Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 086: THE ICE FORTRESS LABORATORY! 

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In this episode, I begin work on the basement under the ice fortress with an amazing floor pattern and then meet up with @Grian to make some plans for the HCBBS (Hermitcraft Big Barge Sweep).
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Song: Stellar - JJD & AudioBlade
Music provided by Ninety9Lives
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Gaming, Minecraft
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13. 04. 2021





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impulseSV Před měsícem
Apparently, I'm running out of title ideas and re-using old ones now 😂 Title. Changed.
HappyGamer 4ever
HappyGamer 4ever Před 26 dny
Angelo Před 27 dny
You sound like @Mark Rober
Angelo Před 27 dny
You sound like @markrober
ANSH GOEL Před měsícem
Put a title full on pvp and kill Grian Iskall and Mumbo
Domenico Noce
Domenico Noce Před měsícem
Glad to hear your back is better
Damian de Regt
Damian de Regt Před 7 dny
one cool floor
Olivia W
Olivia W Před 10 dny
That floor has no right to be so gorgeous
Steve gaming
Steve gaming Před 21 dnem
Its town hall 12's max wall
Rafael Martins
Rafael Martins Před 23 dny
My favorite hermit is back, hope youre doing well Impulse
EggNinja Před 23 dny
You really shouldn't burn yourself out like that, 2 time lapses in one video, and especially cause your injured, and it's ok if you take a long break
someone sus
someone sus Před 23 dny
Chandelier? Diamond chandelier?
Wyatt Martineau
Wyatt Martineau Před 24 dny
Holy... this build is satisfying
Basti5454 Před 24 dny
I hope you are doing well with your back.
Wemboz Před 26 dny
the ice fortress reminds me of the old LEGO SPACE sets(the monorail sets)
Henry Troake
Henry Troake Před 26 dny
if there's something we can rely on impulse for, it's digging a big hole
HappyGamer 4ever
HappyGamer 4ever Před 26 dny
Iskall's demise feels like it happened yesterday
Sneak Parasite91
Sneak Parasite91 Před 26 dny
Sneak Parasite91
Sneak Parasite91 Před 26 dny
Justin Major
Justin Major Před 26 dny
ice king impulse
Joran Schneyer
Joran Schneyer Před 26 dny
17:25 Bdubs actually called this his „second storage“. So at least he remembers it and uses it from time to time ✌🏻
Angelo Před 27 dny
You sound like @MarkRober
Edward mcinnes
Edward mcinnes Před 27 dny
so yeah.... mentioning pulled back I am in that boat now *grumbling under breath.* "crazy, old father still thinking I'm a spring chicken and still 20 years old.!"
45 Potato
45 Potato Před 27 dny
A good red stone idea for the shopping experience is changeable paths. Like you could have levers you could try and hit so you can take a detour for more items
TheTechBoyMC Před 28 dny
3:15 - All the lag on the server fitted into a Full HD image...
Vertia the Green
Vertia the Green Před 28 dny
I watched Bdubs' video. Him and Scar are using their 1st prize area as a shopping district storage area.
Cameron Lovell
Cameron Lovell Před 28 dny
Maybe you can tease the riders by tossing valuable items in front of them but just out of reach (like a fountain), where they think they could grab the item, but its just barely too far.
Nathaniel Eudaily
Nathaniel Eudaily Před 28 dny
I literally just remembered that his official skin has a creeper on the front and the I on the back
Natalie White
Natalie White Před 28 dny
i wish icould catch the hermits help hermits, but its so early! im always at school
Alice Petal
Alice Petal Před 28 dny
i never really appreciated just HOW MUCH WORK goes into a timelapse, until you see the fortress built in one go, or all that grinding.
Matt Lewandowski
Matt Lewandowski Před 28 dny
yeah... b-dubs is claiming it is his secret storage facility in his newest video... (they forgot about it)
Merpalist Před 28 dny
3:57 that's what she said
Nathyn Rousselo
Nathyn Rousselo Před 28 dny
You can make a “loop de loop” with slime blocks
Li Ho
Li Ho Před 28 dny
They did collect it :) BDubs just said his video :) they use it as hidden storage
James Young
James Young Před 29 dny
Hey professor of minecraft tfc is back how bout a hhh with him?!
