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16. 04. 2021





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Peter Todorov
Peter Todorov Před 13 dny
We all know it The editor boosted him to GM
jelle Taelemans
jelle Taelemans Před 20 dny
Does anyone know what song 7:26 is from?
LordOfGnomes Před 20 dny
Mfw editor roasted me for playing gp mid :c
Knives Pines
Knives Pines Před 23 dny
2:23 this is fucking genius.
Arturo Grima
Arturo Grima Před 24 dny
I cant... 1:03 😂😂😂😂
Zoap Před 24 dny
Since when did they made Malphite ult single target!?
KIRK2D Před 24 dny
3:30 eating ramen and choked so hard it came out my nose this shit was funny as FUCK XD HAHA
kip123 Před 25 dny
The katarina NCS music meme is so funny XD
a ri
a ri Před 25 dny
Hey tobias 😡😡😡 if you ever bully t2g i will reap you 😡😡😡
LitriX Před 25 dny
777k subscribers
Incognite Freak
Incognite Freak Před 25 dny
Want to know why tobias don't like our comments? Because 99% of them are about the editor so he has to search the 1% that never see the spotlight
Matt Joe
Matt Joe Před 26 dny
Miguel Henry
Miguel Henry Před 26 dny
Yo anyone know that song at 4:37 I always hear it from Tobias' videos
enis serifi
enis serifi Před 26 dny
I just wanted to congratulate you for hitting challenger, it has been a long ride but u have achieved it, against everyone's expectations. But we believed in you, captain. We know u would get there, again. How long has it been, captain? 4 years? I forgot. But, what matters is, you are there again. Again, challenger. The feeling is so great, captain. Your whole crew is happy for you. All 800k of us. Good luck on the Summoners Rift, Tobito.
Daniel Bogza
Daniel Bogza Před 26 dny
does any1 knows the intro song?
Pete Romero
Pete Romero Před 26 dny
I love how Tobias just annoys trick like a little brother and trick just keeps shouting lmao
Maricchi Chie
Maricchi Chie Před 26 dny
Honestly this editor is gonna give me cancer one day, goddamn my day now is as bright as if I were living in the center of the sun
KikiNesto Před 26 dny
Hes challanger now if anyone doesn't follow streams.
Braiden54 Před 26 dny
Literally the greatest duo to watch in the League scene
Raphael F
Raphael F Před 26 dny
nice i see some indonesian lol
carlos arratia
carlos arratia Před 26 dny
anyone knows the name of the sound in 0 40
fammy dumb
fammy dumb Před 26 dny
wait wait wait wait is ur editor from tunisia ??? 4:25
Mircea Sava
Mircea Sava Před 26 dny
7:58 whats the song lol
František Fojt
František Fojt Před 26 dny
Damn, no lost games in this one? What's going on
CGTOW Před 26 dny
They managed to make a team based game that you can't even play with your friends. 2 things happen. Either someone gets mad and starts yelling or they stay silent and exit the game as soon as it ends and you won't see them online for days
iitsTre_ Před 26 dny
Plebs keep coming for Tobito... but they suck the cockles.
Seif CDA
Seif CDA Před 27 dny
4 :22 jalel brik ?!
Benedikt Gay
Benedikt Gay Před 27 dny
Honestly, the tresh Player insane
OddPotato Před 27 dny
Tobias Fate Blade
Papa Roast
Papa Roast Před 27 dny
1:40 song please
_SVEN _ Před 27 dny
Blockclinger Před 27 dny
Congrats on Challenger Toby!
Heinz Blassen
Heinz Blassen Před 27 dny
that thresh was kind of goating
rabi Před 27 dny
whats the song that starts playing at 8:27 ?
Voltera Asus
Voltera Asus Před 27 dny
like music
Eliss Youkilis
Eliss Youkilis Před 27 dny
"Is urgot blind?" Literally walks right into their team.
Abaddon Před 27 dny
Tobias' editor is a chad
Sterben Z.
Sterben Z. Před 27 dny
Trick2G : '' Imm getting D im getting D" 12 year old me : LOL you kinda SUS
Agony GgStyle
Agony GgStyle Před 27 dny
Just for the algoritm
Rishitha Premachandra
That autotune on the babyrage Oh god im weak. KEKL
Joseph John D. Biag
Joseph John D. Biag Před 27 dny
Tobito mocking Trick everytime they argue is one of the best things that has ever happened in 2021
Sevec Před 27 dny
"We out here sacrificing"
Oven Fried Fries
Oven Fried Fries Před 27 dny
Challenjour babyyyyyy
Hatacoyama Před 27 dny
Le. Farquad
Le. Farquad Před 27 dny
When trick takes off his highheels 8:32
jbonaccorsi Před 27 dny
5:00 had me crying lol, tobi and trick are the best duo. Also god tier editing
GeneralHeadshotBR Před 27 dny
I love the HL sfx man keep them coming
Martin Highland
Martin Highland Před 27 dny
The old trick2g in the mini map spot has me so weak
Ramadhan Surjoharso
Ramadhan Surjoharso Před 28 dny
Lawanlah.. oke.
