Doctor Reacts To FRIENDS Medical Scenes 

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Friends was one of my favorite shows growing up, so much so that I can still recite entire scenes line-for-line! I realized there were actually a TON of medical scenes throughout the series, such as Rachel AND Phoebe giving birth, Ross’ third nipple, and Joey’s kidney stones. Let’s take a look at how accurate these scenes were and see if Friends holds up 20+ years later!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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5. 08. 2020





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IdolEyes84 Před 2 hodinami
Although it's a different topic you're reviewing, this video is 1000 times more informative than the interview with Dr Fauci. Thank you. :)
Ella Burgess
Ella Burgess Před 2 hodinami
A similar thing happened to me as Ross when there were heaps of people around him because it was 3 in the morning and I was in the ER because I couldn’t breathe, I was vomiting and my blood oxygen was really low and I’d had trouble with that in the past but nobody knew what was wrong with me and I was in a COVID safe room which was pretty much a big plastic box with a bed and machines and the nurses and doctors had no other patients so they were all staying at me and it sucked but at least you know you’re being taken care of.
Madhura Mandhare
Madhura Mandhare Před 3 hodinami
I like this doctor 👀😌
Malsey team
Malsey team Před 4 hodinami
so funny 😆
annu nandal
annu nandal Před 4 hodinami
Aren’t you so cute to be a doctor? 😂 That’s truly applicable to you Dr. Mike♥️
iMolika Men-Thlang
iMolika Men-Thlang Před 14 hodinami
🗣 “We were on a Break!” 😂🤣
Brianne Slamin
Brianne Slamin Před 15 hodinami
I was breech and my OBGYN aunt who was in the room jokingly said…. That’s the biggest smile ever 🍑
Elena Finardi
Elena Finardi Před 21 hodinou
Chahat Singh
Chahat Singh Před dnem
O my God aren't u the cutest dr. Ever 🥰♥️
Monet Wade
Monet Wade Před dnem
MissJayana Před dnem
This series of videos is mesmerizing. Educational, fun and inspirational. It would help if Mike were a little less handsome for me to put full attention.
Weebs Only
Weebs Only Před 2 dny
I had my first kidney stone at 11 and I threw up about 6 times back to back it was unbearable pain
Alkis05 Před 2 dny
12:45 "Is this too close?" "Yes, unless I'm inspecting for canker sores"
MsAmandaLynnReads Před 2 dny
back in 2011, my dad got an infection from teeth cleaning that affected both his back and his heart. Took about 5 doctors to figure out what was going on.
koralita Před 3 dny
Cringe from that intervirwer
DepressinglyOptimistic 2020
I have a genetic disorder and multiple comorbidities, so when I get a resident or student shadowing I tell them I’m a good one to learn on.
Josefina Ramirez
Josefina Ramirez Před 3 dny
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Melissa Andrade
Melissa Andrade Před 4 dny
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Jeff Waite
Jeff Waite Před 4 dny
Dr. Mike, just wondering if you've every had experience with someone with XP, Xeroderma Pigmentosum. My 7 year old has it, genetically diagnosed about 3 years ago. Ever had experience?
Vinky Night
Vinky Night Před 4 dny
Watching my daughter’s birth was the absolute most beautiful event I’ve ever witnessed. To this day I can’t understand why most dads faint etc.
Hope cratty
Hope cratty Před 4 dny
Oh good I thought she had two heads
Laurin La Tour
Laurin La Tour Před 4 dny
It's unfortunate that taking the baby immediately for cleaning and diagnostics used to be common. Extremely fortunate that practices have changed
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Carah Cruse
Carah Cruse Před 5 dny
I have a question would that mean that if you have 8 babies would the labor be fast
Olivia Pedersen
Olivia Pedersen Před 5 dny
My dad didn’t Cut the umbilical cord for me and my brother because he was too freaked out so we got a midwife to do it and then the second time my grandmother did it
Voodka Před 6 dny
Wtf is that last scene... is this too close??!!!
licha danisha
licha danisha Před 6 dny
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licha danisha
licha danisha Před 6 dny
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tony laffer
tony laffer Před 6 dny
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Vedantika Kshirsagar
God !! Just imagine him while he's with his wife delivering his baby ☺️☺️
Kurachi84 Před 7 dny
Passing kidney stones is that bad? Maybe that one time i passed like 20 XD I once didn't drink enough and ate white bread a lot... i was doing what my butt should've done with my fingers. This was real bad, as i've had it before with white bread and also when not drinking enough, but that one day it was both, and i was going through a crazy pain train, keeping my head cool(as much as i could) to get TP ready in time to get literal stones out, before i broke.... or whatever you'd call it. Doctor Mike: Why don't they have masks and gloves on? Meanwhile in some series they have masks and gloves on when it's just about a bruise or something XD
•pure amazement•
My favorite show is Supernatural :D
Dmitri Nezvigin
Dmitri Nezvigin Před 7 dny
the way Dr. Mike keeps his cool on the daily show interview is insane DR. MIKE WHEN THE CRASH COURSE ON AWKWARD SITUATION 101 COMING OUT?????
