EPIC & DRAMATIC Battle Between Rafa Nadal and Denis Shapovalov in Rome! 

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13. 05. 2021





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Saša Belopoljanski
Saša Belopoljanski Před 13 dny
Rafa is menthal giant, Dennis isn't nor will ever be. Unfortunately.
Xi DIAMOND Před 27 dny
Nadal fought off two match points. Watching live I was a nervous wreck
Xi DIAMOND Před 27 dny
When Nadal was down love 3 in the second who really still believed? Or thought he was gonna lose...Be honest...
Rajarshi Ghosh
Rajarshi Ghosh Před měsícem
He might not be the finest player the world has seen but it's his gladiator-like spirit that is so inspiring.
Sebastian Pierre
Sebastian Pierre Před měsícem
The king is the king end if story
Ulysse 94
Ulysse 94 Před měsícem
is there a link where i can see the two match ball saved by big rafa
Ken Hood
Ken Hood Před měsícem
Nadal is having a much harder time on clay than in the past. Dropping a lot of sets in these tournaments thus far this year. Novak on hard courts is not as dominant as he was 2 years. Undoubtedly both of these players are losing their grip on their dominance.
Babar Ali
Babar Ali Před měsícem
another nightmare for Rafa
Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav Před měsícem
These young chaps should understand.They require sheer mental strength and intensity throughout the match to win against these beasts trio of Rafa, Novak & Roger
HCaulfield115 Před měsícem
McEnroe has said if he were playing today, his game would be like Shapo’s. Future #1 but needs to start being a total Dennis the Menace on the court like Johnny Mac 😂😂😂
2010s kid
2010s kid Před měsícem
The highlights is bit long can you make it shorter
Zamrah Mohamad Zam
Zamrah Mohamad Zam Před měsícem
Felt sorry for the young blood. I guess they will have their time to shine after this. The fighting spirit of Nadal is tremendous. It's hard to overcome this man at his own game.
Ina Marie
Ina Marie Před měsícem
Dont give up nadal...
Shahid Khan
Shahid Khan Před měsícem
Great comeback by nadal
Gautam L
Gautam L Před měsícem
Nadal was 0-4,0-3 and 1-3 down. But still won
Bolson Caker
Bolson Caker Před měsícem
Продажный матч, очевидно жн
Hoàng Anh Tú
Hoàng Anh Tú Před měsícem
Shapovalov in left-handed seems to be Tsitsipas in right-handed
Vinay S
Vinay S Před měsícem
That's why they are called "BIG 3".
Jinn SpiderVenom
Jinn SpiderVenom Před měsícem
Wahat a Warrior is Nadal ... He never give up like alvays ! 💪
Eden Johnson
Eden Johnson Před měsícem
Hail, Rafa!!!!!
Michael Erickson
Michael Erickson Před měsícem
Nadal never says die EVER
Cristhian Ayala
Cristhian Ayala Před měsícem
Shapovalov 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
ALIENS1393 Před měsícem
Korol amazing. Rafa i love you.
BloodyEVILeye Před měsícem
Rafa got little bit more lucky at the end. But next generation players are coming strong!
M L Před měsícem
Tremendous willpower of Nadal! People like Nadal live long lives VAMOS RAFA
Nils Meijer
Nils Meijer Před měsícem
Shapovalov must've felt so down after this game. Rafael Nadal's mentality is just out of this world.
Marc A
Marc A Před měsícem
Rafa and his desire to win. How we are gonna miss this man when he retires.
tswrench Před měsícem
It was Shapovalov's match to lose, but they were playing in Rafa's house.
Alex Mc Cloud
Alex Mc Cloud Před měsícem
Ahhhhh fuuuuuck!!! Almost... Shapo had so much opportunities!! But clearly he can beat Nadal!! Oh yes!!!
Sachin Balakrishnan
Sachin Balakrishnan Před měsícem
this is the rafa we know
Best Of UK Audits
Best Of UK Audits Před měsícem
Is this recent? Dafuq he still moves around like he's 20 years old! The man is way too special
Trippy Trellis
Trippy Trellis Před měsícem
I wanted Shapovalov to win. I'm sick of Nadal.😞😷
相馬哲士 Před měsícem
Shapovalov has a backhand
chahem Před měsícem
Clean winners from Shapo. Potential there
prashanth m
prashanth m Před měsícem
Shapo should have attacked on those match points..the pressure was on nadal and not him.. he had nothing to lose... he was defensive.. and you cannot be defensive with Nadal on clay... just a thought as audience..
Rebecca Villafuerte
Rebecca Villafuerte Před měsícem
That’s RAFA doctrine... NEVER GIVE UP until d last point... He’s undeniably a great warrior... His attitude inside d court is incomparable....HUMBLED 💙 As Rafa has said.... Young good players are coming out. He’s aging. D next 2 years will be different. This is sad for d fans but it’s d reality. But fans will be very happy to watch Rafa continue winning titles. Retiring is not too soon hopefully...
