Listen to Your Heart (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Violet Orlandi) 

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Original by Roxette
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4333 Oltedal, Rogaland
Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.


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19. 02. 2021





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Martin makes something
Martin makes something Před 3 hodinami
1206 ppl dont listen to their heart!
Greg Glen
Greg Glen Před 3 hodinami
Absolutely awesome as per usual!!!
Robert Sałapatek
Robert Sałapatek Před 8 hodinami
Am i the only to this fragment at 3:50 non stop? Just can't stop XD
MiltonY2K Před 8 hodinami
Best cover from Leo and Violet.....
Yago Reck
Yago Reck Před 13 hodinami
Oh crap. I love Leo, I freakin' love Violet (she's the ultimate GF goals for a metalhead, at least for me
Валера Легецкий
Lojayn AR
Lojayn AR Před dnem
could you do an arabic track? and if you could, tell me and I'll tell you what it is
Audiogeeks Vintage Sales
Very strange first time thru. But it grows . Excellent metal rework.
Christopher Yawn
Christopher Yawn Před dnem
Camilla Håvik
Camilla Håvik Před dnem
Fantastiskk 😀😀♥️♥️
Relax by Red Conifer
ALL of your songs are great💪, i wish you make cool and the gang - she's fresh 🙏🙏🙏
Michele D'ambrosio
One of your best cover, iconic song! Great job both of you! I really loved this cover, keep on going Leo and thanks for your amazing work!
Such a good song, and a wonderful cover!
Diego Barbosa
Diego Barbosa Před dnem
LordBLB Před dnem
Great stuff as always, Leo and Violet! Simply amazing!
Magyarangol Fordítás
I love your covers.... There is always something added and the way you rethink these songs is gr8
Anthony BACH
Anthony BACH Před dnem
Absolutely Massive 🔥
Dapper D
Dapper D Před dnem
She ruined the song. Everything else was perfect.
Blake H
Blake H Před dnem
great song. could have done without the heart removal part.
Retno Mulyadi
Retno Mulyadi Před dnem
This cover fucking awesome !!!!
Mutterkorn Před dnem
This is great. Thanx Guys
walid idrissi
walid idrissi Před dnem
Daaaaaamn keep this shit coming 🤟🤩
stanisława mah
stanisława mah Před dnem
Love you musicie 😍😍😍
Roberto Fregolent
I love u Violet
stephanie elder
stephanie elder Před dnem
would be better with lauren babic
DUARTE Před dnem
Чуть со стула не упал...Ничего себе вы зажигаете))
Ryan Adshead
Ryan Adshead Před dnem
love your productions and covers, keep em coming!
Naiara Alves
Naiara Alves Před 2 dny
Sem comentarios wow
Uygar Turantekin
Uygar Turantekin Před 2 dny
brix ton
brix ton Před 2 dny
Vanta Blue
Vanta Blue Před 2 dny
I love this collab and cover, but it also really makes me miss Marie Fredriksson. Her voice was special. So many memories. Thank you. I got happy tears of fond remembrance.
Terry Kennedy
Terry Kennedy Před 2 dny
This man played all the instruments. Now i must listen to my fart, Itz telling the truth. Listen to my fart, Ivegotta go take a poo
Сергей Шатровский
please sing with Ai Mori )
Randy Hill
Randy Hill Před 2 dny
Excellent Job you two! I can listen to this on repeat lol.
Geir Andre Bråten
Geir Andre Bråten Před 2 dny
Jævla bra fy faen!!!!!!!!
TeknoHermit Před 2 dny
Voices that want to be hoid, but you can't find the woids.
Gianpaolo Bertacca
Gianpaolo Bertacca Před 2 dny
When are you gonna upload the full version of "Violet Orlandi" ?
Wurstbrot81 Před 2 dny
Great. Now I have an violet orlandi-jingle-earworm
Holy shit! Her voice is amazing! She has an Amy Lee quality about her but definitely a beautiful voice in her own right. May be the first time I've heard her, but she is pure talent. Of course Leo, you're the shit as well
Tab Clark
Tab Clark Před 3 dny
I would love to see "Heaven" By Bryan Adams covered, and "Wonderwall" by Oasis covered. I feel like that is a challenge you would do amazing at!
Tab Clark
Tab Clark Před 3 dny
This is the best cover I have ever heard! Friggin amazing Leo!
Sašo Petrič
Sašo Petrič Před 3 dny
Maaaan i wish i was Violet
Gabe Mesa
Gabe Mesa Před 3 dny
Kyle Cole
Kyle Cole Před 3 dny
Wow!!! This is epic and awesome!! You guys definitely rock!! 🎸 🤘
Андрей Ляпко
Ностальгия((( Моя юность...
Jangoo bonevillDolls
Metalsette 😈🤘
Michael Nu
Michael Nu Před 3 dny
If this isn’t played at my wedding, it is actually a wedding? 💁‍♂️
john doe
john doe Před 3 dny
can yall meet in person to collab? all of these pieced together bits are hearted
Deadra Lynx
Deadra Lynx Před 3 dny
Аналитика 365
Приветствую Мой СвЯщенный Северный Брат...sub///...%^)
Klaatu Barada Niktu
In this case I say Leo needs to just jam on the guitar and let her sing.
Christian Kimmel
Christian Kimmel Před 3 dny
Do a bonnie Tyler bright eyes cover. You have such amazing covers i want to see what you can do with that
