The Day the Dinosaurs Died - Minute by Minute 

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66 million years ago, maybe on a Tuesday afternoon, life was the same as it had been the day before or a thousand years before or pretty much a million years before. Things were good for our feathered dinosaur buddies. Until a tiny, tiny detail in the sky changed.

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15. 06. 2021





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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Ohai! So a few more words about our announcement at the end of the video. If you haven’t watched it, here is a summary: Our shop has grown a lot over the years and it is kind of a big deal for us. Check it out here: kgs.link/dino We genuinely love creating sciency products that you can actually touch and we are constantly working on expanding it further. Because you guys support us directly we are able to grow our team, consistently improve our research process, spend more time on fine-tuning the animations, working on improving our craft wherever possible. And release our content for free and stay independent. Genuinely thank you so much for that. Email us and let us know what sort of education or science related products you’d love to see in our shop the future: merch@kurzgesagt.org
DaeAlex_ Před 8 dny
i genuinely want everything off your shop i love it all!!
.:Camper:. Před 29 dny
The Chicxulub asteroid dino extinction is just a theory, it isn't confirmed. I personally don't think an asteroid did that to the dinos.
SlayneDaGreat Před 29 dny
You should make a video about declining sperm count and what it means for humanity. :)
Angela C. Browning
Angela C. Browning Před 29 dny
Loved the vid.
Petty Aestheticcs
Petty Aestheticcs Před 29 dny
Tavros Před 4 hodinami
Нет русских субтитров(
armadillo17_aeo Před 5 hodinami
black and white hole plushie shows up on screen *Ha, I own that*
Ahmad Al Masarani
Ahmad Al Masarani Před 6 hodinami
kurzesagt earth marble
L0stLauch Před 8 hodinami
L_AEZZ0 Před 9 hodinami
Am I the only one that feels bad for the ( sometimes ) furry, innocent dinosaurs?
Omar Lorenzana
Omar Lorenzana Před 9 hodinami
Moon watching this be like 🌚glad that didn’t hit me
Tigerkei Art
Tigerkei Art Před 11 hodinami
Never thought I'd hear the word "yeeted" in a scientific video
Yasmin Nasser
Yasmin Nasser Před 12 hodinami
Shouldn’t it burn the dinosaur bones to ashes though??
Noodle DaJuice
Noodle DaJuice Před 15 hodinami
Didn't we just discover that it was volcanic eruptions that killed them?
SeriousNorbo Před 17 hodinami
Everybody gangsta till Kurzgesagt says *"Until it wasn't"*
siksis Před 17 hodinami
if earth had a personality, this would be when it went through its emo phase
Reyaz A p
Reyaz A p Před 17 hodinami
No it carnt be 2:12 60 times sound is 3 times faster than sound ok light is 20 times faster than sound ok
Reyaz A p
Reyaz A p Před 17 hodinami
Light is 20 times speed of sound ok
Chickenlyart Před 19 hodinami
So basically everything changed when the asteroid attacked
TheNerdofLife Před 19 hodinami
Then, everything changed when the asteroid attacked
Grand Boss
Grand Boss Před 19 hodinami
God wanted to create new species in order to create new he needs to destroy what he made first
Diablokiller999 Před dnem
How are the working conditions of your products? Hope it's all fair trade and all people in the production chain make a good living.
Darrell Shepherd
Darrell Shepherd Před dnem
Them dying nutshell: god was just sick of the lizards and just yeeted a rock at earth killing them
Dacarwhizz Před dnem
*tosses earth in hand* oops
jcee Před dnem
this is so sad :(
fire Před dnem
By the way your animation are amazing
Flustic Před dnem
im sad now but happy so dinosaurs would not eat me
clark capie
clark capie Před dnem
Dude he makes the dinos look so cute and then they just die
Zachary Greenwood
Zachary Greenwood
Debris teeter into space Lol
Lou-Darcie Lewis
Lou-Darcie Lewis Před dnem
Mmmm hell I wonder what game thats from
Lou-Darcie Lewis
Lou-Darcie Lewis Před dnem
Mars be like a fuek
Shadow Cat Animation
You sound like a boomer but u meme!
Intensely Curious
Would loved to have seen that , providing I didn't die of course
Sergio Marc
Sergio Marc Před dnem
Lavos is a space cancer!
Sergio Marc
Sergio Marc Před dnem
damn! now i have to play Chrono Trigger again...
Dijital Fabrika
Dijital Fabrika Před dnem
Türkçe çeviriyi yapan arkadasa tesekkurler.👍
michael williams
michael williams Před dnem
The Verden green Dino paradise you describe may be a falsehood.
