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Robert Cook
Robert Cook Před 5 hodinami
Yes I've won
muhubbi Süleyman
muhubbi Süleyman Před 5 hodinami
Tövbe bismillah :D
Joannie Shurtz
Joannie Shurtz Před 5 hodinami
Love it
ZombieWolf2508 Před 5 hodinami
This would be a fantastic band if every song they made didn't have the worlds most repetitive lyrics.
hjorhrafn Před 6 hodinami
Some major Debbie Harry vibes going on here, and I'm here for it.
Şule Před 8 hodinami
💎 İ D O L 💎
Sir Artorias
Sir Artorias Před 11 hodinami
that neck tho..
Казимир Алмазов
Eser Eser
Eser Eser Před 14 hodinami
Love her voice... <3
Samantha Greenlee
Samantha Greenlee Před 15 hodinami
Love it
Saje Williams
Saje Williams Před 17 hodinami
I don’t exactly like everything all y’all do, but the stuff I like, I absolutely fucking LOVE. What more can I ask for? To like every song? I can’t think of a single band that could be applied to. Not Judas Priest, not Concrete Blonde. Nobody. One of modern rock’s great voices. Given I’m putting it in with the likes of Lzzy, Amy, and Floor-and maybe Violet Orlandi these days-it says something. I tell folks that music to about every taste is being made right now, it just takes a bit of effort to find it. The radio can’t possibly hope to keep up. This band is a great example of what I’m talking about.
Jorge Ariel Lopez Cuartas
Jorge Ariel Lopez Cuartas Před 20 hodinami
Dios mio de lo que me estaba perdiendo, hermosa y uuaauuuuuu.....que voz, definitivamente ME ENCANTA
regìnæ Před 21 hodinou
wow!!! i've never seen a rock star, a model and a beauty queen in one vid. she nailed it 👑
Herb Smith
Herb Smith Před 22 hodinami
And breaks into that bad ass rock & roll interlude! Fucking brilliant!
WowUsernameAvailable Před 23 hodinami
I'm 35 and this is how I feel XD This lady rocks, this song is so James Bond.
SLAM BOY Před 23 hodinami
ren Před 23 hodinami
my gay awakening in 2010
Al caholic
Al caholic Před dnem
They suck
AF 7
AF 7 Před dnem
Never gets old
baldassare lipido
Андрей Котов
Давно не слышал ребят. А тут просто бомба!
dr feelgood
dr feelgood Před dnem
Holy shit this is amazing, such a shame I'm just discovering this now
Defne Çakın
Defne Çakın Před dnem
Aşığım bu şarkıya... 💘💗
CyberRareX Před dnem
wwe elimination chamber theme
Katrinny Crivelli
She makes me wanna be gay ;--; Wait... Am i a gay?
Pete Flynn
Pete Flynn Před dnem
Nice to see a woman like this and not some squeaky girl soprano. And I agree with the post calling this Bond movie music. Hell, she’d look great on Daniel Craig’s arm!
Вадим Пенкин
эта песня по любому должна звучать в фильме о джеймсе бонде
Вадим Пенкин
PickAll Před dnem
Queen - We will rock you
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly Před dnem
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly Před dnem
Haha lost mind's. Leave that alone.. .
Alex Tuduran
Alex Tuduran Před dnem
Powerful voice. I need to hear "Open Your Eyes" by Guano apes covered by this girl. And I mean now!
Alex Tuduran
Alex Tuduran Před dnem
Could be the next Bond main theme.
I need you in my life 💔 10.04.2021
SeigoSaiga Před dnem
Silent Hill vibes anyone?
chris emmet
chris emmet Před dnem
You are my favorite rock female in the 20 yo catagoy Lizzy Hale is the 30 yo and Maria Brink is the 40 yo my women of Rock love you guys!
Jason Buff
Jason Buff Před dnem
Very catchy song: first heard it in L.A fitness of all places. Octane radio has also been playing it to death recently. I'm surprised this song doesn't have more views and hasn't been used in a commercial or something
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly Před dnem
Death by rock roll.
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly Před dnem
Good luck finding anything that makes you less crazy.
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly Před dnem
18-29 is the sign.
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly Před dnem
Save it's becoming something else.
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly Před dnem
I just wanted a decent band.