Timon Eitler
Timon Eitler Před 28 dny
Song at 1:40 ??
Aryan G123
Aryan G123 Před 28 dny
Edits god
Undefined God
Undefined God Před 28 dny
at 4:10 I swear to god that's the sound effect from resident evil 5 in the main menu when you scroll through the options.
Aarón Vg
Aarón Vg Před 28 dny
man i love this editor lmao, this videos are so fucking funny AHAHAHA
adam benalaya
adam benalaya Před 28 dny
Jalel brik ? 4:16
fucking Tobias looks like Timcast lol
Fresh Banana
Fresh Banana Před 28 dny
what was the name of the song in 2:19
Link Před 28 dny
most funiest duo ngl
Iron Warrior
Iron Warrior Před 28 dny
Glados44 Greenun
Glados44 Greenun Před 28 dny
Challenjour here de go!!! Again!!!!
Crusading Aggron
Crusading Aggron Před 28 dny
You can make plays and chad as nami
kechido Před 28 dny
Fine CScamera are you happy? I've watched the video so start recommending me new things, stop suggesting the same 10 vids over and over again!
astinos Před 28 dny
i thought this was trick2gs channel
Unknown Před 28 dny
*Me trying to look angry at school* *When i see my bff entering class* 1:54
ultra instinct ZED
ultra instinct ZED Před 28 dny
the heck that scrared me 1:38
Luka Čulo
Luka Čulo Před 28 dny
Someone knows the name of the song in 9:10 , its damn epic
NewSchoolGG Před 28 dny
bro gotta say this editor keeping it fresh every time
Rick Rodriguez
Rick Rodriguez Před 28 dny
Tobias & Trick is the best duo! No 🧢
Bernardo De Cabrio
Bernardo De Cabrio Před 28 dny
0:50 killed me. That editing is just legendary
Sefu Tau
Sefu Tau Před 28 dny
Ok i wanted to ask for a long time, but can some1 tell me what the name of the song at 8:24 is pls i feel like catJAMING to it
Zen-Aku Před 28 dny
i like how the editor himself mocks tobias LMAO
Feb Uary
Feb Uary Před 28 dny
i love how every second or minute there's a meme 8DDDD
Ssss Ed
Ssss Ed Před 28 dny
Get this man to 1m subs like CScamera what the fuck are you doing
Nioaquavel Před 28 dny
Damn Tobias can really be an asshole when he is playing League
League Před 28 dny
Editor is pog
Ace Francisco
Ace Francisco Před 28 dny
just stick together dudes and climb up
mighty midget
mighty midget Před 28 dny
No one: Trick: I'M GETTING THE D
Illenium Před 28 dny
Malph have no damage
oussema Před 28 dny
Editor tounsi nayik?
James Salvador
James Salvador Před 28 dny
5:00 tobi and trick has their own language 🤣
joost van arragon
joost van arragon Před 28 dny
*Trick says anything* Tobito: bah bah bha beh beh
HoodieJuice Před 28 dny
Anybody know what music is used at 7.26 ?
dimitris klg
dimitris klg Před 28 dny
the god had blessed us with another video 2 days n a row. TobiasSlurp intesifies
GoodMask Před 28 dny
Tobias imitating Trick is the best thing in this duo, this is hilarious
TheWhiteagle99 Před 28 dny
I prefer when there where a lot more of video games references but good nonless
nalums Před 28 dny
This combo always feel like both would argue too hard on their own point, but when specificaly THESE 2 argue, it is more like lifelong friends just taking the piss out of eachother, they calm down quick and both admit misstakes while having fun at it xD. I LOVE THIS DUO!
Dirty Duck
Dirty Duck Před 28 dny
Thepowerlies Před 28 dny
2:12 looks more normal than Tyler1
Kuzu Gaki
Kuzu Gaki Před 28 dny
Bro the editor never ceases to amaze me every vid. God Tier editing indeed
Megan B.
Megan B. Před 28 dny
Has Trick2g always sounded like he was having a stroke and half of his face is drooped from it?
C Varvis
C Varvis Před 28 dny
The yoda scream always makes me laugh. Glorious
I Doubloons I
I Doubloons I Před 28 dny
I really want to watch you play, but everytime I watch you play I end up playing league giving me hope for league why do you doom me so.
KAJ0JAJ0 BAJ0JAJ0 Před 28 dny
Me when i see 12h ago ,, im moving as fast as i can"
SKYVSJP Před 28 dny
Majkros Před 28 dny
10:01 nice
Leon Dream
Leon Dream Před 28 dny
Best duo out there
Elini Linxfoot
Elini Linxfoot Před 28 dny
this editor must be a support main with the baby crying edit
Azada Před 28 dny
trick the long lost brother
Amato Yoichi
Amato Yoichi Před 28 dny
Tobi the type of guy that tied his editor in his wardrobe
Tyler Woody
Tyler Woody Před 28 dny
insolentMinx47 Před 28 dny
All jokes aside..these guys are a solid duo when they arent messing around and arguing