante toda sua história ter tido 3 bons vocalistas, e agora eles estão cantando juntos.. Meu sonho é ver vocês um dia 😭
Kiske1320 Před dnem
Grandes!!!! Helloween regreso aun mas poderoso!!!!
Todor Simeonov
Todor Simeonov Před dnem
One would ask - which HELLOWEEN (with which vocal) do you like best? I would shout out loud - ALL three and especially the fourth - this "Pumpkins United" HELLOWEEN where all of them are together and you can feel the contribution of every one of them.
j g
j g Před dnem
Great. Kiske and. Kai singing. Cool
Mario Moreno
Mario Moreno Před dnem
Helloween is back! Keeper of the seven keys times!! Same quality of guitars, drums and the voices of all of them sounds exactly the same! Cheesy Advengers video but I don't care because rock is all that matters... 🤟👊
Eduardo Meneghetti
Willian Amorim
Willian Amorim Před dnem
Andi Deris como Homem de ferro.🎃👽
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