Brendon Jones
Brendon Jones Před dnem
It's crazy that as dramatic as this is the Permian extinction event was far worse. We really are lucky Mammals survived both events.
aola wili
aola wili Před dnem
Imagine vibing in the jungle then some rock turns your home into hell
Mike Popiel
Mike Popiel Před dnem
i like how he said feathered good to know some people are smart
Jim Thomas
Jim Thomas Před dnem
Nice little fairy tale.. they all died in Noah’s flood :)
Jim Thomas
Jim Thomas Před dnem
@MechanicPluto24 worth looking into I’d say.. just Google Noah’s flood proof, dinosaurs and Noah’s flood etc
Jim Thomas
Jim Thomas Před dnem
@MechanicPluto24 and can also be relied upon and tested within the observable boundaries of science
Jim Thomas
Jim Thomas Před dnem
@MechanicPluto24 I happen to think so. I believe every word in the Bible is historically accurate and true.
MechanicPluto24 Před dnem
Bold of you to assume that Bibble shit is real
데이몬 Před dnem
Please Korean sub
Molnskuggan Před dnem
This video in a nutshell: *But the worst was yet to come*
robloxian ninja hero
In this world it’s YEET or be YEETED
Charlee Manaley
Charlee Manaley Před dnem
Is it truly a kurzgesagt video if you’re not crying by the end?
Gabbyy Před 2 dny
This made me so sad :(( poor Dino’s
Ahmad zanbua
Ahmad zanbua Před 2 dny
this is better than teacher explanation
jimmy Smith
jimmy Smith Před 2 dny
id like to watch this in cgi
Tanishq Goyal
Tanishq Goyal Před 2 dny
this is our future, the metiorite is humans, debris is atom bomb
WotNot46 Před 2 dny
This channel has brought so much knowledge to me, thank you for all of the hard work you put into these videos
James Williams
James Williams Před 2 dny
The sound the pterodactyl makes at 4:30 sounds an awful lot like Turu the Terrible from an old Jonny Quest episode...
janis janka
janis janka Před 2 dny
fake bullshit
Mad Alien Art
Mad Alien Art Před 2 dny
why does this video hit me so hard!!
Daria Turbaba
Daria Turbaba Před 2 dny
it s cool
Commander 0
Commander 0 Před 2 dny
I like how we're still going to die but in millions of years to come by the sun just expanding
Glen Joseph
Glen Joseph Před 2 dny
So an Mount Everest asteroid made the western ghats?
Matt Valenzuela
Matt Valenzuela Před 2 dny
I love everything you do! It would be nice if the merchandising would come in spanish too to give it as a present for my relatives that doesn't speak english. :)
yimji Před 2 dny
I like how there's just a frog chilling in that pond as the world got covered in lava
popkorn Před 2 dny
Even the T-Rex looks cute with your animation :)
niddg viiut
niddg viiut Před 2 dny
"It's not clear how long the human era will last..." Well that's reassuring isn't it?
A P Před 2 dny
Waiting for another asteroid to hit soon :-)
James Keneth Betonio
I've learned alot of new discoveries and new knowledge thanks to you Kurzgesagt How pleasing to watch and to hear your contents are most specifically and especially that it covered the age and history of the Dinosaurs :)
E-PANDUH Před 3 dny
Phenomenal video. One of your best narrated and displayed ones, yet. It gave me as much joy to watch it as "the story of the egg." Thanks for making these informative videos, and I hope you continue for many more years to come!
Delilah Bell
Delilah Bell Před 3 dny
narrator: The ocean is pushed back for hundreds of kilometers, like when a kid jumps into a puddle. 5 year old me: OOOooooh, (Runs outside to test}
Aradhana Chaturvedi
5:25 yep, pieces of earth got 'yeeted' into space that asteroid be like- 'yeet the Earth!' lol
Martin Devlin
Martin Devlin Před 3 dny
It’s not titanitors it’s Titanosaurs 😁
Henry Aung
Henry Aung Před 3 dny
8:15 That hit.
Christina Harris
Christina Harris Před 3 dny
What if dinosaurs was demons including all the critters from back then and god destroyed them so we can inhabit it & yeah you get the rest plus how come we’ve never seen this rock or discovered it if it was so big as they say
Thunder Cloud
Thunder Cloud Před 3 dny
How do you know this happened
Dobby Před 3 dny
Asdroids are the only thing is survival that can break bedrock
Greg Scoggin
Greg Scoggin Před 3 dny
Well, this sure was a dose of existential anxiety. Our own continuity could end in an instant, whenever the path of sufficiently large asteroid happens to intersect with ours. Every now and then, an asteroids skirts by us that we didn't see coming. And even if we do see a dangerous asteroid coming, we lack the technology to reliably deflect one from a collision course. Given the near certainty of an eventual impact, I wonder if any future historians will lament that we might have been able to develop the requisite technology to deflect an impact with just a few years' worth of the money we humans spend on sports teams, militaries, pornography, or whatever. But then again, it's amazing that so many species did make it through, some of them very little changed up to the present. Life finds a way.