Dan Před dnem
Sounds like Lady gaga.....lol. What kind of shit are they trying to pass off as rock now!? Crazy!
Florian Před dnem
Then you must either have shitty hearing or never heard Lady GaGa sing lmao.
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly Před dnem
It's all just because.
Choo Sammy
Choo Sammy Před dnem
how does not anyone talked about how gorgeous she was in this
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly Před dnem
It's always respect. Music is respect.
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly Před dnem
I don't want death. understanding is key.
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly Před dnem
You make me wanna die. Interesting.
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly Před dnem
Lives? Elaborate?
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly Před dnem
Redefine the sin..
Aaron Garven
Aaron Garven Před dnem
I remember when I was a Halestorm fan and still am. This band was around in 2011 and I hear Taylor and was like she is okay. I listened to the song Make Me Wanna Die. I was like they are okay. When Heaven Knows came out I was like she kicks ass. I been a fan since. Taylor is an amazing vocalist. I remember when she acted too
sniperdgs Před dnem
ok so 1st off there is a difference if anerix and healthy she;s lookin more healthy these days.... and her new video with the pants suit and the kids in the back ground... on point... props cindy who
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly Před dnem
People are captivating. I find none interesting.
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly Před dnem
I wanna go rock and roll. Not outta my way cause that's not rock.
Terry Collins
Terry Collins Před dnem
So glad you're still music after all this time
roccia_ YT
roccia_ YT Před dnem
just tonight (colpo intervention) i will stay
Stoned Před dnem
Loving this heavy riff
Андрей Егоров
как они умудряются сохранять свой нуарный стиль в наше время и оставаться актуальными? Молодцы!
Юрий Бейгул
Юрий Бейгул Před 23 hodinami
Какой стиль? Объясните, пожалуйста.
tubatony16 Před dnem
I love her
tlc tlc
tlc tlc Před dnem
She and Manson needs to do a song
Renee's In2xs
Renee's In2xs Před dnem
They are all trying to figure out what’s she means! ! She’s Saying “”. Somebody mixed her medicine. She don’t know what she’s on””” !
Mr Blue
Mr Blue Před dnem
I just rented their album Going To Hell. I love it. Now I want to buy it.
Drih Melonni
Drih Melonni Před dnem
Nunca decepciona 🖤🖤
Handi Meinswift
Handi Meinswift Před dnem
The candle lights for red tea belong to me Bind
Handi Meinswift
Handi Meinswift Před dnem
Don’t bother telling me what do
Handi Meinswift
Handi Meinswift Před dnem
I’d lie for you I’d die for you I’ll erase the names of the frauds off your walls Break you chins to dress you in lace I kiss your tears I taste your pain Your heart is my eternal gain Don’t live home again That all I can handle for pain The pot of boiling rage burning that stage Will be my destiny for a new age to age To torment those who touched my moon flower Will be my greatest pleasure in a midnight hour
Handi Meinswift
Handi Meinswift Před dnem
I will always love you to death
Handi Meinswift
Handi Meinswift Před dnem
I knew you before you ever knew johnny
Handi Meinswift
Handi Meinswift Před dnem
I loved you before the moon was laid
Budahbaba Před dnem
A fundamental problem with this projection of ego, if you say "..it belongs to me!" which me are you referring to? There are literally 7+ billion me's just on planet earth!
Kepler Arpeggios
Kepler Arpeggios Před dnem
Listen to the silver thinkers - product, the riffs in it are epic!!
Eila Kocian
Eila Kocian Před dnem
if youre reading this u have excellent music taste
mingmerci Před 2 dny
Late to the party as always but wow what a tight band and wicked vocals. Love em,
john calvaruso
john calvaruso Před 2 dny
Love the song, wish it didn't sound so much like death by Rock & Roll, or is it part-2 ???
JApp John Andrew Patrick Peters
Taylor looks like Celine Dion with that thing over her face lol
ෆ Ꭾrεcioυꜱ piε ෆ
Roy Clendaniel
Roy Clendaniel Před 2 dny
I love that she is wearing combat boots under the red dress. Amazing song.
Irem Ozgur Can
Irem Ozgur Can Před 2 dny
april 2021, still feel the tension that the group want to be create. chill and rock n rolll....
Kimberly Way McClennon Stylinson Benitez
teamooooooooooo taylor :3