Sky Před měsícem
Burhanuddin Kanchwala
Burhanuddin Kanchwala Před měsícem
Shapo played the best game.. but the gladiator got those really tight points that matter.. it's so regular for nadal that when on trailing match point he does some thing so magical.. his will is just too strong
Mutia Sari
Mutia Sari Před měsícem
When i watched Nadal play, i got heart attack too afraid he Will get lost. I love him a lot...
Triten Před měsícem
So they cant even shake the umpires hand cuz of COVID? Man this world has really changed.
sanatoshi Před měsícem
Who are from india please like ❤️,
Marleen Fawcett
Marleen Fawcett Před měsícem
Fantastic tennis. Shapovalov was incredible. Of course Rafa found a way his ability to pick apart Shapos game is experience and grit . Thanks for the excellent match 👏
RealJ8 Před měsícem
Shapo the better player in this match. Nadal still playing 2 miles behind the base line and simply being Nadal I guess, but Shapo has this in the bag multiple times and let it slip
Raj DMan
Raj DMan Před měsícem
Nadal so bored winning at clay he decided to what kind of match to turn it into.
Afro Queiroz
Afro Queiroz Před měsícem
Que jogo heim era para ter matado no segundo set quando estava 3x0 , mais não fechou aí deu a chance para o Rafael Nadal grande jogador
Aku bersyukur
Aku bersyukur Před měsícem
You know what....I only watched this replay of Nadal-Shapo match after knowing that Nadal won. I thought that Nadal would have lost when Shapo held match points. It is not just spectacular display of tennis match you get when you watch Nadal play, above all you will always learn valuable lessons - never ever stop fighting, never give up and accept challenges that come because nobody can take away the experiences that come with them.
NIKI Před měsícem
Nadal very rarely loses on clay. When he is in top shape he is virtually unbeatable. Great comeback from him.
Geovane de Araújo dos Anjos
Shapo hammered in the beginning but, Rafa came back in the end. Iconic match.
Benjamin Buchthal
Benjamin Buchthal Před měsícem
Shapo should have called Tsitsipas and ask him when a match vs. Nadal is over... Nadal - finally though - looks very vulnerable on clay. Tsitsipas should have won Barcelona, Zverev did win in Madrid and now Shapo should have won in Rome. Will this be the year when someone takes Roland Garros from Nadal????
Gian Durrer
Gian Durrer Před měsícem
poor shapo
Nikola Lutovac
Nikola Lutovac Před měsícem
How can you skip the saved match points?
pp vv
pp vv Před měsícem
2:04 didn't see that coming
Fabry Motta
Fabry Motta Před měsícem
Shapovalov doesn't have the mental strength to be in the top 5. He will always be around 15th position in the ATP ranking. Thats just the way it's gonna be. And he's not a fair player either.
Juan Carlos Azorin Revenga
Rafa Tennis Champ
Rafa Tennis Champ Před měsícem
This is what the next gen must learn from RAfa .. Patience. Consistency and Fighting spirit never give up even trailing and matchpoint against..
When I was watching the match, thought that youngsters attack at the beginning with their sheer physical strength but tennis needs both strength and mental strength.. Nadal has both... And he proved it in the end... Rome thriller indeed...
Vinko Petrović
Vinko Petrović Před měsícem
What happened happened
John Bills
John Bills Před měsícem
Nadal is beatable at the french. Age is catching up, but still The King 👑 of Clay and the Great champion.
DS Před měsícem
No, he is not. The level it is showing this week in Rome, although it is higher than that shown in Madrid, is not even close to the performance it is going to show in Paris. Just get ready for less than a month to see Nadal lift his fourteenth Musketeers Cup. 🎾
Костантин Анифантакис
Amazing game by two amazing players. Thanks Tennis TV.
Sala h Drwish
Sala h Drwish Před měsícem
General Shockwave Kingpin
Nadal's legendary heart and nerve, on display here.
MINDRIGHT Před měsícem
Nadal's second career should be as a motivational speaker. The man has both the mental and physical fortitude to move mountains. What an example of strength, determination, and perseverance. Vamos Rafa!
Mario de Blas Silván
Mario de Blas Silván Před měsícem
gabriel gervais
gabriel gervais Před měsícem
it is for such reasons Roland Garros this year is set to be harder than ever for Nadal: some seriously hungry newer talent out there, as Nadal himself noted.
DS Před měsícem
Nadal will raise his level so high than nobody that no one, not even the young, will be able to stop him.
J F Před měsícem
3:42 Proves Shapovalov isn’t 6’1 like he claims 😂
kiki bell
kiki bell Před měsícem
i thought he could be win so sorry.
