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Music video by YUNGBLUD performing Medication. © 2018 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


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17. 07. 2018





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kaiya campagnac
kaiya campagnac Před dnem
what a swag boy
Deadman Spells
Deadman Spells Před 2 dny
Is this weird that I'm listening to this song while fixing my pill box 💊
Yungblud fan
Yungblud fan Před 2 dny
@YUNGBLUD Hi my name is Bree i am almost 12 years old i will be 12 on the 20th! i love you and your vids my fav vid is Parents if you replied to this you would make me so happy and i would have the best present in the world i love you so much i know you prob wont see this but if you do please reply it would make me so happy :)
Shayna Olsen
Shayna Olsen Před 2 dny
Yeah he 😨 me
Aisha Ismail
Aisha Ismail Před 2 dny
My first artist was billie eilish but now I love you sooo I have changed my mind now you are my artist bikus I love you're pursenality and the way you are funny and yeah. Dat is me too bikus I love to make yokes and be happy yeah sooo love you. Bdw my name is aisha
Chris Dunavan
Chris Dunavan Před 2 dny
Stupid medications.. Toonville to Nowhere Ville..
Duncan Stewart
Duncan Stewart Před 3 dny
he's every character from Skins
Isis Behrendt Color Coded V.I.P
I think he only has good songs
Sol Angela♡
Sol Angela♡ Před 5 dny
Te amo tanto Dom 🖤🥀
bluebirds moon
bluebirds moon Před 7 dny
Nobody : Americans :
Candi Wadden
Candi Wadden Před 7 dny
This song made me realize I never was put on anxiety meds in my teens and being forced into therapy when my abusive narc mother told us we all needed to go to family counseling when I was the only one who ending getting therapy but in the same sense my mom trying to pry out of me what I talked about.
I'm CrazyGnomie
I'm CrazyGnomie Před 8 dny
"Don't forget to take your JOY today :D"
Instead of cereal it should have been a bowl of medication
миша Před 10 dny
Dgh and I am looking for more
Elizabeth Lawson
Elizabeth Lawson Před 10 dny
me remembering to take my medication lol thanks
Kaydon Cameron
Kaydon Cameron Před 10 dny
I’m just over here watching all of YUNGBLUD’s videos on CScamera today
larissa andrielly
larissa andrielly Před 11 dny
knaja Před 11 dny
that looks like Fran Bow
Chris Dunavan
Chris Dunavan Před 11 dny
Hey wait a tick.. You changed up the ending on me..
DEAF WARRIOR Před 12 dny
me watching his videos my mind: i have to come up with a master idea on how to meet him
Janna-lynn Sechser
Janna-lynn Sechser Před 12 dny
His music appeals to people inside the shadow of the mind.
Analia Vercelli
Analia Vercelli Před 13 dny
Foxygamer34 Před 17 dny
Me and him have something in common
Hope Lasseter
Hope Lasseter Před 17 dny
Me listening to this with my AirPods in the middle of the library: “BLA BLA BLA”
Irish twin2
Irish twin2 Před 18 dny
This is such a bad song
Sandra R
Sandra R Před 18 dny
Producer: so do you want a dark or a bright theme Dom: Yes
Kasper Kirk
Kasper Kirk Před 18 dny
*medicated twerking*
Aisha Ismail
Aisha Ismail Před 18 dny
Colby brock loves him i love him tooo
Joanna Haapamäki
Joanna Haapamäki Před 20 dny
Joanna Haapamäki
Joanna Haapamäki Před 20 dny
I just started medication I just started medication my medication I just wanna find my I just wanna find my desire for life I just took my medicine I just took my medicine my medicine 'Cause I just wanna find my I just wanna find my... My creativity😂
CreamPuff101 Před 20 dny
Shane Nugent04
Shane Nugent04 Před 20 dny
I shit myself when i seen his face
kudur nabim #LoveisLove🌈
I think cute
ya dont know me
ya dont know me Před 21 dnem
Not my 1000th time watching this i-
DrumStyx Před 22 dny
You thought this was mad? You haven’t tried watching it with 2X speed on...
Lovely Fan girl
Lovely Fan girl Před 22 dny
I've read this comment section and i understand one thing. Hello fellow quiet kids 👐
yes it's in music video get over it if he wants to be naked and music video he can only do 10 year o Grace
Anyone else notice the reference to AC DC with the suit and tie with the black shorts?
