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SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches the world’s most advanced rockets and spacecraft.
Transporter-2 Mission
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GPS III Space Vehicle 05 Mission
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SXM-8 Mission
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CRS-22 Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Crew-1 Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Crew-1 Mission | Return
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Crew-1 Mission | Hatch Closing
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Starlink Mission
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Crew-2 Mission | Coast
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Crew-2 Mission | Launch
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Transporter-1 Mission
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Aditya Bhedodker
Aditya Bhedodker Před hodinou
Watch my question being answered by SpaceX! 4:55:33
SpaceAndCosmos Před hodinou
Really Elon sir is changing the life of humans
MovFreaks Před 3 hodinami
after Virgin Galactic and BlueOrigin launched,now World waiting from SpaceX to launching,,,
Miza Před 5 hodinami
Greetings to all fellow spacexers reading this, and responding to the uninformed comments👋
Brad R.
Brad R. Před 5 hodinami
I bet you I could put it on Neptune for less than the cost to Mars 🤔🤔🤘🤘 y'all propulsion team is slacking🤣🤣
AdaptableRuben Videos
AdaptableRuben Videos Před 6 hodinami
Б. Před 8 hodinami
I really thought this is better than soyuz but more I learn it is more funny... 1h to take astronauts out of capsule good job spacex lol
Andrei Před 9 hodinami
Anyone know the name of the background music?
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock Před 9 hodinami
It’s from Monty Python
Andrei Před 9 hodinami
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the syncronosation between the first explosion and the orchestra hit?
qwerty98 Před 10 hodinami
imagine the cheering when an alien civilization are found
Gabriela Albuquerque
Gabriela Albuquerque Před 10 hodinami
Archie Devil
Archie Devil Před 11 hodinami
Thats why is my TDI bad for forest and all that crap is better than feed 40 kids that day every day cuz they have nothing to eat. You want help to planet? Stop doing that to us!
munmun1822 Před 11 hodinami
My home town Bus drop off 40 people from one place to another location in few Hour. Dropping 88 item around the earth within just 2 hour. keep up the good work 👍👍👍 SpaceX Team
Gaming Ledgens
Gaming Ledgens Před 12 hodinami
Why does the rocket engine have a foil like thing, i thought that since you can se it fluttering it would at going over 20kmh break apart.
Kai Danoff
Kai Danoff Před 12 hodinami
Thank you, now I know how to not land an orbital rocket booster
Dumpling Official
Dumpling Official Před 14 hodinami
It’s funny because a big company like space X is being humorous
KLASIKS Před 14 hodinami
just here to remind myself of how we got to were we are now...amazing.
Ryan Joseph
Ryan Joseph Před 16 hodinami
ran out of propellant and still seemed to explode
Mayank Před 16 hodinami
Elon musk the reporter also of space x he Is a all rounder
Boyfriend Před 17 hodinami
Ali Armaan Chaudhary
Ali Armaan Chaudhary Před 17 hodinami
Can we contact to Elon Musk through this youtube channel
Boyfriend Před 17 hodinami
Rajesh Singh
Rajesh Singh Před 17 hodinami
They landed a 16 storey building; the height of the Starship is 165 feet. Totally mindblowing.
Trolex Gaming
Trolex Gaming Před 18 hodinami
Carbon monoxide: AM I A JOKE TO YOU ?!
sputnik Před 19 hodinami
Just great ,love seeing money spent like this , because it wound do a thing for anyone , humanity will continue to suffer and deteriorate regardless . First ruin the earth and then running to Mars ! It won’t happen . Thank you for a great video !!
sunil ss nayak
sunil ss nayak Před 19 hodinami
Ya Good
Zombie Killer
Zombie Killer Před 20 hodinami
CScamera: Let me recommend this to you after 3 years:
infection Před 21 hodinou
What song
Itz_Astro Před 9 hodinami
Life on Mars, I think
hellowhat890 Před dnem
1:23 Ok, that made me hold my breath... XD
Sean's YT
Sean's YT Před dnem
Oh my god dude. This is epic!!
Rugu Game Room
Rugu Game Room Před dnem
looks strange ... like rockets in Jules Vern's visions 😁
Robert Snider
Robert Snider Před dnem
Let's all take a moment and thank Elon. Obviously EVERYONE involved in this process deserves immense thanks, but truly I believe he warrants the most. Without him, this accomplishment and the many they've made since, wouldn't have been made yet. I'm certain they would have been eventually, the March of progress never stops after all. But we are living at the same time as the man who is likely the most important human being to have ever existed to this point. From a perspective of the human race. The things he's set out to change and make available for all people is insane. And he's done all that he has, which is only a fraction of what he means to accomplish (and if he wants to accomplish something he's proven time and again that he doesn't stop until he does it), with the mindset of "well fuck you, shut up and watch" when told he couldn't do something or something couldn't be done. This man is driving humanity forward whether it likes it or not, and until some inconceivable future crisis happens to humans out among the stars that requires another great human to overcome it, Elon will remain the single most important human being in history...maybe even after that event because he will have directly had a hand in getting humanity that far to begin with. Also, in case you didn't know. He's currently working very hard to also make humans immortal, not our bodies, just our minds that will be able to be uploaded into new vessels. This guy is amazing. He doesn't cower, doesn't accept impossibility as an answer, and doesn't fuck around in general. He stands by what he says, even when it's slightly off due to circumstances (thinking about set backs out of his control here), doesn't make excuses, and most importantly bets on himself (this includes the people he has around him, because he chose them for their roles, and the success of the missions is down to his ability to choose the right people). Basically this is a mortal God living on Earth and we are along for the ride. We should endeavor to help him help ourselves.