Names_is_live Před 29 dny
Nobody noticed 17:49
Димитър Дзимбов
6:13 replace the cyan with pink they'll contrast really well
Logan O'Donnell
Logan O'Donnell Před 29 dny
Rest and feel better
ZᴇɴXツ Před 29 dny
Is been a while since a Watched Hermitcraft
Abiella Meza
Abiella Meza Před 29 dny
Imagine your shop being a barrel! 😂
Jamila Malek
Jamila Malek Před 29 dny
I just love pulses farms
Cameron Price
Cameron Price Před 29 dny
The Litematica mod would help with making big builds :)
Just Chaos
Just Chaos Před 29 dny
Glad you are feeling better. Keep on Recovering, there is no need to worry about your fans, we will be here, waiting.
Visneer9 Před 29 dny
This many people have already seen the Grian footage off of his channel | V
Seirene Před 29 dny
Impulse casually doing the red stones after a lot of digging.
gowiya13 Před 29 dny
I did the same thing!
Adamas Berry
Adamas Berry Před 29 dny
Iskall seeing all the diorite under Impulse's ice farm: 🔥
cool guy
cool guy Před 29 dny
Hey impulse, you should put a farm under the ice fortress.
Mizuna Před 29 dny
All I see in that floor is Sl1pg8r logos xD
Ealtas Před měsícem
Impulse: We are going to make chandeliers look better 1:31 Grian: pathetic
User Name
User Name Před měsícem
The Time-lapse music at 3:14 is Feeling Alright by Gavin Luke
Sam Před měsícem
I love your timelapse music
RK FAKE Před měsícem
2:38 i looooove how he spotted the missing quarz piece behind the water, but not the obious missing blackstone slab right in front of him 9:02 you can also change the center of each white cross with a sea lantern
Science and mayhem Productions
Wait the i on you shirt is an i this entire I thought it was a upside down explanation point
Kris Fambrough
Kris Fambrough Před měsícem
Impulse offer bdubs and scar like 15 diamond blocks each for all that barge quest goodies they left behind 🤣
Undexo Před měsícem
You should send them down a long dark tunnel that ends in lava and right before they go in it a piston stops them and shoots them up.
Moss Kilby
Moss Kilby Před měsícem
Didn't even realise u back to yellow untill you said xD
S. P.
S. P. Před měsícem
Grian: its a mini game Impulse: i like mini games Grian: how dare you!
S. P.
S. P. Před měsícem
What is this music, another tiktok ad??? Nope! it's an Impulse timelapse (jk)
Rays Works
Rays Works Před měsícem
Wow, all those colors really pop on the build! looks great
Brodie Před 26 dny
When is the proto ban video coming out?
m3240e Před 29 dny
Yeah it’s a great build
Jarred Villadelrey
Jarred Villadelrey Před měsícem
laartje24 Před měsícem
No need for apologising Impulse, health comes first. I am glad to hear your back is doing better and I am hyped for the next episode!
Edita Zilinskyte
Edita Zilinskyte Před měsícem
Its honestly kind of cute that impulse thinks pink/yellow hair dye can just "wash out". The colour could wash out but the hair would stay blonde because of the bleach. It can only grow out to be back to brown. But you would still have blonde tips
Srinivas Bangalore
Srinivas Bangalore Před měsícem
69 dislikes
Severe Introvert
Severe Introvert Před měsícem
I'm glad you are feeling better. I recently had a back injury myself and it isn't fun. Always do what is best for you, we care about your health much more than videos.
Joseph Kakish
Joseph Kakish Před měsícem
yes tiles
HKpanzer Před měsícem
Stress sees Impulse and Ethos ice fortresses/castles. Stress = Heavy breathing
Jan Vafa
Jan Vafa Před měsícem
Square Celtic knots! Cool floor design!
ADITYA SAPKAL Před měsícem
I think u should take a break. PLEASE take care of yourself bud, BTW luv ur videos
Adjio147 Před měsícem
I’m getting iskall demise vibes
NightShadeFern Před měsícem
Naked and scared is my favorite. Really gets you thinking outside the box. Id like to see one with the challenge: obtain 64 diamonds without mining in 21 days. Diamond armor/ tools from trades count at half value.
Slushiepower 10
Slushiepower 10 Před měsícem
Wouldn’t you need a ceiling so the water doesn’t flow to below when you use the farm?
Richard Lusk
Richard Lusk Před měsícem
Ngl you dug that out like a sucker #tntgang
Jstame Před měsícem
A secret button that opens a secret path of the ride would be awesome!
Faris Latif
Faris Latif Před měsícem
In this season hermit really integrate the terracotta in their building
Jesse Mitchell
Jesse Mitchell Před měsícem
Its my dream to be noticed by a hermit. Im grinding on my base building game so someday.