Wajahat Malik
Wajahat Malik Před měsícem
rafa won the match but shapalulov won our heart
jdc1957 Před měsícem
Nice PJs
Жорабек Жора
Жорабек Жора Před měsícem
Надаль молодец удачи
caTpuccino Před měsícem
How the hell did Nadal win this one? Just amazing what he can do on the clay court, brilliant game!
Angel's Music
Angel's Music Před měsícem
el shapo is very talented!!!one year from now shapo will win titles on clay!!!
Khalil Jibran
Khalil Jibran Před měsícem
When the going gets tough the tough get going...nadal
Tesla Death Ray
Tesla Death Ray Před měsícem
Shapo didn't need to go for anything at all on those match points. Just keep it in play long enough
ray Man
ray Man Před měsícem
Donald Njokanma
Donald Njokanma Před měsícem
So many people begin to test Rafa on clay. RG might be interesting this year. Although many people doubted Novak for AO and he proved them wrong. I feel Rafa will do the same
Hernan Cano
Hernan Cano Před měsícem
Nadal refuses to lose, never gives up, not just a tennis example, but definitely a life one!
Senthil Veeran
Senthil Veeran Před měsícem
I watched the match. Rafa was one set down and 0-3 in the second. Thought the match will be over under 10 minutes. Exited live stream and ater one hour when I was again browsing some other CScamera videos, saw Nadal-Shapo live stream in the recommendation. Thought how the hell the match is not over yet. Started watching again and eventually Nadal won. Vamos Rafa.
Ιωαννης Κωφιδης
3.58 minutes highlights for a 3.3 hours game are to much, please next time less.
chandu cool
chandu cool Před měsícem
Lesson: Never give up in your life.
FrontLine Spy Barnes
FrontLine Spy Barnes Před měsícem
Nadal vs Djkovic for old times sake
Surya Yalla
Surya Yalla Před měsícem
Epic rafa can dig deeper
Ashwin Hoskote
Ashwin Hoskote Před měsícem
Is RAFA a human being?? He is more than a Super Human being! Clay is your slave King Rafa! What a learning for Shapovalov! He now knows what it takes to be up there! Well played Denis Shapovalov!
J C Před měsícem
Nadal is a very nice guy.
Francesco Spini
Francesco Spini Před měsícem
6/3 3/1 40/15 for shapo and he didn’t win the match! I think he need a mental trainer (or a better one).
D Darvell Briggs
D Darvell Briggs Před měsícem
Nadal is inspiring. On their best day and one of your worst days you can still win. Just don't give up. Nadal is perseverance personified!
CHIN0094 Před měsícem
These 2 champions must have thought they’re in ancient Rome where gladiators fought to the death in the colosseum.
Orchite da cospirazionisti
Epic Is Lorenzo Sonego !
Edison Subandi
Edison Subandi Před měsícem
Even in his old age or near finish his era , he still give examples for young players not to give up if still have chances. Well done Rafa. Hope can get title in Rome.
Shaun Tha Great
Shaun Tha Great Před měsícem
The God of Clay emerged
Gawrike Hettiarachchi
Gawrike Hettiarachchi Před měsícem
Shapovalov tried his maximum and even more.........but Nadal's fighting spirit is just so good..... *this is where experience pays off!!!*
Navin Israni
Navin Israni Před měsícem
You don't become a king without consistently beating the big guns and you don't remain a king by surviving challengers. Rafa proved that today 😎
Juan Salvador Garcini Fernández
I’m worried about Rafa he’s winning out of grit more than skill and I don’t know if it will be enough for the French sadly. His form is not there for me. The zverev match will tell a lot but I don’t see him winning with this performance and the fact he lost to Sasha last week. Hope I’m wrong m.
Rafa Lol
Rafa Lol Před měsícem
Shapo had a match point toooo
македонски фудбал
This rafa fella looks like he can hit a ball or two on this dirt surface
Phoniq Před měsícem
What a slug fest!
keri reeder
keri reeder Před měsícem
He is so far off from being a king nasal needs to cut down on all his rituals just serve the dam ball they would get more people to watch if they didn’t televise nasal and all his pokes and pulls it get real old
last munetsi-nyama
last munetsi-nyama Před měsícem
Vamos Rafa!
Alex Vien
Alex Vien Před měsícem
Tough loss for Shapo. Feel bad for the guy
Jay Bahadur Shah
Jay Bahadur Shah Před měsícem
PhenomeNaDAL......Incredible Intrepidity....Just sit and Watch....I came I saw I I dug I conquered
Colonel Gibbs
Colonel Gibbs Před měsícem
not only is he a great sportsman off the court, on the court hes porobably the biggest fighter there is. man we are lucky to have this guy
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