Mander4Boy Před dnem
I like how he jokes when these disasters are happening.
Mazin Před dnem
Recommend after 6 years. Thanks CScamera
ARITRA Před dnem
Elon Musk richest man on Mars.
Kalpana Shrestha
Kalpana Shrestha Před dnem
Man it is to nice to see I have seen this 5 times
tan_05 Před dnem
The Binodon
The Binodon Před dnem
কি কইতাম তোমারে
I’m pretty sure the engineers who made that rocket at 0:59 were thinking: no, no no no no, ah fuck it.
josh johnson
josh johnson Před dnem
If you like this channel you should give AccessAstronomy a chance.
josh johnson
josh johnson Před dnem
If you like this channel you should give AccessAstronomy a chance.
josh johnson
josh johnson Před dnem
If you like this channel you should give AccessAstronomy a chance.
Jacob Winland
Jacob Winland Před dnem
I can't wait until humankind can experience this incredible trip.
Bowed Up
Bowed Up Před dnem
Why can’t we see NO Stars?
This is a nice background 🤔
Ayuong 4512
Ayuong 4512 Před dnem
Me beast about to make a exploding 80 rockets to trump this
emin Před dnem
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marty lebsack
marty lebsack Před dnem
No one is going to Mars, the moon, or even past the edge of Antarctica . It’s all a huge Lie. Wake up Children.
Oort Cloud
Oort Cloud Před 8 hodinami
Thanks for all the proof you have shown!
FALCON PVP Před dnem
You are the one sounding like a child. A Child with no dreams or expectations.
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Před dnem
mhm how can the earth be round on y and not x axis
Jose Maria Martinez
Aterrizan al mismo tiempo? que buena animacion.
Jose Maria Martinez
Lo que es tener dinero y no tener en que gastarlos de buena manera, que estupidez.
Sky 001
Sky 001 Před dnem
Be honest, you watched this more than once :) so di- wait I watched like 2030 times
trikuozo Před dnem
i love that music can you guys make video with only that music?
matti157 Před dnem
matti157 was here
dennyleung111 Před dnem
How much money did you waste?
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock Před 9 hodinami
They didn’t waste any money. These boosters would just end up in the sea if they weren’t recovered
Jackas Před dnem
*Mod list for ksp pls*
Pavlin Homyakov
Pavlin Homyakov Před dnem
Stanley Weatherfield
It's a shame to lose a spectacular rocket to insufficient hydraulic fluid 😆 somebody lost their job
Harsh Tomar
Harsh Tomar Před dnem
1:16 omg lit camera direction Like sci-fi movie
Joaquim Barbosa
Joaquim Barbosa Před dnem
Who tf thought this was a good idea?
Joaquim Barbosa
Joaquim Barbosa Před 9 hodinami
@Tuuminshz idk how an engeneers doesn't see the more than clear problems with these.
Tuuminshz Před 10 hodinami
Engineers, They will also fly Starship and the Booster out to the sea launch platforms or want to make an attempt atleast
observations world wide
Who want go space ? try to make proper covid vaccin .
Blame It On Chicken
Please start a community! :’)
Blame It On Chicken
@emin Elon! Be more coherent :) haha
emin Před dnem
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Patrick Jonas
Patrick Jonas Před dnem
Joe Barron
Joe Barron Před dnem
Great video 👍👊 problem with those rockets is the weather on Mars will they be able to lay down safely in extreme weather and prop back functional when ready.😁👍👊
rahul kumar
rahul kumar Před dnem
2% ले space x दुनिया मे लगा 1%
BandytaCzasu Před dnem
Always look on the bright side of life...
KKSUSH HDP Před dnem
Be the first trillionier
KKSUSH HDP Před dnem
Congrats Elon musk
Aryan Kumar Ajay Kumar
So no one trashing BO here then?
emin Před dnem
ELON MUSK tweeted SpaceXDoge SYMBOL SXD Total Supply 1000000000 %50 BURNED LP LOCKED Renounce Ownership Tg SpaceXDogeBSC
Notez 123
Notez 123 Před dnem
When investors can throw a few hundred millions your way because they're making too much money off the stock market that they just don't care.
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock Před 9 hodinami
Someone clearly doesn’t understand how this works…
R. O. C. C Official
Future 👑 king
Louis L.
Louis L. Před dnem
Pass this on to Elon Musk!) Why not build a space tug handler to catch and/or repair things in space . It would be size of a v/w bug, with remote arms to use to grab thing with. It could have different tools to do different jobs with. The tug could have fuel and air tanks that could plug in to replace when running low. It could be stationed at the international space station and be crewed and operated with two to three personal, depending on the mission needs. It will need fuel and air tanks large enough to go around the earth in space, do the mission and return to the station.
Zes Před dnem
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