Gustav Allander
Gustav Allander Před 23 dny
I love this guy his energy is the best I showed this to my brother and he's like what the heck is he wearing make up? And I'm like yup! Why? Boys don't wear makeup.Yeah whatever I admire it
Olliedasixpack Před 23 dny
“That’s music than you die”
Olliedasixpack Před 23 dny
“I just want a cigarette?”
Olliedasixpack Před 23 dny
Anonymous Cat
Anonymous Cat Před 23 dny
When you realize how weird this video really is
Tiana Mckay
Tiana Mckay Před 23 dny
fucking love this song
Agustina agus
Agustina agus Před 24 dny
TE AMOOOOO ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Marieke Bisschoff
Marieke Bisschoff Před 24 dny
Feels like he is talking about the sheer amount of meds we feed to our kids and take as adults. Like my doctor told me 99% of her patients are on anti-depressants and most of their kids are on ADHD meds.
Anonymous Cat
Anonymous Cat Před 24 dny
Dom: losing his literal mind His mom: oh well, anyway I’ll just keep eating
Shannon Sanchez
Shannon Sanchez Před 24 dny
We love it!💜💜💜
Shannon Sanchez
Shannon Sanchez Před 24 dny
megan lyon
megan lyon Před 24 dny
we all got our own medication, mines beer
Trisha Haddock
Trisha Haddock Před 25 dny
Half the time I forget to take my medication lol and it makes me feel messed up when this happens good song this song will help me remember
Anonymous Cat
Anonymous Cat Před 25 dny
When you realize that captions are in all caps: ah yes a great description of what he sounds like for when it’s 2 am and I don’t want to wake everyone up, but I’m too lazy to get up for headphones and besides the video is enough I guess AND BESIDES I should probably be sleeping anyway.
Rosario Aldea
Rosario Aldea Před 25 dny
Dom u are one of the most authentic persons ive ever discover
Peyton Izard-parker
Peyton Izard-parker Před 25 dny
Hey DOM, I am absolutely in love with your music!! And I was really wanting to know if you can by chance or are by chance coming to do a concert in the UNITED STATES 🇺🇸 ? My mom said that you probably never see this message..And if you do you would never reply.. So can we show her that PARENTS AINT ALWAYS RIGHT... I have listened to all of your music and honestly can scream every part of the lyrics!! And if I can’t I Learn it. And I know a lot of people who would love to see you in concert but can’t travel to the UNITED KINGDOM 🇬🇧.. And we would not disappoint you all with the size of the crowd!!! I could also almost guarantee that quite a bit of the BHC ( black hearts club) that live in the UNITED KINGDOM would come to watch too.!.! Your energy and vibe is just amazing and perfect and it makes me happy when I am down.. It would mean the world to me if you can reply with your answer... I have legit had about everybody that I have showed your music to beg me to see if you would come over to the UNITED STATES for a concert and maybe a meet and greet??? I really wanna see you and I cannot travel to the UNITED KINGDOM, however I am not able to due to multiple reasons... I would scream if I got to meet you or if you reply!!! I have gotten made fun of at school for listening to you but then I remember why I listen to you and no matter what they say I am a member of the BHC for life..... AND I AM VERY LUCKY AND PROUD TO BE IN THIS FAMILY!!! Pls reply if you can I am motivated and moved by your music. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 From YOUR HUGEST FAN PEYTON
Esmeralda Giles
Esmeralda Giles Před 25 dny
My new comfort artist
💥ben💥 Před 26 dny
0:43 nah fam everybody dancing in a car without driving you must be at good cause what?
Hyvillen._. Geo
Hyvillen._. Geo Před 27 dny
Algum br? Kk já voltei aqui milhões de vezes, muito bom ♡
Alayzah Masters
Alayzah Masters Před 28 dny
if beetlejuice joker and harry styles had a kid
birdie Před 28 dny
Sierra M. Wymer
Sierra M. Wymer Před 28 dny
“Put it in my mouth/Ima bite down...” heeheehee why do I like that line so much..?
Anonymous Cat
Anonymous Cat Před 25 dny
“And if that ain’t normal then the Pope is a right clown” While writing: hmm what rhymes with down? Uh clown? And what works well with clown? The Pope. Oh I’ve got it now!
outerdead Před 29 dny
Nice rendition of M.I.A. Paper Planes
Jai Harvey
Jai Harvey Před měsícem
What is your reel name
Music_ Lover
Music_ Lover Před 27 dny
Dominic Harrison I think
Enby Kitty
Enby Kitty Před měsícem
I got recommended this because I listened to mother mother and I already love this
Sunflower Před měsícem
lol i just realized this was uploded on my birthday
sweetheart Před měsícem
That's nice 😃😃
Harley Queen
Harley Queen Před měsícem
I just wanna take my medication ... My ...
