YUNGBLUD - Medication 

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21ST CENTURY LIABILITY OUT NOW - yungblud.lnk.to/21stcenturyliability
Music video by YUNGBLUD performing Medication. © 2018 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


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17. 07. 2018





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MIAUU UU Před 3 hodinami
Even on drugs the pink socks are with him
Denise Hopkins
Denise Hopkins Před 15 hodinami
You are an old soul and i so appreciate your expression....im 48
Rhea arnold
Rhea arnold Před 17 hodinami
first time i heard this guy all i am thing is wtf did i just watch
Euphoria Baby
Euphoria Baby Před 18 hodinami
How I feel 99% of the time with my anxiety medicine because fr it’s how I feel 👁👁
Diarra Diop
Diarra Diop Před 20 hodinami
Nobody No one at all Me at 3 am: MY MEDICATION!!!
Jake Thomas
Jake Thomas Před dnem
Is it me or when it says that’s not how it works it sounds like morgz
Killer Rose
Killer Rose Před dnem
What's sick Is he was judged as a kid and knows of his insecurities and inescapable perfections and by getting the elephant tattoo meaning he knows that his insecurities and imperfections are what's already known to everyone immediately like the elephant in the room but no one wants to talk about it until your back is turned or someone riots up against you to silence silence you to take every part of who you are and what you are and turn it against you and make you hate yourself that's what every 20-year-old and younger people out there feel like ...along side social media it can be a killer ! At best but no one understands the meds we get are killing us or creating an addition that will kill us in some way shape or form ...and all and all if we cheat the system to serve us we lose all if the people who think they are in control of everything ...when they break the rules it's whatever goes ....this world is hell ....let's fight to make it right again all those who are underated unnoticed hard working but we get know where let's show our worth instead of getting caught up in dealing with abuse and being loyal and made caged by the ones who promise freedoms these lies you speak will unravel and we will one day all see with open eyes washed with wisdom that one day all who never change there ways for greed attention or those who control and use and violate and impersion someone's freedom of mind spirit ...or body unless done bodily harm then one must be imprisoned yet some people did littile to nothing or maybe even where innocent others murdered ,abused raped or killed so many people ....and they belong there however there are millions that get by hurting people in any or every way and live free like you and I or just as free as they all want us to believe telling us we can vote but the results really turn out by choice of old governmental families some live amongst us for cover ....in the end there is no true justice so try to live right and fair but there is a time you can say Ill hold on for three my years then fuck it after 15. Years it's my time ...it's my time .....
leondra whittle
leondra whittle Před dnem
I think I'm in love again 💕💕💕💕💕🥰🥰🥰
REDGIRL Před 2 dny
Ya lleva dos años este video, que rapido crece :')
Leila fun fun
Leila fun fun Před 2 dny
He's so cute
Alien Chicck
Alien Chicck Před 2 dny
I literally just found out about Yungblud today as I'm watching music videos cuz I can't sleep. I am now obsessed.
Hope Hodgson
Hope Hodgson Před 2 dny
ok y'all know he was a film student in school
alexis baxter
alexis baxter Před 2 dny
Hiiiii love you so much I love your video that’s just what I need and I really wanna meet you one day
Dhalia Official
Dhalia Official Před 2 dny
Cant tell how many time i came back for this
Bruno Fagundes
Bruno Fagundes Před 3 dny
Keri Short
Keri Short Před 3 dny
Bethany Lamberton
Bethany Lamberton Před 3 dny
To hang out with you for a night, wow, that would be intense, your vibes are so high, you’d jack my vibes right up with you, you already do with your music, your videos. We’d be dancing and laughing and just goofing off. I would insist that you keep talking too, that accent, love it! Lmao oh ya nice hair bye, you got the same color blue as I do, nice. We are already great friends in my mind! Thank you for being you. And for everything you do, 🖤💙🙏🏼
Himari Sato UnU
Himari Sato UnU Před 4 dny
Me:YO CUZ STOP ACTING LIKE THE TOSTER IS A CAT!!! My cuz who hasnt took his meds:"I just wanna find my medication"
Yayang Ricko Nugraha Saputra
😅😂 youre psyco
C M Před 4 dny
This guy is kinda cool but this is a paper planes rip. Sounds like record label involvement to me.