Jimi Hague
Jimi Hague Před 3 dny
Feel kinda bad for the dinosaurs
livlonge Před 3 dny
bro said yeet thats it im subscribing
Godzilla Fan555
Godzilla Fan555 Před 3 dny
There is 2 good things that if dinosaurs still lived till today:We get to hear how they really sound like and see if they had feathers. Bad:Animals that live today will be dying out pretty quick and we will have a small chance to survive your whole life.But we need a military to kill them all but the Pterosaurs will attack from above and the Queztal will just scoop things up and swallow their food.We can't really be outside of our houses or even Bunkers so we can survive but when we kill all dinosaurs some of the animals will Be extinct like elephants or Giraffe (Because they are big and yes Dinosaurs will also kill Each other)And we will have a much better life.That is my guess if the Dinosaurs were still alive then we killed them all.
Youtube boys
Youtube boys Před 3 dny
in my country normally 30 degrees c
LofieJm Před 3 dny
everytime i see and read about the extinction of dinosaurs i feel so depressed and sad, they had no idea what was going on. poor babies
ChaosQube Před 3 dny
Anyone else think of Don McLean's American Pie but with dinosaurs as a theme? "The day, the dinosaurs died🎵"
Johan Latin
Johan Latin Před 3 dny
The fluency of this video was the best, I think that I was watching a really good movie. thank you so much for your job of teach us. :)
Guru Puduru
Guru Puduru Před 3 dny
Nah it was the cavemen
Kes Sharann
Kes Sharann Před 3 dny
The most impressive human feat: wiping ourselves out. We made asteroid impacts obsolete. Anthropogenic global damage is our undoing. "If we're lucky" is an empty statement.
Blxr_ Před 3 dny
2:17 "Let's stop time" Ah yes, Kurzgesagt and their stand, the world.
Magnytyze Před 3 dny
6:37 This is the limited edition Doom map.
José Skywalker
José Skywalker Před 3 dny
how HOW did anything survive this?
Anand Vaidya
Anand Vaidya Před 3 dny
Waiting for another astroid to hit the planet ever since.
Lunarian Moonstone
Lunarian Moonstone Před 3 dny
Why no german language
duck 33
duck 33 Před 3 dny
His other channel is german
Multiverse133 Před 4 dny
That got deep ..... But its true...... Hope humans can change for the survival for our biolagical life.
Huy Hà Quang
Huy Hà Quang Před 4 dny
As a graphic designer, i love your video's color
The lively australia fourthly greet because team thermodynamically melt a a busy pizza. didactic, pointless cut
So dinosaurs only lived in New Mexico?
duck 33
duck 33 Před 3 dny
What made you think that?
TheKrustyKoopa Před 4 dny
JoJo Před 4 dny
8 b 2021
AntiSocial-1548 Před 4 dny
The temperature of the air becomes super hot and a rain of fragments, now that's hell for the dinosaurs.
Gabe Před 4 dny
5:26 *Y E E T*
Eddie Wheeler
Eddie Wheeler Před 4 dny
All theory. No facts.
duck 33
duck 33 Před 3 dny
There are facts
Skid & Pump
Skid & Pump Před 4 dny
i wasnt looking at the thumbnail properly and i thought it said dino ascended
Platerpus7 Před 4 dny
Nobody ever talks about the ones who escaped into caves
XHunt Gaming
XHunt Gaming Před 4 dny
The dinosaurs probably had a last wish while they saw a flying star: death.
James T. Kirk
James T. Kirk Před 4 dny
Great Video!
General Kenobi
General Kenobi Před 4 dny
idk why but dinosaurs animated in the kurzgesagt style look weird
General Kenobi
General Kenobi Před 3 dny
@duck 33 I know that. I meant that the dinosaurs look weird in the kurzgesagt style.
duck 33
duck 33 Před 3 dny
There is a theory that dinosaurs had feathers
K&J  Adventures
K&J Adventures Před 4 dny
Do you really like edmontasaurus
2050Doggo  ・ Administrator
Ugh, I'm so stupid. What's a black hole in your own opinion?
Conthegamer Před 4 dny
Yeeted lol
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