Nunya Music
Nunya Music Před měsícem
Anyone else hear MIA Paper planes? Lol
Zuza Zuza
Zuza Zuza Před měsícem
Jesteś super
ɪɴᴅɪᴇ ᴍᴜꜱʜʀᴏᴏᴍ
"I just wanna take my medication" will u be my medication:)
Fang Před měsícem
someone tell who likes this kind of music, and this video
CurrentDisplayIs? Před měsícem
song educational note to self take unnecessary medication 4 year-olds take note
Desi Boucher
Desi Boucher Před měsícem
Me and my best friend Love his Songs Our favs are Parents,And Medications. Thay make us feel Better about ourselves
Lana Buckner
Lana Buckner Před měsícem
Yungblood's personality: 💕💞😛😜😁🤩😍😘 vs. his music: ⚰️😔👹☹️💊🔫
Joe Brewer
Joe Brewer Před měsícem
IM BORED TEXT MEEE +1 (205) 723-8279
Amber Martinez
Amber Martinez Před měsícem
The entertaining vest quickly water because pepper usually wave versus a rustic nail. null, wide-eyed process
Katie King
Katie King Před měsícem
Violet Marks
Violet Marks Před měsícem
nobody: literally nodody: Dom: dressed as a girl scout eating a leg
Chihiro’s Twin
Chihiro’s Twin Před měsícem
I cant tell if im in love with him or scared of him
Meyh Hara
Meyh Hara Před měsícem
Samantha Holmes
Samantha Holmes Před měsícem
Watching his new stuff then this, he’s grown so much !
Madison Kraft
Madison Kraft Před měsícem
Sal Fisher
Sal Fisher Před měsícem
I love his video clips
Grace Yunblud HAHA
Grace Yunblud HAHA Před měsícem
I'm obbssed
Shayla Marshall
Shayla Marshall Před měsícem
God your too adorable🖤
Charanjit Lalli
Charanjit Lalli Před měsícem
this kid is a clown but the ebat drop is bomb
Giulia Bussacchini
Giulia Bussacchini Před měsícem
I wish I had been in the room when they were discussing this music video
Emryss Jak
Emryss Jak Před měsícem
This video/movie reminds me of Coraline O-O Awesome mate! Sick! Love it!
Elkanor Před měsícem
2:16 reminds me oddly of dont hug me im scared-
Ace Bird
Ace Bird Před měsícem
Yungbuld is def the scary dog friend, but so am I so its ok
Caleb Locklear
Caleb Locklear Před měsícem
Fucking Legend 💯💯💯
Max Ploooud
Max Ploooud Před měsícem
Your music has actually inspired me to be who I am and I wanted to say thank you🖤🖤🖤
SmileDog Před měsícem
Hey Cool Video
Mariah Az
Mariah Az Před měsícem
Vc tbm é do rock?
Wyaless Před měsícem
He's my personality in a nutshell.
Euge Před měsícem
Imagine being Yungblud's friend It will be a dream
Anonymous Cat
Anonymous Cat Před 25 dny
I’ve had like 3 1/2 dreams involving him in some way
Gay sleepless listener
Gay sleepless listener Před měsícem
Orrer 2324
Orrer 2324 Před měsícem
Does he mean drugs na I'm playing
John B
John B Před měsícem
Why does he have such a big mouth 😄
tia unnie
tia unnie Před měsícem
Ele me lembra um pouco a glória Grover
M16A1 Před měsícem
My friend: if the country is in debt why can't we just print more money Me: 2:19
Taylor McDonald
Taylor McDonald Před měsícem
He's like really cute tho fr fr
Madi Rae
Madi Rae Před měsícem
Evelly Santos
Evelly Santos Před měsícem
o jeito que gosto dessa música sem saber a tradução é diferente kakkaksaksjakjdakj
Evelly Santos
Evelly Santos Před měsícem
@Sophia Albuquerque eu vou ver kakkaka
Sophia Albuquerque
Sophia Albuquerque Před měsícem
Essa música é td
Sophia Albuquerque
Sophia Albuquerque Před měsícem
A tradução é melhor ainda kkkkk
Serenity Starr
Serenity Starr Před měsícem
He's sweet irl but his songs are like the devil
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