Christian Price
Christian Price Před 7 dny
Don’t know if Dr. Mike will ever see this, but figured I’d tell it here anyways. The nurse (will call N) was helping my mom (will call CM) birth my sister (will call CA). All of a sudden, N screams and jumps back. Apparently, CA was coming out head first, but she had her arm extended over her head and grabbed N by surprise. They had to stop labour and pu CA’s arm back down so she could actually have a working arm when she grew up. We always say that she was trouble from the start because CA continued to cause trouble even to this day. Just figured this would be a fun thing to share with y’all. 😊
Shemar Hollingsworth
Can you do fresh prince of bel air
Emmet Gillespie
Emmet Gillespie Před 7 dny
React to medical scenes in still game
Negar A
Negar A Před 7 dny
That was greatt and hilarious 😂😂👌🏼🌸☺️ Love friends🧡
Emerald Unicorn
Emerald Unicorn Před 8 dny
I like that you talked about relating to Phoebe's young doctor and mentioned people would call you "Doogie", but then cut out the part where Phoebe also calls him Doogie.
Isabela Moreira
Isabela Moreira Před 8 dny
Thicc Nikki
Thicc Nikki Před 8 dny
betch wat ur finger hell naw
coronavirus gaming
coronavirus gaming Před 8 dny
omg dr mike you're a friends fan too? i love friends please heart my comment if you remember miss chanandler bong or chauncy
VoldivUnderRated Před 8 dny
Nobody- doctor mike passing a kidney stone saying it was bloody. Me- AYOOO where’s the water at.
InternetUser Před 8 dny
Seeing Mike laugh warms my heart :D
S. Hovland
S. Hovland Před 9 dny
You should review the Mad About You delivery
GachaSky_77 Před 9 dny
Ok as someone who was deadly allergic to a lot of foods when i was little and still kind of am we keep Ep e pens everywhere
Fransheska Perdomo R
11:01 the dr its so honest
Chris Emptage
Chris Emptage Před 9 dny
I kissed a nurse once just right there in the ward and it was a real kiss too Girls in the medical profession just seem to love me.
maddie Před 10 dny
Doctor mike looks a little like derek sheaperd
jessica adams
jessica adams Před 10 dny
I’ve got a bilateral duplex collection system in my kidneys. When I have ultrasounds I should charge admission with the amount of people that want to see
Dalmatian Bee
Dalmatian Bee Před 10 dny
Dr. Mike, with my third baby, they actually had me push during and between contractions. I'm not sure why, but apparently it occasionally is an option.
Vienna Doedell
Vienna Doedell Před 11 dny
Doctor Mike... Man, come on. You just watch two labour scenes and you like “oh passing a kidney stone” 🤦‍♀️
Lavenderrose73 Před 11 dny
I would totally watch those two other videos at the end, but it's almost 5 in the morning. 😴
Aamya Soni
Aamya Soni Před 11 dny
Doctor Mike: "I passed kidney stones because I didn't drink enough water" Me: Takes a look at my bottle but then realises that its too far away
Nicole Fox
Nicole Fox Před 11 dny
lol when you said the doctors all come and visit when you have a rare thing happened to me, and sometimes it still happens even though i was diagnosed 12 years ago. but i have MPGN II. (Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis, or Dense Deposit Disease; DDD)
freyedmetal Před 11 dny
I pass multiple stones every other day 😳 usually a large one and several small ones. I do however drink as much water as I can without effecting my blood pressure and its monitored by my GP and Nephrologist.
hayley Před 11 dny
My dad told me he didn’t want to cut my unbiblical cord because he was too scared to do so 😂
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell Před 11 dny
I think the doctor is cute.
I_Like_Trains 4321
I_Like_Trains 4321 Před 11 dny
When I was being born my dad had to get rolled out in a office chair and almost had a heart attack
Adriana Trejos
Adriana Trejos Před 11 dny
When my mom gave birth to me she had a high fever and couldn’t see me.
Coolcat Killcam
Coolcat Killcam Před 11 dny
ive also had kidney stones, however i got lucky and cought it very early, i also had a uti so when i noticed my fluids were tinded i knew something was wrong
Jeff C
Jeff C Před 11 dny
His comments about residents coming in, so true. I had testicular cancer and it seemed like every doctor and there dog was wanting to come take a peek at little jimmy. Finally got to a point where I was like “yeah come on take a look, bring a friend, bring popcorn!”
Tricia Michalk
Tricia Michalk Před 11 dny
My papa had a stroke, and we rushed to the hospital because the ambulance wouldn't be fast enough. They live in the middle of a country and lots of people miss their house.
Stefania Gurita
Stefania Gurita Před 11 dny
Watched the show 10 times. Still laught every time I see it
Rosy Le Monke
Rosy Le Monke Před 12 dny
I love friends
Bar Vans
Bar Vans Před 12 dny
The first time I ate Kiwis I learned 2 things. 1: They were gross and I didn't like them. 2: I am allergic.