Bella Nash
Bella Nash Před 4 dny
every one like his vid
lil deku
lil deku Před 5 dny
it grows on ya I love this :)
C.C. D'LoW
C.C. D'LoW Před 5 dny
Izzy Palma
Izzy Palma Před 5 dny
The way he says "love" and "me" is adorable, his accent is just perfecto
NewWorld OrderGod
NewWorld OrderGod Před 5 dny
Fake Satanistic NWO Brainwash. I am the god of this world and I will remove the satanic elites. 666 18 9 is not my number. 8 is my number. God. Good.
anna p
anna p Před 5 dny
i want yungblud to set me on fire and throw me in a dumpster lmfaoooo
Reiya Wiles
Reiya Wiles Před 6 dny
Yungbluds accent is my favorite
harry angel
harry angel Před 6 dny
just in my dom marathon
vantearrs Před 6 dny
Lexi Flexy
Lexi Flexy Před 6 dny
i feel like when people start listing 2 yungblud they get obsessed because of how interesting he is
BowlOfLettuce Před 7 dny
People like this?
Caroline Wiest
Caroline Wiest Před 7 dny
Who else is watching this in *CCD* (If you don't know it's a class for Christians)
-_ Antoinette _-
-_ Antoinette _- Před 8 dny
Jojo siwa who?
Putriolivia Před 8 dny
Back then the chorus was very popular on my play page 🩸
Sarashkii Před 8 dny
paxpax paxiep
paxpax paxiep Před 8 dny
I sware hes the one silent emo kid in the back of the class and when he dose talk everyone praises him
orange you glad i didnt meet ya annoying orange fan
U cannot pretend theres no dirt on ya shirt cause thats not how it works
CyborgSlayer 430
CyborgSlayer 430 Před 9 dny
I don’t quite understand the lyric: “A mistake on a picture of my family but that big smudge is what I love.” What does this mean?
Anika Fortner
Anika Fortner Před 9 dny
Feeding us again lol we love you🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Costan Ioana
Costan Ioana Před 10 dny
I em în love uit this mouzyc
StrawberryGamingYT Před 10 dny
YUNGBLUD is that kind of singer where you hear one song and BOOM your obsessed. Im not mad 😂
L Bird
L Bird Před 10 dny
I just came from cotton candy and I was not ready for the accent
Leticia Carvalho
Leticia Carvalho Před 10 dny
Simonia Mony
Simonia Mony Před 11 dny
I Love yonebluy
I'm a simp for ryder lol
I swear he has more engry then I'll ever have
Don Draper
Don Draper Před 11 dny
Gay little emo
nuuu nuptials
nuuu nuptials Před 11 dny
damn I haven't watched Horrid Henry in a while
Nikko Booth
Nikko Booth Před 12 dny
I am love with youuuuuu
Panda gang Xoxo
Panda gang Xoxo Před 12 dny
Amazing always and forever gonna love your music and you when I’m older definitely gonna show your music to my kids
Isla Potato
Isla Potato Před 12 dny
He'd play a good mad hatter lol
Соня Головинова
Я до сих пор считаю этот клип самым лучшим его клипом от слова совсем. 😱🥇🥇🥇 Просто ёп. Просто потрясающе.
Lelecorn Squad
Lelecorn Squad Před 12 dny
All the parents be disliking this
Lelecorn Squad
Lelecorn Squad Před 12 dny
Still waiting for his amazing songs to be on the radio
Sarah Naismith
Sarah Naismith Před 12 dny
I love you
Sophie Jeans
Sophie Jeans Před 12 dny
This right here. This is the thing that got me hooked. Since then, he's grown to be one of my all time favorite artists and one of my biggest idols. I've gotten to see him absolutely kill it live in Nashville two times and I've had the absolute pleasure to get a few pictures with him and autographs as well!! Its insane seeing how much he's grown... When I first found him he had a couple hundred thousand on Instagram and only one album, and not many people really knew of him. Now look at him!! Dropping music left and right, performing (and winning) on the MTV awards?? I'm so beyond proud of this man and I hope his fanbase continues to grow. Him and his music mean more to me than words could explain and I'm always baffled by his talent and care and appreciation towards his fans. He's truly one of the best, most caring people out there and I hope he knows how much he means to so many people. Love you, Dom!!!
Cruz Phillips
Cruz Phillips Před 12 dny
I like it
Amber Farndon
Amber Farndon Před 12 dny
omg i luv u
Kyoko's here!