The DynamiteTiger
The DynamiteTiger Před měsícem
Love the floor design. It reminds me of Sl1pg8r's symbol.
MJRookieForge Před měsícem
F for the pink :c You will be missed.
Myles Perry
Myles Perry Před měsícem
Impulse, if you place a detector rail on top of the slime block it will bud power the piston and cause it to fire, making a very compact minecart launcher
BrownR87 Před měsícem
You should extend the ice farm floor from the middle so that only green squares go along one axis, and the blue ones go along other axis. I think it would look extra cool to see clean, slow lines of squares overlap in a busy center area.
MoonShadow Před měsícem
Iskall is gonna remember his Season 6 demise while riding this lol
Augusto Gonzalez
Augusto Gonzalez Před měsícem
Seeing impulse reconstructing he's base and then changing the colors and then doing it again to then build a massive super intricate ice fortress which will have a massive basement with a super exotic floor pattern Hey impz is everything ok? 😅😂
BilElSicario Před měsícem
that's the type of video I'd let my future son watch instead of those braindamaging tiktok. I'll introduce him to Minecraft for sure and let his creativiy speak
Alison Pinkston
Alison Pinkston Před měsícem
“Oops left some boxes out my bad” completely ignores them and continues on
Benny Landon
Benny Landon Před měsícem
Lets get him to 100k likes
greg jorda
greg jorda Před měsícem
nice... chainmail floor
bob smith
bob smith Před měsícem
Hey impulse did you get that name from Smallvile the flash just saying
Coke Savage
Coke Savage Před měsícem
Hcbbs sound familiar to anyone(hermitcraft big base swap)
christina yeager
christina yeager Před měsícem
5:49 it looks like a glazed terracotta
junaid malim
junaid malim Před měsícem
Even apple does that..... Watch veritasium's video named "this is why we can't have nice things" he explained it well although it was kinda a side topic........
Močnik Royale
Močnik Royale Před měsícem
shorter episodes ls... 15minutes max!
Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito Před měsícem
Oh my lord I love that floor
Thanoz A
Thanoz A Před měsícem
Grian: makes the Mycelium Resistance right above Decked Out Impulse: makes the HCBBS right above Decked Out Grian: I am proud to call you my Barge Partner
Mira Flynn
Mira Flynn Před měsícem
Honestly, Hermits Helping Hermits is one of my favorite things that has happened lately. I know it doesn’t increase the total amount of work that can get done, but it sure seems like it does.
James Tolliver
James Tolliver Před měsícem
Plz bring back pink pulse
Cattercoon Před měsícem
7:05 "There was a few extra bodies in there" -impulseSV 2021 I know its supposed to be buddies but to me it just really sounds like bodies
77Brainfreeze Před měsícem
I got sweaty palms just looking at the durability of Impulse's items.
QueensamYT Před měsícem
Road to 1 mil, we’re so close!
sbditto85 Před měsícem
Who turned on my pipes screensaver? 😋
Lenke Kustár-Nagy
Lenke Kustár-Nagy Před měsícem
Wow, that floor is gorgeous!
XxLord BelxX
XxLord BelxX Před měsícem
You should add to impulse buys with all the stuff you sell in the other shops but at a slight mark up for the one stop shop convince... Like instead of pricing by the stack, price the same for 48(7/8 of a stack) or something like that...
Ismail Malloul-Mico
Ismail Malloul-Mico Před měsícem
Hello Impulse, I am promoting a discord server to do with tips and tricks about Minecraft. Personally I think you are very good at surviving mincraft but you don't have to talk about that. This server is mainly talking to your viewers more personally about your tips. Do not worry, the server is non-toxic and we have 3 bots on the alert. One last thing if I may, I would like it if you promoted it any way you want just so your viewers know were to ask for advice.
jai singh
jai singh Před měsícem
Let's break the 78 K likes record guys
Brian Kwiatkoski
Brian Kwiatkoski Před měsícem
So the demise track for Iskall, just with less death. Neat.
TheFallenLegacyWoW Před měsícem
For the shopping experience; you should make a hidden section they need to leave all their inventory at the start they need to pick up like a snowball they need to throw that snowball at a target block
Soham Biswal
Soham Biswal Před měsícem
Man I appreciate your work. it inspires me a lot. love from INDIA
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell Před měsícem
I hurt my back last night on the stairs, so apparently you passed your pain off to me.
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