Aesthetic Vibes 🦋💫
lindsay mcmurry
lindsay mcmurry Před 12 dny
Can you do a reaction to the friends reunion 😀
Shihoblade Před 13 dny
You kinda look like Doctor Carter.
Caron Williams
Caron Williams Před 13 dny
Dunno what you do in the USA but no one wears masks to deliver babies in the UK. (Well in normal times, they do in these batshit crazy times I suppose) And doctors rarely deliver babies anyway, most UK births are midwife led from start to finish, dr's just do a quick check of the baby before they leave hospital
Isha Tawade
Isha Tawade Před 13 dny
He's so cute❤️❤️
Shiffa Kamran
Shiffa Kamran Před 13 dny
I've watched friends so many times I literally knew what they were going to say before they said it. And my mom showed me my ultrasound pics and I couldn't see myself so.....
Ella Grace
Ella Grace Před 13 dny
my mom went to the hospital about a month early, sent her home 5 mins later she went back and then they took her to a room
zayna shariff
zayna shariff Před 13 dny
I know this is a show inside of show inside of a show
ranger raptor
ranger raptor Před 14 dny
Mike, I have a HUGE phobia of hospitals (and doctors) and I watch your videos to try and get over that fear, it hasn’t helped a lot but it is working! Tutankhamen you a lot!
Jack White
Jack White Před 14 dny
He accidentally said “John White” which is my name
Sage Tackett
Sage Tackett Před 14 dny
My dad passed out when I was born and the doctors just left him on the floor according to my mother
Lauren Hall
Lauren Hall Před 15 dny
Абдуули Зунинов
I watched
Lunje Duze
Lunje Duze Před 15 dny
Well that confirms it. Its over before it even began. I mean like there is no competing with Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Doctor Mike I know your just following your heart but your heart is making our lives very difficult right now
Liz Mary
Liz Mary Před 15 dny
Ohhh nooo
xela1821046 Před 16 dny
12:07 "this kind of conversation happens" of course! you're handsome!!! In Italy we have not many doctors like you!!! 😍😂
Aman Aulakh
Aman Aulakh Před 16 dny
700th dislke
Brigitte Liu
Brigitte Liu Před 16 dny
I bet all women patients are trying get to know you Dr Mike
k. c.
k. c. Před 16 dny
8:30 - as someone in the Canadian medical history book, I can assure you that if you have a rare condition; EVERYONE WILL WANT TO KNOW MORE. Everyone from the hazardous disease team to the students from every department wanted to try a test and take a look. I have HSP.
Sam Thibert
Sam Thibert Před 16 dny
sometimes doctor mike speaks to us like we have no idea what this stuff is, like I KNOW WHAT 3CM DILATED MEANS!!!!!
Darren Rutherford
Darren Rutherford Před 16 dny
The doctor got His hair style inspired by Ross
Haridinee Vikhe
Haridinee Vikhe Před 17 dny
Who doesn't pay attention to this hot guy?
Ollie Gin
Ollie Gin Před 17 dny
I waited for the scene, “No uterus, no opinion.” 🙃
BUSSYGUY THE 1 Před 17 dny
is this too close?????
Priya Dixit
Priya Dixit Před 17 dny
Oh my god, his smile is soooooo cuteeee. I was just looking at him😍. Rachel would love to have him as her doctor 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nishant Chaudhary
Nishant Chaudhary Před 17 dny
Wow..you made these fun episodes learning episodes...wow. 😂😂😂
Wright the piper
Wright the piper Před 17 dny
I once had two penicillin shots in the things it was the worst shot I've ever had.
Stephanie Garcia
Stephanie Garcia Před 17 dny
"That is not a new born baby" The same words my dad says when a woman just had a baby in any movie/show 😂😂
saultube44 Před 17 dny
Doc, did you know that some recent studies show that delivering babies standing up is way better, because is Gravity assisted? and also walking a few hours/day before giving birth the last few weeks? Gravity works against when laying down
Nandini Sahu
Nandini Sahu Před 18 dny
I am so jealous of 38 babies. They get to meet you.😔
Scørpio•Wølfie Před 18 dny
other people: *just watching Rachel's pregnancy scenes casually* Me: I'm making notes for when i'm an adult 📃🖊
Maria Cantu
Maria Cantu Před 10 dny
Maria Swift
Maria Swift Před 18 dny
I wish i was rachel 😂
Expanding Knowledge
Expanding Knowledge Před 18 dny
Erica Willis
Erica Willis Před 18 dny
Pheobes pregnancy was so early in the show and so easy (maybe because she was actually pregnant) but as they went on, they were so much more realistic. Lol with my 3rd my epidural wore off and she was upside down and had to be turned. Made sure my husband and I didn't want anymore after that lol
Abby Thomas
Abby Thomas Před 18 dny
My mom passed a kidney stone after she had my sister and I (we're twins) and she thought the doctors missed one and she was having another baby hahaha 😂
Emma :D
Emma :D Před 18 dny
Omg I froze as soon a he said “i did not drink water I drink soda a lot” because at that time i was drinking soda