Kyoko's here! Před 12 dny
I love him and all his songs 😔👊💗
Gaybie Jaz
Gaybie Jaz Před 13 dny
the dont hug me im scared vibes in this>>>>
Joshua Blake
Joshua Blake Před 13 dny
My cousin loves this song so much
robert schmidt
robert schmidt Před 13 dny
love the music
Leah Boyd
Leah Boyd Před 14 dny
He’s so cute
A gun ice cream truck? Ill take one MG42 please.
Jasmin Akhrid
Jasmin Akhrid Před 14 dny
He reminds me of the girl from the craft
sheet ghost with sun glasses :0
Dear yungblud please come to my school, so we can be friends 😅👍🏼
chanslaptop sksksk
chanslaptop sksksk Před 15 dny
noone: not even a soul: me in online class: I JUST WANNA TAKE MY ME-ME-ME MY MEDICATION
Lauren Před 15 dny
Y’all out here crushing on YUNGBLOOD, man I wanna be him
Jocelynn Hope
Jocelynn Hope Před 4 dny
Fr 😂
Josefina Sabbadini
Josefina Sabbadini Před 15 dny
And You are?
And You are? Před 15 dny
I saw the thumbnail and tell me why I started talking to myself and said "My dude... You look like you're from the 80s... But also not?"
Echo Před 15 dny
"The British tend to loose their accent when singing" Yungblud: hold my pink socks
Kirsten Szajna
Kirsten Szajna Před 16 dny
tseries v pewdiepie
Dhalia Official
Dhalia Official Před 16 dny
Before this I'm so ashamed for being half british. Eh nah I'm proud rn 😅
Heather Dameli
Heather Dameli Před 17 dny
2:45 da fuq
belle Před 3 dny
don't question it
Crispy Creations
Crispy Creations Před 17 dny
lil tjay
Anthony Palumbo
Anthony Palumbo Před 17 dny
Just waiting for him to being sued for stealing other bands beats
Tori Stegman
Tori Stegman Před 17 dny
cotton eye joe
L chapado
L chapado Před 17 dny
Aggie Richardson
Aggie Richardson Před 17 dny
I dont know why everyone hates his music-
Aubree ann
Aubree ann Před 17 dny
i am listening to this song while putting black christmas ornaments on my moms tree after she told me no for a week and a half until i convinced her to buy them and now im convincing her to buy me yungblud stuff!!!!
check it
check it Před 18 dny
henry do be sick doe
Upset Eggplant
Upset Eggplant Před 19 dny
Yungblud: *makes serious songs about serious topics, but they still slap* My 1000 iq brain: BLUP BLUP BLUP
Stari Nights
Stari Nights Před 19 dny
using this song to remind myself to take my fucking meds that i need to function
Someone Different
Someone Different Před 19 dny
"Im an experiment of young irrelevance"
·Saturn· Před 19 dny
I have never related to something more than the chorus since I've started taking my meds again.
Livia Johnson
Livia Johnson Před 19 dny
Does 2:49 remind anyone else of that one iCarly episode?
Jocelynn Hope
Jocelynn Hope Před 4 dny
Oh my god 🤦‍♀️😂
random unknown user
random unknown user Před 20 dny
this song means so much to me.Thanks yung
Carly Kaye
Carly Kaye Před 20 dny
With most british singers you can't hear the accent well Dom...He's very british
Larissa Crawley
Larissa Crawley Před 20 dny
Does anyone else think a Yungblud collab with Lily Allen would be amazing?! This beat gives me such Lily Allen vibes.
WeepyVitt Před 20 dny
Nobody: The quiet boy of the class in her home:
myyrä Před 7 dny
Uhm did you mean he not her
Liev Liev
Liev Liev Před 21 dnem
Edward Staples
Edward Staples Před 21 dnem
You seriously are an inspiration to everybody like you remind me of the kids back in my day that wanted to fight for something in the s*** you fight for is so f****** gnarly like you stand for all the f****** people that can't fight for themselves and that's f****** so sick of you I wish I was half as cool as you if you're ever in St Pete Florida holler at me
The Voiceless One
The Voiceless One Před 21 dnem
tarek-hassan fatma
tarek-hassan fatma Před 22 dny
my little sister just came up to me and said how meny drinks did he have
Carly Kaye
Carly Kaye Před 17 dny
He drank some ADHD
is your baby crying? dont worry, we carry fire hydrants
Brandon Danevicius
Brandon Danevicius Před 23 dny
the angst of a generation doped up by their own self- obsessed and negligent parents
the pansexual emo kid in the corner
Has anybody else realized how much this sounds like Paper Planes by M.I.A
LBAttemptsYouTube Před 23 dny
1.5 speed is hype af
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