Erin Wisler
Erin Wisler Před 4 dny
U always put out such fun stuff. Love watching.
Daniel Před 4 dny
Love it!
Ilmenheru Terikson
Ilmenheru Terikson Před 4 dny
I mean I guess we should go follow Violet Orlandi, that may be the single best bump to a fellow CScamerar and collab partner I have ever come across on youtube. I do hope Leo uses that Violet Orlandi roar as a custom ringtone for when she calls. I know I would if I was so blessed to be someone she ever wanted to call lol.
Kathryn della Porta
I listened to this song on repeat for about 12 hours of a 36-hour all-nighter. Thanks for helping me power through!
Anthony Hastings
Anthony Hastings Před 4 dny
There is an ironic dichotomy here with an edgar allen poe story where he wants his heart to shut up
Anthony Hastings
Anthony Hastings Před 4 dny
All of your videos are just so awesome and very well produced...hope you are earning a few bucks from them
xSorrowxKingx Před 4 dny
Violet reminds me of Angela Vidal (Of the REC movies) a little.
Tinelle Butcher
Tinelle Butcher Před 4 dny
Iycv j i k kvj l.l j hbl.ucjk k tik l l. N kph gvk k l k k k ln cch l. Tivl kkrucuo k k k k k l. Hl m i l kj k o h bk u k l.l. jnl k k knl o l j u k o k k l.o l j j l.l n gbl l.l l l.l j k l.k l m g k.l. hvk.l g h k.l.p.ppnxgo l Mo.p.p.l.l gkvj kbgj l.l.l.ll.l oml.j g j l.u ur k l.pno.l.pbchl m
Johan Jooste
Johan Jooste Před 4 dny
Watched and loved this track live way back in 1994 - yes boys and girls, 1994 ! Will forever be my guiding light - thank you Marie and Per ! Now in 2021 this brilliant reincarnation !! Absolute perfection - Thank you Leo and Violet 🙏
Имя Фамилия
When Violet harmonizes with the guitar, hitting high or low notes only when the guitar plays like that - it's such a pleasure to listen to.
Dam Dam A North
Dam Dam A North Před 4 dny
what a listen heart💖 😁🤣🤭
Rozia Rawi
Rozia Rawi Před 4 dny
Heart need this especially if it is little bit deaf.
Robert Schäffer
Robert Schäffer Před 4 dny
HAted this song as a teen. Fucking love this song as an adult now. :D
Home Fitness TV
Home Fitness TV Před 4 dny
rip Roxette
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith Před 4 dny
At 4:45 ish it starts sounding like a dark souls boss fight.
Jim Powers
Jim Powers Před 4 dny
Cobra Kai never dies.
Auri Lucif
Auri Lucif Před 5 dny
Igo Mi
Igo Mi Před 5 dny
The best tribute to Mari Frederiksson. Thanx.
Zaine Dean
Zaine Dean Před 5 dny
Better than orginal by far
Владимир Крыжик
Leo, you are super !!! And the girls next door are all prettier and prettier !!!))) Keep up the good work, hello from Kiev !!!)))
rspike462 Před 5 dny
I honestly love this cover, its one of the best versions ive EVER heard :)
Sylwester Boński
Sylwester Boński Před 5 dny
3:51 ❤❤❤
Mihran Ghazali
Mihran Ghazali Před 5 dny
The best cover
Scorpion Clips
Scorpion Clips Před 5 dny
love it. so much talent. banger
Handri Haron
Handri Haron Před 5 dny
Lance Browning
Lance Browning Před 6 dny
Epic just isn't enough to describe this damn thing. Amazing job you awesome jabroni's
Joe Jarvis
Joe Jarvis Před 6 dny
The best thing about the frog leap videos is the fact that they are always 2 awesome songs per click.
Gotta admit the outro to this video is awesome it's been stuck in my head😂
Felipe X
Felipe X Před 6 dny
Marcelinho cresceu e ta tocando numa banda. Que loko.
Ralph Shelton
Ralph Shelton Před 6 dny
Damn, that’s was pretty fucking good man. Hell Yeah.
Densetsu Ti racconto una storia
Nice collab. Well done
Storm Pigeon
Storm Pigeon Před 6 dny
This is just awesome
Алексей Никитенко
Бровями она конечно же играет шикарно, красавица 😘
Mark Sutherland, Jr.
Those break downs though.
María José Ventura
Pero qué buenos compañeros te buscas 😃 Qué fuerza!!!! Desde Sevilla con ♥️🔥🤘
BobDa D'Naila
BobDa D'Naila Před 7 dny
Nicole Young
Nicole Young Před 7 dny
I love the original of this song but... DAMN!!!
Jabbonevich Před 7 dny
Нихуя се Роксет
Martin makes something
Lukasz Zal
Lukasz Zal Před 7 dny
Aaaaah, so f.cking amazing !!!!!
John Lopez
John Lopez Před 7 dny
Super Awesome!!! Two things i love, when you do collab's and when you cover old school music. How about covering something from Missing Persons or Berlin or maybe Motels.
Diego Raul Mendieta Cari
Majestuoso !
Сергей Loki
Сергей Loki Před 7 dny
Уберите психического ,я щас полицию вызову (да не,шучу,сам такой)
Luis Leal de Faria
Luis Leal de Faria Před 7 dny
I keep coming back to this song for two reasons. The fantastic awesome cover and that outro man, so freaking cool it should be a song on a separate video lol
Loonie News
Loonie News Před 7 dny
Lea's musical detours are getting better and better. I remember my gramps doing that on the piano. Remarkable.
Janice Mercier Mercier
Much Better Version!!!!
Shane Bersett
Shane Bersett Před 7 dny
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